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It is exceedingly regretted by his The Quarterly Meeting of the Asfriends, that while many are far too in- sociate Congregations will be held on dulgent to their bodies, Mr. Gunn, Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1807, at the Rev. Mr. amidst all his labours, was habitually Jones's Chapel, Islington; the Rey. G. inattentive to the preservation of his Williams to preach; the subject health. Perhaps, it was in consequence Prayer. Service to begin at Eleven of this that Nature seemed to fail at o'clock.

He was laid aside from his work but about a fortnight; and his death

The Welch chapel in Wilderness was scarcely apprehended, especially Row, Goswell Street, was opened on by himself,

Sunday, Nov. 9. Mr. J. Elias, of AnHe was interred on Saturday, Dec.13, glesea, prayed; Mr. Farmer, of Hull, in the vault under St. Mary Woolnoth's preached in the morning, from Psalm church. His funeral was most respect

cxxti. 7; Mr. Hyatt in the afternoon, fully attended by evangelical clergy

from Rom. iv. 16; Mr. Collison, of men, gentlemen, and a nomerous body Hackney, in the evening, from Psalm of people, who filled the church. The grief manifested on the occasion was A considerable number of Spanish uncommonly great, Mr. Foster read

Testaments and Tracts have been sent the funeral - service. Three funeral

to Buenos Ayres with the Rev. Mr. sermons were preached on the follow- Crighton, who is gone thither as a ing Sunday, by Messrs. Shepherd, San. Missionary, ders, and Davies.

Several : Ministers in Scotland are July 2. A New Baptist Meeting was about to publish a translation of Bos. opened at Eynsford, in Kent, for Mr. ton's Fourfold State into the Gaelie Rogers's Coogregation. Three sermons language. The translator has already were preached on the occasion, by Dr. made some progress in the work. In Rippon, from Zech. iv. 7 ; Mr. Upton, order to render the book as cheap as from Hag. ii. 19; and Mr. Knott, from possible, donations are requested to be Ixiii. I. Messrs. Cocket, Lloyd, and paid to the ministers of the gospel at Stanger engaged in prayer.

Edinburgh, Glasgow, &c.

cxlvi. 16.

Time. Place.


Preacher. Jan. 13, Tu. Castle Gr. Connexion between Holiness and Happiness, Tab. Ninis. Feb. 12, Th. Pithay, Spirituality of the Kingdom of Christ. Mr. Lowell. Map. II, W. Tabernacle. Aid of the Spirit in Prayer.

Pithay Mipis.

Mr. Page. ous Knowledge. May 12, Tu. Broadmead. Sin of Covetousness.

Mr. Thorp. June 16, Tu. Castle Gr. Great Evil of Sin.

Dr. Ryland. July 16, Th. Pithay. Divinity of Christ.

Tab. Minis. Aug. 12, W. Tabernacle, Importance of Union among all True Mr.Lowell.

. Sept. 15, Tu. Bridge Str. Divinity of the Holy Spirit.

Pithay Minis, Oct. 13, Tu. Broadmead. Agency and Artifices of Satan,

Mr. Thorp Nov. 1o, To. Castle Gr. Interinediate State.

Mr Page. Dec. 17, Th. Pithay. Eficacy of Divine Grace.


For the Success of the Gospel at Home and Abroad,

to be held in Bristol, for the Year 1807.


July 6, Lady Huntingdon's.

Aug. 3,

Mar. 2,
Bridge Street.

Sept. 7,

Portland Chapel.
April 6,

Bridge Street.
May 4,
Castle Green.


Castle Green.

Jan. 5,
Feb. 27

Oct. 52
Nov. 2,
Dec. 79


List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for January.

3. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Burder.

Advantages of Religion.

4. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

J.Claytou; Palace Str. Mr. Duon ;
Peter Str. Mr. Brooks baok; Hare.

Court, Dr. Young.
5. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Mesto

ing, Adelphi, Mr. 6. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Barber. . Wed. Ez. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at the late Mr. Booth's. 8 Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr.Winter's, New Court, Mr. Clayton to preach. The Perseverance of the Saints. Er. Fetter Lone, Mr. Ford. The Consequences of Sin, as it respects the present Lise.

18. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Gaffee ; Hare Ct. Mr. Winter;
Peter Str. Mr. Spilsbury; Palace
Str. Mr. Winter; Orange Str. Mr.

20. Tu, M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber.
21. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Dr. Rippon's. 22. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Hughes.

The Excellence of the Gospel. 23. Frid. Ev. Sermon to Young Per

sons, at Founders' Hall, Lothbury, Mr. Brooksbank to preach.

25. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Dore; Hare Crt. Mr. Lyndall;
Palace Street, Mr. Gore; Peter

Str. Mr. Brichan.
27. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Clayton.
28. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Brooksbank's. 29. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Town

send. Domestic Religion. [This List is unavoidably incomplete. )

. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Hughes ; Palace Street, Mr. J.
Thomas; Orange St. Mr. Townsend ;
Peter Str. Mr. Button ; Hare Ct.

Mr. Burder.
13. Mon. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, Surry Chapet. 13. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Clayton. 14. Wed. Er. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Winter's. #5. Th. Ev. Fetter Lahe, Mr. J. Clay

ton.. The Best Electiorf.

Surry Chapel, Mr. R. Hill.
Spa Fields, Mr. Jcary.
Sion Chapel, Mr. W. Bennett.
Hofton Chapel, Mr. Gawthorne.

Jan. 5, Adelphi

Feb. 2, Jewry Street

Rev. Mr. Ball
Mar. 2, New Court, Carey Street

April 6, Surry Chapel

May 4, Holywell Mount

Julie 1, Islington Chapel

July 6, Sbadwell

C. Hyatt

Sept. 7, Rose Lane

Rev. Mr. Williams
Crowp Court

Nov. 2, Union Street, Borough

J. Humphrys
Dec. 7, Bury Street

* Service to begin at Half past six in the Evening.

