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MR. JAMES ROGERS. and guilt appeared to expand before Mr. James Rogers was born of him, while he was favoured with respectable parents, in Castle Hed- some perception of the glory, the ingham, Essex, Oct. 13, 1788. It suitableness, and the all-sufficiency was the constant solicitude of his of the great Redeemer. From this friends that his mind in early life period, the provisions of his Father's should feel the importance of reli- house were his food, and Christian gion. From the books which are conversation his refreshment. generally used in the religious edu

His health having been in some cation of children, and from the measure restored, he returned again Holy Scriptures, his memory was

to Bassingbourne; and, in the month stored with the most important of July, 1805, he thus expresses truths of the gospel. It is believed himself

' in a letter to Mr. P. H. a that very permanent impressions pious youth of Hedingham : “ May were made upon his mind from the

we be enabled to build on Christ, the evangelical ministry which he at- Rock of Ages, for he is the foundtended, and from the catechetical ation. It is here! it is here! This instructions and familiar discourses only is the foundation for our parwhich he, with other young persons, don, our peace, our eternal felicity! received from their pastor ; inso- For ever happy will the people be much that he made conscience of whose God is the Lord ! secret prayer from a very early

look in the day of judgment up to the period of his life.

grand Arbitrator, look round on all In the spring of 1803, he was

the solemnity of his appearance, and placed in the family of his elder look forward to the unalterable brother, in Bassingbourne. In this sentence, and neither feel anxiety pious house, the privilege of fainily- nor fear damnation.” In a subseprayer was enjoyed. But, even in quent letter, written to the same this situation, he met with a tempo- friend, during the season of harvest, rary interruption, from the influence he says, Every harvest inay we which a gay and irreligious young

think and meditate on the approach. maan had upon him. Unable to sus- ing great harvest-day, when the tain the ridicule which was profusely Lord will gather his wheat into the poured upon him, the devotions of garner, and the tares will he burn the closet were for a time neglected, with fire, I am glad to hear you and he lost much of his serious mean to be a member of the church. spirit; the magnitude of eternal You say you wish me. You don't realities seemed to lessen in his view, know what a hard heart I have got ; and his savoar of the precious gos- for I have no love to the blessed Repel was greatly abated.

deemer compared with what Iought; By various methods does the God my love is so cold. O that I could of all grace produce the lasting effect know I was the Lord's ! upon the hearts of his children, and "Tis a point I long to know powerfully draw them to himself. Oft it causes anxious thought; Saving before employed religious

Do I love the Lord or no? education, pious example, and seri

Am I his, or am I not? ous admonition, he chose, in co- A short period before his last operation with the energy of his removal from Bassingbourne, where frace, to accomplish his work, by he was greatly beloved, the Rev. calling in another of his mighty Mr. Judson, being then upon a visit Agents, personal affliction. In the at his brother's, was engaging in month of April, 1805, our young family-prayer one morning, in the friend was visited with an illness, midst of which

young Which obliged him to return to his was called into the shop by a knock native air; and during this season at the door ; when he told the cus-, it was that views of his depravity temer, that he had rather have lost



his breakfast than have been de- " Jesus can make a dying bed prived of the pleasure of that exer

Feel soft as downy pillows are." cise. But his illness, viz. a consumption, now returning with great he said, Dear mother, weep not

Seeing his mother greatly affected, violence in the spring of 1806, in

for me : I shall soon be in glory! I duced him once more to revisit the

hope to meet you and all my friends habitation of his kind father. To a friend, who was kindly wait- of Christ's righteousness !

there : I shall have the white robe ing upon him, he said, “ Suppose, after all, I should be mistaken !”' " Death cannot make our souls afraid but immediately added from a If God be with us there !” hymn,

Having had many restless nights, " How firm a foundation, ye saints of his mother said to him one morning, the Lord,

• My dear, you have had a very, bad Is laid for your faith in his excellent night.' - Not so bad," he replied, word!”

“ as you think ; for I have been He often said,

very comfortable !"

His mind was

in a calm and serene frame, which 56 'Tis religion that can give

continued to the last.

