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forc, happy to embrace such an op

CLERKENWELL ELECTION. portunity, by furnishing funds for increasing the proposed edition of It is with much satisfaction that the Icelandic New Testament to

we state the termination of this $000 copies ; -- they have, likewise,

Jong-protracted contest. Our read. expressed their readiness to assist

ders may recollect that; in tbe sum. the printing of the whole Icelandic

mer of 1804, the Rev. H. Foster,

A. M. was declared duly elected to Your Committee, , rererting to

the Perpetual Curacy of St. James, the notice in their last report, that,

in the above parish, having had a under the auspices of the College,

majority of 58 votes above the Rev. at Fort William; in Bengal, the

Mr. Lendon, the other candidate Scriptures were in a course of trans

for the living; and that the latter lation into the languages of almost

gentleman entered a caveat in the the whole continent of Oriental

Bishop's couri, to prevent Mr. FosIndia, and having received infor

ter froin obtaining his license, and mation that the assistance of this

afterwards applied to Lord ChanSociety would greatly contribute to

cellor Eldon, ior an injunction to forward this laudabie undertaking,

restrain the Bishop of London from resolved, to place ihe sum of 1000%.

granting it; when the Chancellor at the disposal of the Calcutta Cor

rejected the application, after a responding Committee.

whole day's hearing on the merits of À proposal having been made.

the case; - that, notwithstanding from the Edinburgh Missionary So.?

this retusal, Mr. Lendon and his ciety, to assist them in procuring

friends immediately instituted a suit Arabic types and paper for paint

in Chancery, in order to try the ing an edition of the lew Testaa

validity of tile election. This cause, ment in the Turkish language,

aher various delays, at length caine under the direction of Mr: brunton,

on to be beard before Lord Eldon, at Karass, t.e Couinitiee have re

on the 1st of last month, continued solved to supply a fount of Arabic

on the 2d, and terminated on the types to be casi, and also paper

3d; wben he dismissed the suit sufficient for 5000 copies.

with costs. lo consequence of this It is with real satistaction they

decision, the Rev. Mr. Foster has arc enabled to state, that the British

obiained his license to the curacy of soldiers at the Cape of Good Hope,

St. James's, and has appointed the the inhabitanis of leufoundland,

Rev. Mr. Sheppard, of Newington, Halifax, and Nova Scotias the Set

to be his assistant at the shapel at tlers at Van Dieman's Land, the

Penton viile, in the roon of the Rev. French at St. Domingo, the Spania

mi Mr. Lendon. We cordially hope ards at Buenos Ayres, the colonists

diste that this determination will effectof New South Wales, and some of

me of ually re-establish the peace and the distressed frotestants in Meck.

harmony of this large parish; and Jenberg, have been, or are in a

that among its numerous inhabit. course of being, supplied by the

ants, amounting, we are informed, funds of this Society, in a greater or

to more than 25,000, the spirit and less degree, 'with the means of spirit.

the practice of pure evangelical ual knowledge in their respective

Christianity will evidently and in. languages. Your Committee had creasingly prevail. provided themselves with ihe means of doing this kindness to the Spaniarcs in South America, by the 2000 Baptist Missionary Assisling Society. copies of the panish New Tesla

Tae object of this Society is to ment, and a further impression of afford an opportunity of contribut. 3000 copies is nearly finished.

ing to the Baptist Missionary SoThe priating an edition of the

ciety, on a sinali scale quarterly, to Scriptures in toe Camic and Arabic

those to whom it may not be con. dialects, is under consideration.

venient ớr agreeable to- subscribe [70 be continued.]

on a larger scale annually. ..


Treasurer, Mr. Button, Pater, 1. One Shilling per Quarter, or

noster Row; Committee, Messrs, more, construies à Member. - II.

Aives, Jollis, Peake, Oral, l'orseys 'ine alfairs of the society shall be

Archer, J. and T. Pewtress, Lovemanaged by a Committee of 12

less, J. and J. Brewer, and Bennet Members, extensie of a Treasurer Secretary, Mr. Whittal, Av. 2, Lon. and recretary, who shall be Mem.

don House Yard. bers of the committee, in virtue of their otice: -- Ill. The Commitee

On May 25th, at the Meeting. sheid meet on the Wednesday even

House, in Nw Broad Street, Mir. ing preceding each Quarier-day, John Bruce, and Mr. Alfred Bishop, for the purpose of appointing (gra

students of the Academy at Homertotuus) Collectors, and arranging

ton, went through the usual exer: the Subscribe:s for each otector cises previous to their leaving that

institution. to call on, together with such oiher busness as thay come before items

Mr. Bruce delivered and defendthe sha algo meet in the even

ed a thesis on the following subject: ing of the second Wednesday in

in sit duarum naturarum each month succeeling the months Personā Jesi (tristi Mediatoris the subscriptions are is be paid into

uno, et quinam hujusce unionis ad the hands of the Treasurer, in order fidein sanctitatemque stubiliendain that the accounts may be audited.

usus sint præcipai? --- and preached - IV. The Secretary shall make

from Ezek, xxxiii. ll. out each Collector's Book, and let

The thesis considered and defendhim hare it within one week after

ed by Mr. Bishop was, An mors ench Quarter-lay. -. The sub. Jemet Christi rera juerit pro peccatis «criptions shall be called for quar

hominum electorum expiatio ? He terly, by the Collectors, who shall delivered a discourse from Mat. xvi. give up iheir books, with the amount

13--16. of subscriptious received, into the

The Meeting testified their ap. hands of the Treasurer, within the

probation of the manner in which month succeeding each Quarler-elay.

ine students performed their exer---VI. The Comitice, at their meet

cises; and the minisiers present ing in August, shall order the Trea.