Aus. 3

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MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, &c. From the Associated Burgher-Congregation, in the Kin

cardine, by Alloa, N. Britain, by Rev. Mr. Campbell Legacy of Mrs. Catherine Farr, late of Turner's Square,

Hoxtou, deceased, by Mr. R. Walker, one of the

L, 100
Paid: Duty

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Legacy of Mr. B. Coles, late of Homerton, deceased, by

Res. W. Goode, A. M. one of the Executors Duty pald by Executors

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Hitherio, the Lord has helped me. -- I Sam. vii. 12,
GENTLY glides our life away : Love bestow'd my daily bread,

Unperceiv'd the moments fly; Cheer'd my wakeful hours with light,
As, at op’ning Summer's day, Safely round my slumb'ring head
Dew-drops vanish in the sky !

Drew the curtains of the night: Lo! another year is gone,

Love, when faiating, rais'd me up, Added to the thousands past! Sooth’d my sorrows, chac'd my fears, And the present hastens on,

Sweeten'd ev'ry bitter cup, Urging Time to reach his last! Eas'd my pairs and dry'd my tears! When we view departed years,

Love hath smooth'd my rugged way, Mingled grief and praises flow : All my waud'ring steps forgave; Heav'niy love throughout appears,

Found me when I went astray, Mix'd with human guilt and woe ! Kind to seek, and strong to saxe! Unaccustom'd to the yoke,

Thus far safely led along,
Ephraim murmur'd when reprov'd; I my Ebenezer raise ;
Yet beneath the bitter stroke

Finish the last year with songo
Ephraim was a child belov'd. And begin the next with praise!

The Earth is full of thy Riches.

- Psalm ciy. 24.
Oh! thou who hast made me, and kept me till now,
Sustain'd by thy goodness, before thee I bow:
What tongue can be silent while years as they roll,
Still bring thy new blessings for body and soul!
Around me, above me, beneath me, I trace
Fresh proofs of thy wisdom, and power, and grace!
The stars in their courses thy glories proclaim,
Forever upfolding, yet ever the same!
The blast of the Winter was temper'd by thee;
The bloom of the Spring thou didst hang on each tree;
The bright beams of Summer thou madest to glow;
T'he harvests of Autuma thine hands did bestow!
The truth of thy gospel still sounds in the land;
Thy church on a rock, like a bulwark, doth stand :
The plants of thy vineyard still fruitfully grow,
And glory shines down on the valley below!
The rain may fall heavy, the storm may be high,
The cold dreary winter of age may draw bigh;
Yet saints, like the lily, shail flourish agains
For life in the root shall for ever remain!
Oh, teach me, while yet it is called Today,
The voice of thy mercy to bear and obey;
To live in thy favour and walk in thy fear,
Thus wisely beginning a happy New Year!

Car ye not discern the Signs of the Times !

Makt. xvi. fi
As Winter, all gloviny and cold,

Attends on the dawn of the year :
So thick'ning around we behold

The gloom of affliction severe!
We look to the signs of the sky,

Their aspect with sorrow remarks
For lo! the sad tokens are aigh

of times that grow stormy and dark!

Aloud sounds the trumpet of war,

The chains of the demon are broke;
And Death, in his scythe-armed car,

His thousands mows down with a stroke!
Triumphant through regions of blood

He drives down the mighty and strong,
O'erwhelming the world like a flood

That sweeps with destruction along !
Ah, who of to-morrow can boast!

What portion on earth is secure !
To-morrow may vanquish an host,

A Monarch, to-morrow he poor!
A day, -and our joys may be fed !

A night, and our griefs may be o'er !
An hour, - and we join with the dead!

A moment, and we are no more!
Soon, soon shall the season appear

When Nature and Time shall expire :
The Sun shall be pluck'd from his sphere,

And Earth be refin'd in bis fire !
The God at whose fiat they rose,

The worlds by his providence sways;
His pleasure the system shall close,

And finish the work to his praise !
Oh! teach us in thee to confide,

Thou Shield of thy people of old !
For thou canst a refuge provide

To shelter the sheep of thy fold !
Though Earth to its centre should quake,

And mountains plunge into the sea,
Thou wilt not thy children forsake,
Who fly, through a Saviour, to thee! ALIQUIS.

Ye creatures of a day! can you rejoice

That all-important Time so swiftly flies ? And scorn Reflection's monitory voice,

That calls, that warns, that wooes you, to be wise? For ever, ye departed months, adieu!

What heart that knows your value can be gay? That by reflections forced, tho' loth to view,

How unimprov'd the hours are fled away! Yet oft the warping voice (before they fled)

Cry'd,“ Seize the precious minutes! make them thine ! , Ah, how wilt thou account for so much waste

Of treasure, leot for purposes divipe!" Thy voice, Reflection, now resolvid, I hear;

To thee the solema midnight now I give! And ask, while musing on the finish'd year,

How have I spent my time ? - and why I live ? “ How have I spent my time ?"- Reflection, say:

She answers, Wasted many a precious hour ; And thrown, in careless indolence, away

The days which claim'd for God each active power!" Why do I live? 66 Past errors to deplore,

And humbly at thy Saviour's cross to bowi To ask his aid, and all his grace implore :

To dedicate to him the present Now.". Then 0, my Lord, to thy atoning blood

For pardon, peace, and pow'r I meekly fly! Forgive my follies past: then, O my God,

Tåstruct me how to live, and how to die!

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Printed by G. AULR, Greville Street, London.

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