Geschichte der Kirchenreformation in Grossbritannien. Nene Ausg, Band 2


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Seite 702 - hung with altar cloths ; their tables and beds covered with " copes instead of carpets and coverlids ; and many made carous" ing cups of the sacred chalices, as once Belshazzar celebrated " his drunken feast in the sanctified vessels of the temple. It " was a sorry house, and not worth the naming, which had not " somewhat of this furniture in it, though it were only a fair large " cushion made of a cope or altar cloth, to adorn their windows, " or make their chairs appear to have somewhat in them...
Seite 712 - ... flocks left destitute of their faithful pastors, some of the laity, tradesmen or others, endued with parts and some learning, used in that distress to read the Scriptures to the rest in their meetings, and the letters of the martyrs and prisoners, and other good books; also to pray with them, and exhort them to stand fast, and to comfort and establish them in the confession of Christ, to the death.
Seite 451 - No book ever gave such a mortal wound to Popery as this ; it was dedicated to the queen, and was in such high reputation, that it was ordered to be set up in the churches ; where it raised in the people an invincible horror and detestation of that religion which had shed so much innocent blood.
Seite 690 - Highness's pleasure, with the advice and consent of us the Lord Protector and the rest of the Council, is, that immediately upon the sight hereof, with as convenient diligence as you may, you shall not only give order that all the images remaining in any church or chapel within your...
Seite 690 - ... the lively images of Christ should not contend for the dead images, which be things not necessary...
Seite 182 - THE TRUTH is, that in the NEW TESTAMENT there is no mention made of any DEGREES or DISTINCTIONS in ORDERS, but only of Deacons or Ministers, and of PRIESTS OR BISHOPS...

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