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vourable to the cause of Missions, ministers appointed to distribute the viz. the Present State of Society in elements ; by which ineans great de. Europe and America - the analogy corum was secured. between the events of the last three Dr. Haweis presided at the sacra. hundred years,' and the present af.- mental solemnity; prayer, at suitafairs of Europe - the relative situa- ble intervals was offered up by Dr. tion of Britain, and the aspect of Haweis, Mr. Smith, of Brentwood, prophecy on the success of Mission- and Mr. Hill. Exhortations were ary efforts. Mr. Philp, of Aberdeen, given by Messrs. Styles, Buck, Mas. concluded the service by prayer. len, and Slatterie. The hymns were The hymns were given out by Messrs. given out by Mr. Bruce, jun. Mr. Allen, Kent, and Castledine. G. Townsend, Mr. Henry F. Burder, $T. Saviour's cuurch.

Mr. Douglas, and Mr. Hyatt. On Friday morning a great con

The bread was distributed by eighgregation assembled in this ancient

teen ministers, viz. Messrs. Bogue, edifice. The prayers were read by the

Kingsbury, J. Townsend, Hainilton, Rev. Mr. Mann, one of the ministers

R. Winter, Lewis, Kirby, Wilson, of this church; and the sermon was

Fowler, Cracknell, Macdonald, prcached by the Rev. Dr. Draper, of

Browning, Raban, Chapman, Sloper, London; the text Matt. xxviii. 18 to

Morrison, Whitefoot, and Gauntiett. 20, “ And Jesus came, and spake

The wine was conveyed to the unto them saying, All power is given

communicants in like magner, by unto me in Heaven and in Earth. Go

Messrs. Harris, Hopkins, Fletcher, ye therefore and teach all nations,

Wood, Cloutt, Dunn, Jackson, C. baptizing them in the name of the

Hyatt, Hartley, Cobbin, Gore, WilFather, and of the Son, and of the

liains, J. E. Jones, Hilliard, Hitchin, Holy Ghost; teaching them to ob

Brooksbank, Brich, and Collison. " serve all things, whatsoever I have

This concluding service was pecusoinmanded you. And, lo, I ain

liarly solemn and impressive. It was with you alway, even to the end of

exceedingly pleasing to observe so the world. Amen.".

great a number of Christians (it is In this Scripture the preacher di

supposed about two thousand) asrected the attention of the Society

sembled to commemorate the dying to The command of Christ to disse

love of the Saviour of the world minate his gospel among all nations

Christians of a great variety of de- His instructions as to the manner

nominations, who laying aside the of doing it; and the promise of his

lesser distinctions by which they are presence as the ground of encourage

known at other times, unite on this ment to Christian Missionaries.

occasion, as Christians only, directWe believe that all the Sermons af

ing their affectionate regards to forded a high degree of satisfaction to

their cominon Lord, “ of whom the the Society and its numerous friends.

whole fainily in Heaven and Earth

is named;" and thus signifying their AT SION CHAPEL

cordial agreement with each other A very great assembly was con- to promote and extend the cominon vened at an early hour of the after- cause of Christianity among their noon, long before the tinie fixed for fellow-men of all nations. the beginning of the service. The A collection was made at each of saine measures as before were adopt the places, and a handsome sum was ed to prevent the intrusion of any contributed at each, amounting in persons, except the stated commu- the whole to upwards of 8601. nicants of some evangelical society, It may not be improper here to by the previous distribution of tick- mention, that, a short time since, a ets, thro' the hands of the ministers, pious lady presented to the Society in their various connections. The à beautiful diamond ring, of consi. whole area of this large place was derable value, desiring that it inight devoted to the accominodation of be sold, and the produce applied to the cømmunicants; and the several the objects of the Society, especially parts of it distinguished by large to the support of their mission to the figures, for the direction of the Jews. Such an instance of zeal in


sacrificing a costly, but unnecessary considers the immense injury that is ornament, to the service of Christ, continually done to the morals of affords a bright example of female the rising generation by the pro. piety, worthy of imitation.

fane stories, ballads, &c. which are *. Thus closed the anniversary; every circulated, to an immense extent, heart rejoicing in God; thankful throughout the country, - to learn for his gracious smiles on the past that the efforts of the Society to labours of the Society, and looking counteract such publications, by the forward with eager expectation to circulation of a series of cheap enthe time when Jesus shall take unto tertaining Tracts, in a similar form, him his great power and reign, when has succeeded, and is increasing to a all men thall be blessed in him, when very considerable extent ; and that all nations shall call him blessed. it promises the most beneficial That the Lord may hasten this glo- effects. The religious public might rious period; and if it please Him, materially aid this important object, by the instrumentality of Missionary by encouraging the Hawkers to purSocieties, is the ardent desire of thou chase the Publications of the Society sands of thousands; and let every for sale, in preference to any other reader say Amen and Amen.

article of that description.

