Surface Arrangements, Ore Dressing and Milling, Sampling Ores, Roasting and Calcining Ores, the Cyanide Process

International Textbook Company, 1902 - 500 Seiten
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Seite 9 - That whenever by priority of possession, rights to the use of water for mining, agricultural, manufacturing, or other purposes, have vested and accrued, and the same are recognized and acknowledged by the local customs, laws, and the decisions of courts, the possessors and owners of such vested rights shall be maintained and protected in the same ; and the right of way for the construction of ditches and canals for the purposes aforesaid is hereby acknowledged and confirmed : Provided, however.
Seite 9 - All patents granted or preemption or homesteads allowed shall be subject to any vested and accrued water rights, or rights to ditches and reservoirs used in connection with such water rights as may have been acquired under or recognized by the preceding section.
Seite 11 - Where non-mineral land not contiguous to the vein or lode is used or occupied by the proprietor of such vein or lode for mining or milling purposes, such non-adjacent surface ground may be embraced and included in an application for a patent for such vein or lode, and the same may be patented therewith, subject to the same preliminary requirements as to survey and notice as are applicable to veins or lodes...
Seite 9 - ... and the right of way for the construction of ditches and canals For the purposes herein specified is acknowledged and confirmed ; but whenever any person, in the construction of any ditch or canal, injures or damages the possession of any settler on the public domain, the party committing such injury or damage shall be liable to the party injured for such injury or damage.
Seite 11 - The owner of a quartz mill or reduction works not owning a mine in connection therewith may also receive a patent for his mill site as provided in this section.
Seite 12 - Together with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining...
Seite 16 - FCLFIL. 1. The precipitated gold must adhere to it. 2. It must be capable of being rolled out into very thin. sheets to avoid unnecessary expense. 3. It must be easy to recover the gold from it. 4. It must not be more electro-positive than the anode, in order to prevent return currents being generated when the depositing current is stopped. The most suitable metal for the purpose is lead, rolled out into very thin sheets.
Seite 17 - The boxes are kept locked, being opened once a month for the purpose of a " clean up," which is carried out in the following manner : The frames carrying the lead cathodes are taken out one at a time. The lead is removed and replaced by a fresh sheet, and the frame returned to the box, the whole operation taking but a few minutes for each frame. By this means the ordinary working is not interrupted at all, and the cleaning out of the boxes, which is necessary in the zinc boxes, is only required at...
Seite 22 - By this means the air can be rarefied when the filter bottom is covered with pulp. The part above the filter receives the contents of the agitator. The bottom of the apparatus has a discharge pipe k, with a 3-inch stop-cock for running off the filtered solution into either of the two solution tanks, which are standing on the floor one step lower than the filter. All valves and pipes are of such a size as to secure a quick charge and discharge. The filter is provided with a gauge m, Fig.
Seite 25 - ... concentrates by agitation was preferred on account of its quicker, cheaper, and better results, as compared with percolation.

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