For twentySweetest pleasure while we live," &c.

three weeks, which was the duration Conversing with another, who was of his last illness, not a murmuring frequently with him, he observed, of word was heard to escape him; and the love of Christ, s5 The mercy was

when it was observed ihat his suf50 great, surely, it was too much for ferings were great, - he answered, such a sinful creature as I am !" The

there were some who suffered more life of that truly excellent man Mr.

than he did. To a friend standing Pearce, gave him much pleasure. by, he said, “ Welcome Death, wel "O that my faith," he said, “ may be

come 'glory! I feel myself going : as strong as his !”

Come, Lord Jesus! Why are thy In the former part of his last ill

chariot wheels so long in coming ? ness, his reserve was extremely great,

Lord Jesus, I commit myself into arising from the excessive timidity

thine hands !” About a week before of his spirit and the tenderness of his

he died, he called up the servant, conscience, lest he should not only

and said, “ Ann, I have been giving deceive himself, but his friends. Not away my books: here is one for a single word could be obtained from you. I shall very soon leave this him concerning the state of his mind; world ; and 'I beg of you to read it but in proportion to his increasing

with attention.” On the last Sab. debility, his spirit became more set

bath of his life, he said, “ I was in tled, and his prospects less clouded. hopes I should have spent this day

On the 29th of last August, he said in glory!" To which a kind friend to his mother, whose tenderness and answered, “I hope you will wait assiduities were incessant, “ I think,

with patience. He immediately remother, I shall not be here long, for joined,“ All the days of my appointthe dropsy will soon take me off: I ed time will I wait, till my change hope I am not building upon a come !" To his young friend bewrong foundation. I know I am a

fore mentioned, he said, “o how sinner, and all my hope is in the amazing is the love of Christ to me sighteousness of Christ!

a sinner !” and after lamenting the

weakness of his faith, he added, "O could I make these doubts remove, These gloomy doubts that rise,” &c. 6. The weakest saint shall win the day,

Tho’ Death and Hell obstruct tbe way.' Do not weep for me, for the Lord supports me; and I hope will you. He requested that his funeral-serWhatever the Lord's will is concern- mon might be preached from Psalm ing me, I am sure is right. He cxix. 75. A very little before his knows what is best for me, and in departure, he said, whatever way he disposes of me, I " See the kind angels at the gates, desire to acquiesce !

Inviting me to come,” &c.

Having taken a mos affectionnie and considered it valuable only as it leave of his father and mother, his might be einployed for the glory of happy spirit soon after entered into God and the immortal interests of the joy of his Lord, Sept. 19, 1806 : men! his remains were alteded to the grave It pleased the Lord to permit his on Sunday, Sept. 28, by a rast con

faithful servant to continue his work course of people. During the so- till within a few weeks of his death, lemn procession, one of his favourite which was occasioned by a rapid dehymns was sung:

" Jesus, lover of cline of his bodily strength, whilst my soul,” &c. After the interment in his mental faculties remained vigorthe Dissenters' burying-ground, the ous to the last. During his continefuneral sermon was preached by Mr. ment, he expressed. puch gratitude Stevenson, to a large and attentive to God. “I night,” says he,“ have auditory.

R.S. been writing with excruciating

pains; whereas I only feel a gradual MR. JOHN ROBINSON,

decay: I bless God ihat I have, hi

therto, the use of my faculties ; and, Master of the Charity School of as I lié much awake, I can recollect the Friendly Society in Fox Court, his word, and meditate a little upon Brook Street, Holborn, was taken it. I thank God that I have not it from his charge on earth to his hea- now to learn. I find that he enables . venly inheritance, January 8, 1807, me to recollect such precious poraged seventy years.

