My Father's Business: Building Relationships

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 720 Seiten

We loose our peace when love and truth become separated, no light for direction leaves us in the dark as we lack understanding or are trapped in misnomers about God, where we're found to grope about in uncertainties; when chaos rules our thoughts we make poor choices.

It is good to take time out to get a fresh perspective on life, to know what you believe and why. Step into My Fathers Business, a book about building a healthy attitude in a relationship with God first, for the pattern of all else to fall into place.

My Love calls me
into the garden,
Where I meet with His tender embrace.
we touch hearts
in safety,
No corruption here
an open heart towards truth
as we meet in prayer
amongst life's flowers and thorns.

Through observation, shared experience, and practical application to direct you to partake of the most meaningful journey that turns into life itself, you'll meet with the atmosphere of God's loving reality and learn that He is alive. As Jesus said to let down the net for a catch, I've pulled back it in to find it packed with eternal truths. Within these pages a miracle awaits, only obtainable by grace.

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