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perfect secarity? --- but you would answer, -The name of the Lord is a soon ask me in return, What kind of tower of safety; thither the righte. security I mean, — whether security ous fleeth, and is protected : there of liberty, property, reputation, we find our shelter and security! life, &c. ? Theso, alas! would be This fortress hath never been brought at present in vain to seek, and we to capitulate; - whatever bulwarks

must continually keep our minds have been, and still are raised * prepared for the contrary ; Irut if against it, vain has been, and vajn

we do this with child-like confidence must ever be, all the labour which in the Lord, the pain which attends the enemy employs to overthrow it. our loss will be diminished, and the The Lord hath not yet forsaken, joy with which we view our unfad- nor ever will forsake his people: he ing treasure aigmented : but if it remains their hope, joy, health, and be asked, Where security for the peace e ! With the tenderness of a more noble part of our being is to mother, he leadeth them wheresobe found then we may confi- ever they go.

To our God be the dently give ourselves the consolatory glory!


AIISSIONARY SOCIETY. Letters have been received from New York, bringing the following pleasing intelligence : That Mr. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee, arrived there in safety on the 20th of April, after a tedious and fatiguing voyage of 79 days. Our readers will recollect, that they were exposed to the inost imminent danger on their own shores ; being driven from their anchorage in the Downs, on the 17th of February, by a dreadful storın, that proved fatal to many : after which, they were beat about from shore to shore for eight days; so that it was 27 days from their embarking at Gravesend, before they lost sight of their native island. The wind then becoming favourable, they reached the Banks of Newfoundland in 11 days (which was about two-thirds of their passage). During this part of their voyage, they encountered but one considerable storm. This was extremely violent, and they thought themselves in much danger; but they were enabled to preserve the composure of their minds, and to leave themselves, with calmness, in the hands of their Lord, who made the earth and the seas. The vessel was mercifully preserved ; so that no ship they heard of weathered the storm with so Bttle damage as theirs.

They were now impeded in their progress lay a strong wind from the west, which continued almost a month ; at the close of which they were as far from their destined port as at the beginning of it. 'Their patience was severely tried; and some ungodly men on board reproached their piety, by saying, that “the praying of the Missionaries brought no better a wind than their swearing." At length, however, it appeared for what purpose they were so long detained by a contrary wind; for, on the 4th of April, they were the happy instruments of saving the whole crew of a ship that bad been in distress for many days: the Merchant, Capt. Bennett, 15 days from New York, and bound to Amsterdam. . She had sprung a leak; and sunk soon after they had taken the people on board.

After this, the weather was more favourable; and they reached New York, April 20; where they were received with truly Christian kindness by Ints. Mason, Rodgers, Liviugston, M.Knight, Milldollar, Millar, and other friends.

Shortly afier their arrival, it was thought expedient for Mr. Morrison, &c. to go over to Philadelphia, to secure ships for their conveyance to the

Al that cily also much Christiair attention was shewn to them by Drs. Staughton, Millar, Hey; Mr. Paterson, Mr. Ralston, and others. They has also the pleasure of meeting with good Capt. Wickes, who had Just returned from Bengal; and who acquainted then fully with the state of Missionary aflairs in that country.


On their reiurn to New York, Mr. Morrison found that a passage to Canton had been procured for him in the Trident, Capt. Blakeinan ; and we believe that he set sail for that place on the 12th of May. There was reason also to hope, that Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee, would be able to sail in the Magdalen, for the place of their destination, in a few days.

Thus far has the Lord most graciously preserved our dear friends and we trust that prayer will continue to be made for their prosperous voyage to the eastern world, and that He who“ hath the key of David, Inay set before them an open door, which no mun can shul.

AFRICA, Letters have also been received from South Africa. One from Mr. Kicherer, dated Graaf Reinet, Jan. 7, 1897. This letter incloses one to the Secretary, from Mary, the Hottentot, who, with her husband John and Martha, reside with Mr. Kicherer, and behave, says Mr. K. “in a very good Christian manner.” They often speak of England, and the kindness shewn them here with great affection and gratitude.

