Male Masochism: Modern Revisions of the Story of Love

With the coining of the term "masochism" in the late nineteenth century began the transformation of the traditional, sacrificial male lover of women into an unmasculine pervert. Today literary criticism, theory, and gender studies suggest that we have lost faith in men's capacity to love women. What was once considered love is now seen as misogynistic sickness. This book traces the development of this new vision through modern and postmodern texts as they respond to prior representations of male submission to love. Showing how our understanding of love was and continues to be shaped by narrative, and how literature has both aided and resisted the redefinition of male love as male masochism, Carol Siegel recovers a mode of understanding heterosexuality that departs from the patriarchal gender ideology that has dominated our readings for the past hundred years.

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Male Masochism
Masochism and the Sacrifice

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