Mr. Robinson tions of divine truth as prove a was called in early life to the know

source of much comfort to my soul.” ledge of Christ, under a sermons at He was much engaged in prayer; St. Dunstan's, by the late Rev. Mr. and rejoiced thał his friends were Venn, from Ezek.xxxvi. 25, 26; the not only kind, but praying friends. remembrance of which greatly re- On some refreshment being giver freshed his soul upon his death-bed. him, he said, " Jesus had none to On the institution of the above sympathize with him when he drank school in 1792, the primary object the bitter cup: he drank the vineof the founders being the spiritual gar and gail, that I might have instruction of the children, Mr. and wine.” He would sometimes repeat Mrs. Robinson were unanimously part of the 23d Psalm, as applicable appointed to the charge; in which io himself; and would frequently situation they have proved them- say, “ I have waited for thy salvaselves highly worthy of the confi- tion, O Lord ! Whilst the Lord has dence reposed in them; and there work for me to do, I am desirous to are living witnesses who can iesiify remain here; but, when that is that the spiritual instruction they re- done, I ain ready to say, with good ceived from Mr. Robinson were the old Simeon,' Lord, now lettest thou means of bringing them to Christ. thy servant depart in peace, for

Mr. Robinson having been called mine eyes have seen thy salvation." in the church of England, continued I have found it truly a salvation, in her communion, though he re- both as to temporal and spiritual joiced to see the church of Christ in- things, not only to myself, but also crease under every denomination; to inine. I have had the happiness and was always ready to mile with to see my children united to ChrisDissenters in every good work. He tian churches; and I doubt not was, during several years, an active that they are also united to Jesus and truly valuable member of the Christ. Christ crucified is a sure Good Samaritan Society; and ofici, foundation to rest upon ; nothing by way of relaxation, after close at- else would do for me now! I ain tention to the duties of the school, thankful that, in early life, I was cuwould employ his evenings in visit- abled to make a surrender of myself ing the sick, praying with and ex- to him ; and he has now led me on horting them in the inost affection- to the 71st year of my pilgrimage. ate manner. In short, he was a When I look back upon that sure *man who, living for eternity, was render, I have no reason to regret fully seasibla of the value of time, it; but can review with joy the way

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in which the Lord has led me, and interrupted for fifty yca 's." He can see that it has abounded with prayed much for the rising genera. inercies !”

tion, and for the various institutions To his disconsolate partner he formed for the spread of the gospel. said, " I die, but God will be with On repeating the lines, you : he is able to make all grace abound towards you, to support"

" A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, yoll, and raise you up kind friends

On thy kind arms I fall;

Be thou my sirength and righteousness, and helpers !" "He spake with great

My Jesus and my all!”. confidence, and repeated to her many encouraging promises ; ex His daughter replied, Father, I horting her to submission to his so- think you can say more than that: vereign will. To his children he you can say, He is my strength and said, in the language of David to his righteousness.' He said, “ Yes; it son Solomon," Know thou the God is many years since I committed my of thy fathers, and serve him with all into the Lord's hands; and I a perfect heart. If thou seek him, know in whoin I have believed ! I he will be found of thee; but if shall soon sleep in Jesus : his prethou forsake him, he will cast thee sence is here, he is here to bless ine! off for ever. Receive it as the dy: I have “a mortal paleness, on ny ing advice of your aged father : cheek, but glory in my soul !" choose such companions as fear About two hours before he died, God. I have found such a blesșing he was in great agony of body and through life; the Lord has been the mind; it appeared that the enemny guide of my youth, and the support was permitted to struggle with him; of my declining years! I have found and, being greatly agitated, he cried the ways of Religion to be the ways out, ** Ye powers of darkness, be of pleasantness and peace; there- gone !” This, however, did not last fore be stedfast, unmoveable, al- long : the prey was taken from the ways abounding in the work of the mighty, and the lawful captive de. Lord; forasmuch, as ye know that livered," although he was pot per, your labour is not in vain in the mitted to tell of his deliverance, but Lord.”