A Letter has also come to hand from Dr. Vanderkemp, dated Belhelsorp, Jan. 31, 1807; together with the Journal of the Missionary Proceedings there for the year 1806 : interesting Extracts from which may be ex• pected in a future Number,


Lord's Day Evening, Feb. 10, the proved by a discourse at the Dis. yawl Dolphin, John Banks, Master, senting Meeting at Burnhamn, from with one seaman, two passengers, James iv. 14, on the Sabbath evenand an infant, on her passage from ing following: Whitstable to Burnham, was sud.

March 31. The Half-yearly As. denly upset near Bricksea Buoy, and

sociation of Ministers, in the county every soul on board perished. It is worthy of remark, that Barker In the morning, Mr. M .Il preached

of Cornwall, was held at Powey: was a serious character, and had for from Ps. cxviii. 25 ; and in ihe even. a long time avoided business on the ing, Mr. Cope, of Launceston, from Sabbath - day, till this unhappy Luke xvij. 24. and when he found this Moore, Angier, and Baron engaged

Messrs. Pomery, voyage ; vould compel him to what he con. sidered as a violation of the Sabbath,

in prayer in the different services. he took all means to get excused

April 1.

The. Wilts Assodation from it, but in vain; and, before he held their Half-yearly Meeting at set out, as if feeling a presentiment Marshfield; when Mr. Cha. Sloper of the consequences, solemnly com

preached in the morning, on Public Initted hts family to the Lord in Worship, from Heb. x. 25; Mr. prayer, praying most earnestly that Stevenson, in the afternoon, froja they might of all meet together in Phil. ii. latter part of the 15th verse; that world where Death shall be no and Mr. Jay in the evening, froin

The next meetmore.” Just before the accident, Mat. viii. 23, 27. they were seen riding at anchor pear

ing of the Association is appointed the Bricksea; when it is supposed, a

to be held at Devizos, Tuesday, Sept. sudden gust of wind laid her on her

15 : Mr. Williams to preach in the side, and the main batch being open, morning, og Family Worship; and sbe filled, and sunk immediately.

Mr. Berry in the afternoon. Barker has left a wife pregnant, ani

April 15.

The East Kent Assothree small children, io lament his ciation held their last Meeting at loss. The awful providence was im- Sandwick. Mr. Atwood preached i

the inorning, from 1 Cor. 111.21,23; held on the illh and 12th of May, Mr. Youn in the evening, from at Nir. Parker's Meeting, Barking. Gal. i. 4 ; Mr. Frey (ihe Jew) from Mr. Douglass prcached on Monday Loulon, preached the prec ding evening, from Eph. 11. 19; and Mr. evening, from John xvii. 4 ; and Davison, of Rochford, on the Tuesmade a collection for the Mission-day morning, from John xvii. 4. ary Society. The next Meeting the devotional parts of the service will be held at Eythorn, Tuesday, the were conducted by Messrs. Taylor, 28th of July: Messrs. Parnell, W. Craig, and Douglas.

The next Mather, and Atkinson are the Meeting to be held at Mr. Marpreachers appointed.

chant's, Layer Breton, in Sept. ; Mr. Thesday, April 21, the Congrega- Drake or Mr. Parker to preach). tional Union for Promoting the Knowledge of the Gospel in the

Whit-Monday, May 18, to counCounty of Essex, and its vicinity, teract the wicked practice of revelheld their Annual Meeting at the ling, the Annual Service was held Rev. Mr. Cooper's, at Chelmsford.

at Peppard Greer, Oxon. Nr, The sermon was preached by Mr.

Gauntlett, of Reading, preached in Bailey, of Clavoring, from fiom. i. the morning, from Prov. xxiii. 26 ; 16; the devotional services were

Mr. Churchill, of Ongar, in the conducted by Messrs. Fröst, of Dun- afternoor?, from 2 Cor. v 20; Mr. mow; Thornton, of Billericay; and Douglas in the evening, from Luke Sterenson, of Castle - Hedingham. xv. 10. Messrs. Lovegrove, Evans, Previous to the concluding prayer,

and Newbury assisted in the various the Report of the Transactions of services of the day. The hearers the past year was read by Mr.

· were numerous, and the sermons Stevenson, as Chairman of the Com- accepiable and appropriate. mittee.