CO:curred with the tutors in recomsurer to pay the amount of the sub- mending them to the churches of scriptions receivedl, scoifying the Christ, as persons well qualified and sum, into the hands of the Trea- highly promising to answer the surer for the Baptist Missionury

great ends of the Christian ministry, society. - VII. A General Meeting

The Rev. John Humphrys ad

dressed the students in a very ap. of this Society shall be held anmually, on the fast Nionday in

propriate manner, suggesting seAugust, ai 7 o'clock in the evening, ;

verai important hints for the govern. preciseis, when a comuniuce, includ.

ment, of their conduct, and for their ing the Treasurer and deetart, encouragement and pleasure in the shall be chosed for the year ensuiny.

ministerial lite. -- VMI. Six Subscribers shall have power to call the Society together, Al the Rev. Mr. Woodd's, Benand three of the Coniniilee power tinck Chapel, a collection was made, to call the Committee together, lry pril 12, for ihe Society for Missign iying the same to the secretary şions to Africa and the bast, which in writing, Tho shall give timely amounted to 1891. ; and on the 31st notice to each individual: Member of May, collections were inade at

- IX, i ne Treasu er shall not pay the same place, after a surmon in any to account of ths Sociey the inorning by Mr. Woodd, and anwithout an order signed by three other in the evening by Mr. Shaw, embers of Comnilice, al one of Ireland for the purpose of disof their meetings. - A Mockings tributing Bibles and supporting shall be opirored and concluded with Schools in that country, which prayer.

anounied to 1017. 10s. 6d.

We understaod that the First entertained the company with a disAnniversary of the Opening of Nor- play of her vocal powers, assisteil wood Chapel (under the patronare by a baad of first rate instrumental of the London Itinerant' Society) performers."--, correspondent, who will be held on Monday, the 6th in- has favourel is with this article, stant. The sermons by Mr. Collyer, properly exclaims, " Whai a Sloof Peckham, and Mr. Hyall, of day party! What an exaniple for the Tabernacle.

i inferior ranks! I really for more

from such violations, of the 'Sat. The Morning Chronicle for June bati, ihan from all the rigs, and ist, ștales, that, on the prereling poor of France.” So do 2.0: SUNDAY, “ Madan Catalani (a fa

but parilord gives us to especie ilave mous Italian singer) entertained a word will be thus occupied,' even large party to dinner. Lord Castle

when the day of judyacet. comCS reagh' honoured the enehan ing

upon them. See Matt. foreign warbier with his company. Lord Fincastle was a'so of the party. On Wednesday, the 10th of June, Prince Esterhazy, Prince: Starhem- departed this life, the llev. "*, da berg, and several other foreigners Dale, Rector of All Saints, and of of the highest disiinction, were also St. John the Baptist, Lewes, wie das present. At nighi, Mad. Catalani left a widow and mine children,

List of Lectures, Sc. in and near London, for Juls.

1. Wed. Er. Prayer for the Nation,

at Dr. Trotter's an Mr. Nichel's. 2. Th. Ev. Ferrer Lane, Mr. Burder.

The Doctrine of the t'riniiv.

17. Frid Serion to Young People, at

Rotherhithe. Mr. Giore to preacha,

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19. Lord's Diy Ev. Broad Str. Alr. TIME AND IMMORTALITY.

Gaffee; Devonshire 44. Dr. Jenkins ;

Hare Cri. Mro. Winter: Orange Str. Mr. Burder; Chapel Str. Mr. Buck; Crown Cri. Nir. Stevens; Palace Str. Mr. Cluuit;

Peter Sir. Mr. Ferris. 21. 7. M. Broad Str. Mr. Goode. 22. IVeil. Ev. Prayer-.leelin; for the

Nation, at Mr. Winter's. 23. Th. M. Monthly Neering (Bapt.)

at Mr. Dore's, Ni. Alulchings to

preach. - On Prophecy. Ev. Petter Lane, Mr. liughes, -The

Efficacy of the Redeemer's Croi.

5. Larv’s Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

G. Clayton; Devonshire Sq. Mr.
Stevens ; l?ire (ri, Dr. Young;
Crown Cri. Nr. Knight: 'Palace
Sir. Mr. Dunn; Peter Str. Mr.

