Memoirs of modern philosophers [a novel, by Geoffry Jarvis]. By E. Hamilton


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Seite 6 - ... languor which the contemplation of thy long, lank fides oCcafions, to refufe our fympathy to the lucklefs wight .who has thee for a...
Seite 170 - If guilt, if fraud has stain'd your mind, " Or Saint to hear, or Angel to defend.
Seite 39 - God, that does not wifh to efcape from this world of mifery, where the prejudices of mankind are ever preparing for him the. bitter draught of obloquy and contempt ? Are not all our energies wafted in the...
Seite 43 - Ihip, and lay in requifites for the voyage. Contributions for this purpofe will be received by Citizen Vallaton, who has generoufly undertaken the conduct of the important enterprize. As it is probable that many philofophers may not be provided with fpecie, from fuch as have it not in their power to contribute their quota in cafh, any fort of goods will be received that can be converted into articles of general utility.
Seite 73 - ... and habits, and ideas, and fenfibilities. O Julia ! Julia ! what a heart-moving hiftory Is mine.
Seite 3 - ... with the laws of delicacy and decorum. Bridgetina was like the deaf adder, ' which refufeth to hear the voice of the charmer, charm he never fo wifely.
Seite 208 - Now swarms the village o'er the jovial mead: The rustic youth, brown with meridian toil, Healthful and strong; full as the summer rose...
Seite 84 - Abforbed in thefe reflections our hero returned home. He found Mr. Myope, and the Goddefs of Reafon, and two gentlemen, who were their guefts, fitting down to dinner.
Seite 245 - It muft indeed be confefled, that wherever commerce and manufactures have fpread their golden wings, innocence and fimplicity of manners have fled before them. In their neighbourhood, according to Mifs Martha's favourite poet, " The town has ting'd the country, and the flain " Appears a fpot upon a veftal's robe.
Seite 77 - Early did the fruits of the aflbciations thus formed expand to view; by the time I was four years old, I would have liftened for hours to the ftory of little Red Riding-hood ; and on a particular inveftigation of this important era, I have learned from an old domeftic, that I could actually, at the age of five years, repeat the whole hiftory of the Glafs Slipper, without miffing a fingle word...

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