May 21. A dreadful fire broka The 17th General Meeting of ihe out at a baker's house, in Chudleigh, Lincoli.sbire Association was held at Devonshire, which raged with great Alford, on Wednesday, April 29. fury; and at length reaching a Mr. Blinkham preached in the house in which were two barrels of morning, from Ps. ev. 41; alter gunpowder, which blew up with a which the Lord's Supper was admis terrible explosian, the whole town, nistered. In the afiernoon, Mr. except a very few houses, was Clark, of Brigg, preached from Acis quickly consumed; but the church, xvi. 9. In the evening, Mr. Carr being a little to windward of the preached from Acis ix. 31; and Mr. flames, was saved ; and proved an Miller from 1 Tim. iv. 8. Un the asylum for many of the distressed preceding evening, Mr. White preach

inhabitants. Many persons were a ed from Ps. cxxxiv. l. The devo- long time without food, but were tional parts of the several services relieved by the kindness of Lord were takea by Messrs. Cameron, Clifford, who resides in the neighBlinkhain, Trolley, and Bean. bourhood, and by the charitable in

habitants of Exeter, about ten miles May 6. The Rev. Jos. Drake, distant, who sent them a waggon late pastor of the church at Steple loaded with bread and beer, with Bunipstead, Essex, having removed, fifty tenis, &c. for their accommoand taken the charge of an Inde- dation ; beside contributions in Plypendent church at Newport, in the mouth and clewhere. said county;

upon this occasion, Mr. Cavalier, of Stansied, began

June 3. "Mr. T. Pinchbeck, from

ordained with prayer, &c.; Mr. Dobson, of lloxton Academy, was Chisshill, oftered the general prayer;

orer the Independent church at New Mr. Judson, of Saffron Walden, Tabernacle, Plymouth. Mr. Windpreached from 1 Thess, jii. 12, 13; cott, of 'Totness, opened the service; and Nir. Walker, of saffion Walden, Mr. Cope, of Launceston, delivered offe.ed the concluding prayer.

the introductory discourse, &c.; Mr.

Mends offered the ordination The llall-yearly Meeting of the prayer ; Mr. Rooker, of Tavistocks associated Ministers of Essex, was the intercessory prayer; Mr. Jones,

of Dock, gave the charge, from harm to the welfare of our religion, I Tim. iv. 16; Mr. Birt preached to as hath also been fully stated in a the people, from 1 Thess. v. 12, 13, printed abstract published for that and concluded in prayer; Mr.Grey, purpose ; and which, I am happy of Dock, prcached in the evening; to understand, has had a proper and and Messrs

. Windcott and Ragsdale good effect. prayed.

“Now, having since been fully cor. June 10. Mr. W. Dryland, from vinced, through the incans of a Hoxton Acadenay, was ordained

printed Serinon and ddress, pubpastor with the Rev. J. Winter, at lished by the Directors of the MissionNewbury. Mr. Hopkins, of Christ ary Society, viz. That the whole Church, began with prayer and purpose of this seeming kind exerreading ; Mr. Atkinson, of texton, tion is but an inviting snara, a de asked the questions; Mr. Doug- coying experiment to underimine the las, of Reading, offered the ordina. props of our religion; and the sole tion prayer; Mr. Kingsbury, of intent of this institution is, at Southampton, gave the charge, froin bottom, only to : entice innocent 2 Tim. iv. 1, 2, and 5 ; Mr. Cook, Jewish children, during their early of Nia'denhead, preached to thic and unsuspecting years, from the people, from ileh. xiij. 22 ; and Mr. observance of the Law of Moses ; Grilliths, of Aston, concluded with and to eradicate the religion of their prayer. Mr. Elliott, of Devizes, fathers and forefathers, preached in the evening.

“ On this account, I feel myself

necessitated to cantion the congregaSerious persons who, for the sake tion in general, that no one do send, of their heal li, are accustomed or allow to be sent, any child, whevisit the sea-side, will certainly pre-ther male or female, to this or any for those places in which the gospel such schoo!, established by strangers is preached, particularly where their to our religion; nor likewise into countenance may be useíul to an any Sunday School of that nainsant cause.

of this description ture. are the chapels recently crected at " Al such persons, therefore, who South End, Worthing, and Hastings. shall act contrary to this prohibition,

whether male or female, will be L: VDON,

considered as if they had theinselves Absiract of a Second Exhortation de baptized ; and shali lose all title to

forsaken their religion, and been livered by the Her Sol. Hirschgl, at the name of Jews, and forfeit all the Greatynugogue, Luke's Place, claims on the congregation, both in on Saturday, Jan. 10, A. M. 5567, life and death. after a Discourse on Jeremiah xi. 18, 19.