6. Mon. Ev. Afissionary Prayer-Meet-

ing, at Mr. C. llyaii's, Shadwell. 7. Ti. M. Broad Str. Nir. Barber. 8. Wed. Ev. Priyer Meeting car the

Nation, at Mr. Barber's.
9. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr. Burker's, Deptford, Mr.
Cioode to preach. How far is
Comfort necessarily connecteil with
Sanctification ?
Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Winter.
The Redeemer's Triumph over his

12. Lord's DAY Kv. Broad Str, Mr.

Hughes; Devonshire Sq. Nr.
Goulil; Ware Crt. Mr. Burcler ;
Chapel Sır. Mr. (sold; Crown Crt.
Mr. Webb; Palace Sir. Mr. J.
Thomas ;, Vs. Srollery;

Peter Sır. M. Biliton.
13. Mon, Lv. Prayer Neeting for the

Naljon, Surry Chapel. 14. TH. M. Broad Sir. Air. Clayton. 15. Wed. Ev. Praye! - ileding for the

Natkon, at Dr. Jenkini's. 16. Th. En.teher Lane, Mr.J.Clayton.

The Simcalness of sicering in the llouse of Guxi.

26. Lord's DAY Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Doro; Devonshire Sq. Mr. J.
Thomas; Ilare Crt. Me. Lyndail;
Chapel St. Mr. Aškioson; Crown
Ct. Mr. Stollery ; Palace Sir. Mr.
Core; Baricell, Mr. Sheastone;

Peter Sir. Mr. Brichan.
28. T: M. Broad Str. Mr. ford.
29. Hort. Ev. Prayer-Niveting for the

Nation, at 3i!. Jenwings's, 30. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Town.

send. The most desirable Tenn
per of alind for Christians.

Spa Fielis, Mr. Meffia.
Sion Chapely Mr. T. Bennett.
Surry Chapel, dr. Illiolt.
cávitun, air, Ricbaris, of Stourbridge.


Aflict us,

my Bible!

WHERE Mis'ry dwells a constant guests As breaks the bubble, rainbow tipped, And rankles in the feeling breast,

Transparent, thin, and Mair, What charm can give the suff'rer rest ? Se flit the joys of time insipid,

The Bible ! From infancy to age decrepid;

When storms of fierce temptation low'r, 'Tis folly, toil, or care :

And on the soul their horrors pour, The crimson tide, once full and tepid,

Midst ail, this gives a tranquil hour,Grows chill, and spare.

the Bible. Youth's rosy morn serenely glowing, When Conscience, sore oppress'd with Impearls the buoyant spray:

erime, The sparkling

tides of Pleasure Reviews the faults of misspent time, flowing,

From thee its hopes must spring subWhere fancy-tufts of flow'rets blowing


my Bible! Their mossy banks iplay:

When stern Despair, without controul, Life throbs alert,-ah! little knowing

Oppression, with his murd'rous scowl, How sets its day!

thou wilt bless the soul,

our Bible! Dark skies, with tempest intersected, Man's fiercer noon invest;

From thee our purest comforts grow : Plaps cross'd, hope thwarted, love ne

Safe with thy guidance we may go glected,

Thro' the dire scenes of sin and woe, Wounds from the object least suspeciell,

Whate'er our state of life may be,
Underve his iron breast !

Or poor, or rich, or bond, or free,
The cheat, alaş! too late detected, Still our warm hearts shall turn to thee,
Too long careesd !

blest Bible ! Keen, shiv’ring, drear, the blast in- Here then, while round a fictions rise, creasing,

To every heart we'll bind the prize, Night's gloomiest curtain drops ! Which bears us onward to the skies, The pulse of life, pow fast decreasing,

Lour Bible! Shrinks from the limb; ~ the cool Here is a charm for ev'ry griei; heart ceasing,

In this blest word we find relief :Fluctuates, trembles, stops;

On thee we rest our firın belief, The brain, in icy curdles freezing,

sweet Bible ! Dense, cold, inwraps !

The gospel far conveys our load, And this is life! Ah! feetiog vapour,

And bears us forward on the road Frail flower,--short wint'ry day! Towards our Saviour and our God, Dim, wasted, half-extinguish'd taper !

blest Bible ! Stream bitter tears, and from the paper The promises, thoughout divine, Wash the sad tale away :

Round my enraptur'd heart I'll twine, O! for a glimpse beyond the vapour, Aud cry aloud, Thou still art mine, Of brighter day!

my Bible! Then rouse, my faith, the gloom sub. In this l'll search from day to day, siding,

To guide me in my heav'nly way;
Beyond this vale of tears,

And when I die, Thou'rt mine, I'll say,
In eastern skies serenely riding,
His beams, athwart the tempsesi giiding,
A kindly Siar apvears !

For thy blest truths, thro' all the days In this celestial Guinü confiding,

Of hlest etėroity, we'll raise
Be hush'd my feațs !
A joyful song of sacred praise,

blest Bible! A. T. Ramsgate.

my Bible!

Printed by G. Auld, Greville Street, Londes.

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