Pictures from the Battle Fields

Routledge, 1855 - 259 Seiten

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Seite 22 - Give a man this taste, and the means of gratifying it, and you can hardly fail of making him a happy man ; unless, indeed, you put into his hands a most perverse selection of books.
Seite 22 - Wordsworth, Lord Macaulay ; with a General Index. The articles are chiefly selected so as to afford a succession of graphic parts of English History, chronologically arranged, from the consideration that the portions of history upon which general readers delight to dwell are those which tell some story which is complete in itself, or furnish some illustration which has a separate as well as a general interest.
Seite 7 - ... equal mastership of art. Here — lively and sparkling fancies; there — vigorous passion or practical wisdom— these works abound in illustrations that teach benevolence to the rich, and courage to the poor ; they glow with the love of freedom; they speak a sympathy with all high aspirations, and all manly struggle: and| where, in their more tragic portraitures, they depict the dread images of guilt and woe, they so clear our judgment by profound analysis, while they move our hearts by terror...
Seite 2 - Prescott's works, in point of style, rank with the ablest English historians, and paragraphs may be found in which the grace and elegance of Addison are combined with Robertson's cadence and Gibbon's brilliancy."— Athenosum.
Seite 5 - Edition, with Continuation to the Death of Wellington. With Portraits of all the Sovereigns. " In this edition, the editor has added some facts which had been overlooked...
Seite v - ... and not their crime. But with the governing part of the state, it is far otherwise. They certainly may act ill by design, as well as by mistake.
Seite 4 - Including their Church and State, the Re-organization of the Inquisition, the Rise, Progress, and Consolidation of the Jesuits, and the means taken to effect the Counter-Reformation in Germany, to revive Romanism in France, and to suppress Protestant Principles in the South of Europe. Translated from the last edition of the German by WALTER K. KELLY, of Trinity College, Dublin. " This translation of Ranke we consider to be very superior to any other In the English language.
Seite 21 - Railroads, steamboats, and other rapid conveyances, which have added so largely to urban populations, have, at the same time, afforded the means to a numerous body, whose industry is carried forward in town, of seeking for health and amusement in rural purtuits.
Seite 10 - Certainly no custom was ever more popular ; the fame of it is bruited throughout the length and breadth of the land. It is a subject that gives excellent scope to a writer of fiction : and Mr. Ainsworth, by skilful treatment, has rendered it most entertaining. The materials are put together with dramatic force.
Seite 24 - Great Battles of the British Army." In One Volume, price 4s. 6d., cloth gilt, GREAT BATTLES OF THE BRITISH ARMY. TO WHICH IS NOW ADDED THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN. Illustrated by W. Harvey. " At the present moment, when every one, from the highest to the lowest in the land, is intensely interested in all that relates to the army now engaged in the East, a work relating the struggles in which their fathers were engaged cannot but be eagerly read. This new edition is rendered still more attractive by an...

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