It appears that, at Liverpool and ANNUAL MEETING

Reading, Societies to promote the

Distribution of Tracts have been the Religious Tract Society. formed; the Members of which are Tae increasing attention to the

composed of religious persons in the diffusion of divine truth, by the dis

Establishment, and among the vari. tribution of Religious Tracts, was

ous branches of Dissenters, united happily evinced at the eighth Annual

for one general object, - a more Meeting of the Rcligious Tract So

enlarged diffusion of religious knowciety, on Thursday the 14th of May;

ledge. We should he happy to see when the large room at the New these examples followed in every London Tavern was crowded beyond large town throughout the kingexpectation.

dom; the beneficial effects which A most satisfactory Report was might reasonably be expected from presented by the Committee; from

such mcasures, are incalculable. which it appeared, that since the

Societies have also been formed for commencement of the Institution similar purposes in various parts of in the year 1799, upwards of Four the country; for the encourage. Millions of Religious Tracts have ment of which, the Committee have been issued under the auspices of the adopted the measures stated in our Society; and that considerably more Magazine for the last month, p. 239. than one fourth of that number several very encouraging inhave been sold during the last year. stances of the blessed effects of It also appeared, from tbe keport

nnegred, from tbe kenortTracts in the conversion of sippers of the Committee, that as the con

from the error of their ways, and cerns of the Society have augment of awakening the altention of otliers, ed, they have been so conducted as · who had hitherto neglected divine to enable them, with the aid of oc- ordinances, were rela.ed by various casional Collections for that pur- persons present; and an interesting pose, to extend their gratuitous "dis. account of their reception by the İribution of Tracts to the Army and Roman Catholics in Ireland, was reNavy, to foreign Prisoners of War, lated by a respectable clergy man, and to foreign parts, in a very con who has been actively engaged in siderable degree.

distributing tbein thro' a consider. It is a circumstance that must able portion of the southern part of afford pleasure to every one who that bitherto neglected country.

MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, &c. 1. S. d. Rev. Mr. Wildbore and Congregation, Falmouth

19 0 6 Mr. Lewis and Congregation, Union Chapel, Islington 8 1 6 Mr. J. Bellin and Friends, Chigwell, Essex

co bio oina GOOOOOOOOOos


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A Friend
Rev. Mr. Lambert and Friends, Hull

37 80
First Quarterly Collection from the Fetter Lane Auxiliary Society 11 0 0
W. V. Tweedmouth
Key. J. Clayton and Congregation, Camomile Street

J. Walker and Congregation, Peppard, Oxon.
G. Townsend and Congregation, Ramsgate

- 18 3
Mr. Harris and Congregation, Fordhani.
Auxiliary Missionary Society, at Rev. Mr. Harris's, Cambridge
A Lady, by the Rev. Dr. Haweis

- 20 0 A Friend, H.

- 5 0 A Friend, at Halifax, by the Rev. Mr. Cockin Rev. H. Gauntlett and Congregation, Reading

A. Redford and Congregation, Windsor

A. Kidd and Friends, Cottingham
Collection at Devizes, Wilts, by Rev. Mess. Sloper and Elliott 16 i
Rev. Mr. Surinan and Congregation, Chesham

5 5
Collection by Mr. Hendebourck, at Bishopshall
Rev. Mr. Taylor and Congregation, Colchester

8 14 6 À Poor Widow, by Mr. Taylor Rev. Mr. Bogue and Congregation, Gosport

- 63 30 Mr. Kingsbury and Congregation, Southampton i

68 15 6 Mr. J. Wilson and Friends, Market Draytoil, Shropshire 10 0 6 Mr. Seamp and Congregation, Havant

11 6
Mr. Kerby and Friends, flockton, Yorkshire
Mr. Slatterie and Congregation, Chatham ·
Mr. Berry and Congregation,
Mr. Griffin and Congregation, Portsea

35 16 0 Mr. Bennett and Congregation, Romsey

3.5 8 0 A Poor Woznan in an Alins-house, at ditto Auxiliary Society at Rev. Mr. Roby's, Manchester

Collections on Occasion of Sermons preached by the Rev. Mr. Frey. At the Chapel of Mr. Slatterie, Chatham

- 42 1 0 Ditto

Mr. Chapman, Sandwich Ditlo Mr. B. Pyne, Duxford The Children of Miss Thomson's Benevolent School, Duxford : 0 15 5 At the Chapel of Mr. Toller, Kettering