“Every one who feareth God, is

hereby reminded of his duty to warn "Bluesen be the Lord our God, everyone who may be ignorant of and God of our forefathers ! one these circumstances, and acquaint sole, and indivisible, from eternity him thereof, that he may escape the to cternity! who has not withheld snare laid to entangle him. Thus his grace from us since we have been may we hope to see the days when his chosen people; and who has not the name of the only God will be suffered any thing to escape our hallowed, and the Lord will be one, vigilance over the conservation of and his name one ! Amen.”. our holy religion. As I have had occasion to exercise on the last holy Sabbath; to forewarn every one of Extracts from the Third Report of our nation not to schd any of their the Committee of the Brilish and children to 'the newly-establisbed

Foreign Bible Sociely. Free School, instituted by a society Your Committee, in presenting of persons who are not of our re. 'to the Society the Report of their ligión, until we had, by a proper - Proceedings, will endeavour to furinvestigation, determined if it bec nish a comprehensive, rather than completely free from any possible a detailed view of the several ob



jects which have engaged their at- Bohemia for gratuitous distribué tention, during this third year of tion: the Society's existence.

In consequence of information Notwithstanding the counterac- from the Rev. Mr. Glogau, of Koention occasioned by the war, theningsberg; that the inhabitants of impulse given by this Society to Lithuania were in great want of Religious Associations and indi- Bibles, yon Committee expressed viduals on the continent, still con- their willingness to afford the aid tinues to produce a most pleasing of this Society in printing a effect. The circulation of the Gere impression of a Litiuanian Bible, if man New Testament; printed by undertaken by a respectable printer the Bille Society at Nurembergs is in Koenningsberg. very extensive: a considerablo num- A correspondence has been entered ber of copies has been sent to Pro- into with some Protestant Clergytestant congregations through vari- inen; in Petersburg, for the purpose ols parts of the Austrian domi- of ascertaining the religious state nions.

of the Russian Protestant provinces From the peculiar facilities af- and acciinpanied by a promise forded by the city of Basle for pro- that, if it should be found pracliinoting the object of the Associ- cable to establish a Bible Society ation, the German Bible Society has for Livonia, Finland; &C. your transferred the centre of its ope

Cotnmittee would afford them assist. rations from Nureinherg to that city. A Committee has been con- The altention of your Committee stituted there, and their attention has also been attracted by inforhas been particularly directed to mation of the great want of Bibie's provide a cheap edition of the whole among the Russians in general ; Bible. This Society has, therefore, and they have adopted such mearesolved to present them with the as will, they trust, in due sum of 3001. in addition to a for- time, enable them to cecide how iner donation of 2001. By this far it may be in their power to supopportune aid, 250,000 German ply the deficiency. Bibles may


suecessively furnished In consequence of an application at a very chap ratez for the benefit for Bibles to be distributed among of present and future generations. the German colonies near the

The Religious Society at Basle, Wolga, instructions have been given have purchased 1500 copies of the to Dr. Knappe, at Halle; to send French Protestant Bible, partly by 400 bibles, and 200 Testainents their own funds, and partiy by the from the Bible Institution of that 1001. remitted from this Society. place, for their accommodation. several hundred copies of which In the course of their correspondhave been distributed in Lausanne, ence, your Committee received inMontinirail; Besancon, Strasburgh, forination of the exireme scarcity &c. &c.

of Bibles in Iceland ; and, at the The proceedings of the Bible So- same time, that a Society of Clergyciety at Berlin; have been unavoid- men, of Fuhnen, in Denmark, with ably relaxed by the war, but tiiey a view to supply this deficiency, have not been entirely suspended; has resolved to print an edition of on the contrary, the Prussian Bible 2000 copies of the New Testament Society has actually proceeded in in the Icelandic dialect. The inprinting a Bohemian Bible and habitants of this remote island, are have advanced in this undertaking supp sed to amount to nearly as far as the Psalıns.

50,000 · and their habits are such A Prussian officer having been as to justify the most reasonable apprized that 3,000 copies of the expectations, that the liberality of Bohemian New Testament remained the society could never be bestowed for sale in the Haliish Bible lastitu- on objecis more rthy of it, or tion, purchased thein at his own with a fairer prospect of beneficial expence, and transmitiéd them to effect. Your Committec were, there



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