250 royal speeches: from 1760 to 1882. Speakers: George iii., George iv., William iv., Victoria i


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Seite 32 - And whereas the Senate of the United States have approved of the said arrangement and recommended that it should be carried into effect, the same having also received the sanction of His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of His...
Seite 13 - Britain may not feel the evils which might result from so great a dismemberment of the empire ; and that America may be free from those calamities, which have formerly proved in the mother country how essential monarchy is to the enjoyment of constitutional liberty. — Religion — language — interest — affections may, and I hope will yet prove a bond of permanent union between the two countries : to this end, neither attention nor disposition shall be wanting on my part.
Seite 37 - Gentlemen of the House of Commons, " I thank you for the supplies which you have granted for the service of the present year.
Seite 13 - I lost no time in giving the necessary orders to prohibit the further prosecution of offensive war upon the continent of North America. Adopting, as my inclination will always lead me to do, with decision and effect whatever I collect to be the sense of my parliament and my people, I have pointed all my views and measures in Europe, as in North America, to an entire and cordial reconciliation with the colonies.
Seite 38 - I continue to receive from foreign powers the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this country, and of their earnest desire to maintain the general tranquillity.
Seite 39 - I have the satisfaction of acquainting you, that I continue to receive from foreign powers the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this country.
Seite 19 - I have great plea;ure in informing you, that I have concluded a treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation, with the United States of America, in which it has been my...
Seite 42 - Gentlemen of the House of Commons, His Majesty has directed us to inform you, that the Estimates of the Year will be forthwith laid before you. The state of India, and Circumstances connected with other Parts of His Majesty's Foreign Possessions, will render some augmentation in His Military Establishments indispensable.
Seite 46 - MY LORDS AND GENTLEMEN, I have come to meet you for the purpose of proroguing this Parliament, with a view to its immediate dissolution.
Seite 46 - Having had recourse to that measure for the purpose of ascertaining the sense of my people on the expediency of a reform in the representation, I have now to recommend that important question to your earliest and most attentive consideration ; confident that, in any measures which you may...

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