- 23 06 Ditto J. Gardiner, Potter's Pury

10 10 Congregations of Rev. Mess, Scraggs and Austin, Buckingham 28 0 0 Rev. Mr. Ralph and Congregation, Maidstone

Mr. Kent and Congregation, Gravesend
Mr. llawthorne and Congregation, Dartford
Collections in London, on Occasion of the ANNIVERSARY SERMONS.
At Surry Chapel

- L. 255 16 8
The Tabernacle

- . dof8 18 4 'Tottenham Court Chapel - 149 5 0 St. Saviour's Church

153 4 6 Sion Chapel

162 13 4

869 17 10 Coinposition of a Legacy of Mr. Aitkens, late of Greelock,

North Britain, by Horatius Cannan, Esq. of Edinburgla 100 0 0 Legacy of Mrs. Lowe, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson 1.6 0 0 Duty


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On Wednesday the 6th ult. the ably attended. The President (Lord British and Foreign Bible Society held Teignmoutlı) read froin the Chair a their third Annual Meeting at the very interesting report of proceed. New London Tavern, Cheapside; ings during the last year. It appears which was uumerously and respect that the Luciely have distributed,

either gratuitousls, or at reduced was held there May 6, 1807. Rev. prices, many copies of Bibles and C. F. Frey preached in tbe morning Testaments, in various languages; from Luke xiv. 23, at the old Meetand that, by their encouragement ing; Mr. Castleden, of Woburn, and and pecuniary aid, presses have been Mr. Capes, of Gamlingay, engaged set up at Basle, Berlin, and Copen-, in prayer. The Meeting for conhagen, for the purpose of supplying ference was held as usual in the the Scriptures in the German, Bohe- afternoon, when the Report was mian, Icelandic, and other languages, read; by which it appeared, that to countries which are in great need the exertions of the Members had of them. The Society have further been continued and attended with granted 20001. to their Correspond. pleasing effects. Mr. Knight, of ing Committee at Calcutta, for the Staughton, and Mr. Frey engaged purpose of aiding the 'Translation of in prayer. In the evening, Mr. the Scriptures into the native lan- Manning, of Spaldwick, preached guages of Oriental India.

at the New Meeting from Matt. Various other important particu. xxviii. 20; Mr. Cox, of Cambridge, lars were slated in the Report, which and Mr. Morris, of Dunstable, evmce the vast extent of the Society's

prayed. operations, and the high degree of

May 19. Anumerous Meeting of success which they have had in pro

Christian Friends was held in the moting the circulation of the Scrip

Dutch Church, Austin Friars, Lontures both at home and abroad. The Report, with Extracts of Cor

don. This Meeting was called at respondence, List of Subscribers,

the instigation of a few individuals,

for the purpose of offering up prayer State of Funds, &c. is now ready for delivery, and may be had at the

and thanksgiving on behalf of the

Societies formed with an express Depository, No.19, Little Moorfields.

view to the further circulation of CONGREGATIONAL UNION.

the Holy Scriptures, and particu

larly on behalf of the British and Ov May 18 and 19, was held in

Foreign Bible Society. Mr. Burder the Rev.Mr.Gaffee's Meeting-house, and Mr. Steinkopff prayed; Mr. New Broad Street, a numerous and

Bogue delivered an encouraging respectable Meeting of Minister and address; and Mr. Hughes concluded Lay Gentlemen, both of London and the service with prayer. The opfrom the country, for the purpose of portunity, it is hoped, was both considering a plan of Union, pre pleasing and profitable; and, per-' pared by a Committee of the Board

haps it may occur, that such Meetof Congregational Ministers in Lou

ings, occasioually held in various don, at the request of a former Meet

parts of the country, may tend to ing, held at Paul's Coffee-House, in

engage the public mind in the more May, 1806, it was agreed, That such diligent study of the Scriptures, as a Union is highly desireable, in order well as to promote an increased atto combine the influence and give tention to the important duty of great energy to the exertions of this dispersing the Scriptures in every denomination of Dissenters, in the direction, whether' at home or great object of enlarging and esta abroad. It is but justice to add, blishing the Redeemer's kingdom. that Dr. Werninck, the Minister of The printed Plan was read; in

the Dutch Church, and his elders, which some improvements and en

inost cheerfully accommodated the barvements were made. A London Friends with the use of that spacious Committee, with Treasurer and Se

edifice, and intimated a readiness, cretaries, were appointed. The

on any future occasion, to repeat Connittee was. authorized to carry

this expression of their regard for, the Plan into immediate effect. -- A

an object so comprehensive and immore particular statement may here

portant. after be given.