lay quite still and composed. When His son reminding him that his his daughter. endeavoured to place labour had not been in vain, he re- his head in a more easy posture, he plied, ". When we come to our gave her a significant look, and journey's end, we must say, we are thanked her for her love, which was unprofitable servants. Although it the last time he spake distinctly,... is some pleasure to think we have according to his repeated wish, that nol been altogether useless, as cum- the last act of his life might be an berers of the ground, our services act of gratitude. He appeared to are imperfect, and need washing in relain his senses whilst his soul re, the blood of Jesus. Not by works mained in the clay tencment , but, of righteousness which we have sinking gradually, he at lengti took done, but according to his mercy he his happy flight into the mansions of saved us, by the washing of rege, celestial bliss, to be for ever with the neration and renewing of the Holy Lord. Ghost." Then, being very low, he The remains of Mr. Robinson said, “I must lie down : I am a poor were interred at Elim Chapel, Fetter useless creature, my flesh and" iny Lane. The funeral was attended by heart are failing; but I trust God the Committee and the Children of will be the strength of my heart and the School; to whom a very suitable my portion for ever !?

and impressive address was delivered On Sabbath morning, his son of- by the Rev. R. Winter, of New fering to go and inform a near re- Court; who also, on the following lation of his state, he replied, “ Lose Lord's Day, repeated the tribute of not one moment of the Sabbath, - friendship by an appropriate dia: they are precious moments! I bless course, from 1 Cor. xv. 58. God I have enjoyed my Sabbaths un.


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Dialogues, Letters, and Essays. By eternal hereafter. If we relinquish A. Fuller, 12m0, 3s. 60. this, all beyond the grave is uncer

tainty, and our atiention will of But few of these Essays are ori

course be confined to the transitory ginal. Many of them have appear

concerns of a few revolving suns, ed in this and other Magazines; and The conclusion of those who doubt the admirers of Mr. Fuller will the resurrection ever has been, and thank the editor for collecting and will be, “ Let us eat and drink, for preserving them. The latter part to-morrow we die.” But believing of the volume is new, and of much

in the Scriptures of truth, immortainterest. The Dialogues (though lity opens to our view. This is the Mr. Fuller's forte does not lie in that seed-time, and eternity the harvest. species of composition) contain a

All that is known of God, and done good coinpendium of the different

for him in this life is preparatory to opinions among Calvinistic writers,

the joy that is set before us. on the subjects of Imputation, Substitution, and Particular Redemp- Christians, let us bend our attention.

To this affecting theme, fellowtion, and is written with much candour, nice discrimination, and good must think of what Heaven is.

Would we be heavenly-minded, we James speaks the sentiments

Would we set our affections on of the author ; and Peter those of the things above, we must know them, late excellent Mr. B. beiween whom there were some shades of difference their superior value to things on the

converse with them, and perceive in opiniou ; and John is Moderator.

carth. It is true, we can compreThe Weditation on the Vature and

hend but little when all is done. It Progressiveness of the Heavenly is a weight of glory, which, if let Glory, is written in Mr. Fuller's best magner; and, without departing feeble state, would overset them. It

down upon our minds in our present - from the simpli«ity of the Scriptures, did not appear, even to an inspired is written, gives a rational and cle- apostle while upon earth, what be

lievers would be; but if we can only vated view of the glories of the bea- obtain a few ideas of it, a glimpse of venly state ; from which we shall glory through the breaking of intergive the introduction, by way of posing clouds, it will more than reSpecimen :

pay us for the utmost attention. One of the leading characteris

What pains do men take, by artifi'tics by which the religion of the

cial mediums, to descry the heavenly Bible is distinguished from those sys- bodies! toms of philosophy, and morality real or imaginary, is to them a

Every discovery, whether which maliy would impose upon us in its place, is, that crery thing per- they expect no possession in these

source of rapture and delight! Yet taining to it bears a relation to cler

supposed worlds of wonder. It is nity. The object of all other sys

not the object which they discover, teins is, at best, to form the man

but ihe act of discovery, which, by ners; but this rectifies the heart. They aspire only to fit men for this giving birth to a inomentary fame,

is their reward; and shall we be world; but this, while it imparts indifferent towards those blessed those dispositions which tend more

realities, in which every thing that than any thing to promote peace, we discover is our own, and our own order, and happiness in society, fixes

for ever?" the affections supremely on God and things above. That such should be the exclu

The Old Testament illustrated; besive property of revealed religion is

ing an Explication of Remarkable not surprizing, since it is this only

Facts and passages in the Jewish that assures us of the existence of an Scriptures, which have been objected

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