THANKSGIVING. The Annual Meeting of the Union. Our pious readers, friends to the of Christians, formed at Bedford, Abolition of the Slave Trade, will, we trust, remember the intimation sions to Africa and the East, by the given in our last, That the First Rev. B.Woode. A handsome collec. Lord's Day in June' is intended to tion was made for the Institution. be observed by many religious per- We are happy to inforın tbose sons as a Day of Thanksgiving for who are accustomed to visit waterthat great national blessing.

ing places, that the chapel at TeignTlie Kentish Association of Inde- mouth, near Exeter, is lately rependent Ministers will hold their An- opened ; and that the Rev. Is. Tozer, nual Meeting at Mr. Gurleen's jun. has accepted a call from the Chapel, Canterbury, on Wednesday, congregation. July 8; when Messrs. Drew, Percy, The Rev. Win. Williams has acand Kent are expected to preach. cepted a unanimous call from the

On Whit-Tuesday, May 19, a Ser. Independent Church at Warwick, mon was preached at Blackfriars' lately under the pastoral care of the Church, before the Society for Mis. Rev: James Moody.

List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for June. 1. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet- 18. Th. Ex. Fetter Lane, Mr. Burder. ing, Mr. Jones's, Islington.

- The Duty of Christians to par2. Tu. M. Broad Sir. Mr. Burder.- , take of the Lord's Supper. .'

Crown Ct. Mr. Stollery. Hope. 19. Frid. Sermon to Young People, at 3. Wed. Ev. Prayer for the Nation, Palace Street, Pimlico, Mr. G. at Mr. Vaugh's.

Clayton to preach. 4. Th. Ev. Feiter Lane, Mr. Winter. Christ, the Sun of Rigliteousness. 21. Lord's DAY Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Hutchings ; Devonshire Sq. Mr. 9. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. Shenstone ; llare Crt. Dir. HumBrooksbank; Devonshire Sq. Mr.

phrys; Orange Str. Mr. Burder ; Atkinson ; Hare Court, Mr. T.

Chapel Str. Mr. Thomas; Palace Thomas ; Chapel Str. Mr. Stol Str. Mr. Buck: Peter Street, Mr. lery ; Crown Crt. Mr.Greig; Peter Jerment; Barbican, Mr. Stevens,

St. Mr. Rae; Palace St. Mr.Hyatt. 23. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber; . Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Humphrys; Crown Crt. Mr. Stephens.Divine

Crown Crt. Mr. J. Hyatt. - Evil Manifestations of the Saints.

Consequences of Christians form. 24. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the . ing unlawful Connexions.

Vation, at Mr. Coxbeall's. 10. Wed. Ex. Prayer-Meeting for the lloxton Anniversary, half past 3. Nation, at Mr. Ford's.

25. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) 11. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.) at Mr. Newman's, Mr. Button to

at Mr. Jennings's, Islington. Mr. preach. -- Experimental Religion, Burder to preach. -- The Influence

Ev. Fetter Lane, Dr. Rippon.- The of exalted Views of the Atone Estimate and Improvement of our ment, &c.

present Lot. Ev. Fetter' Lane, Mr. Goode. Boasting in the Lord.

28. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Newman ; Devonshire Sq. Mr. 14. Lord's Day Ey. Broad Str. Mr.

C. Ilyatt; Hare Crt. Mr. Webby; Collyer; Devonshire Sq.. Ms.

Chapel St. Mr. Dunn : Crown Ct. Powell; Hare Crt. Mr. Newman;

Mr. J. Clayton; Peier Str. Mr. Orange Str. Mr. Townsend ; Chapel

Greig; Palace Str. Mr. Brooks. Str. Mr. Burder; Crown Crt. Mr.

bank; Barbican, Mr. J. Clayton. Gore; Peter Str. Mr. Dunn ; Pa

30. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayion; lace Str. Mr. Stollery; Barbican, Crown Crt. Mr. Dunn. – Present Mr. Greig.

Dignity of the Saints.

Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the
Nation, Surry Chapel.

MINISTERS SUPPLYING AT 16. Tu M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder; Tabernacle and Tottenham, Mr.Cockin;

Crown Crt. Mr. Hackett. - Influ Mr. Charrier expectel.
ence of the Gospe in the promo Spa Fields, Dr. Hawers.
tion of Holiness.

Sion Chapel, Mr. Browning.
17. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Surry Chap!, Mr. Sibree, of Frome.
Nation, at Mr. Button's.

Huxion, Mr. Ralph, of Liverpoul.

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