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family, was truly amiable and Chris-well. I trust he will never leave not tian. His surviving relatives, and forsake me ; - I have been looking circle of friends, will carry with them over the title-deeds of grace. I am to the grave the meinory of his kind happy to find that all is as secure as attentions and exertions to promote divine wisdom and power can make their happiness. His heart it. The inheritance is purchased, naturally warm, and it diffused its paid for ; yea, taken possession of kindly influence over all that came

Given to poor sinners by a within its range:

deed. signed, sealed, and deliver. In short, Mr. Slanger was truly a ed before twelve credible witnesses :" great and good man, an established and then adds, “ Surely these are and exemplary Christian, and a bless- strong consolations to those who ing to the church and neighbour- have fled to Jesus, the only refuge hood to which he belonged. Of from the storin.” In another letter many characters mach good may be he observes, “ I have a wish that said ; but, when the whole truth is you should improve my death from declared of them, there are many ex- Psalm xxxi. 5. I have thought of ceptions to their good qualifications: those words these eighteen years but it may be said of Mr. S. with past, nor have had one reason from little fear of contradiction froin those that time to this to change my views who best knew him, Ural " he adorn- for one moment. In all the Lord's ed the doctrine of God his Saviour dealings with me, for many years I in all things." The righteous," have experienced a continued series says David, "shall be bad in ever- of reseinptions and deliverances : lasting remembrance;” and it is with not one word on which he hath a view to hold forth his example for caused me to hope, has fallen to the imitation, and to perpetuate the ground unaccomplished. I am a memory of by no means a common Wonder to mysell; I am a miracle Christian, that this short memoir is of this free and unmerited grace :" submitted for insertion in your then adds, 's Bat death is terrible to valuable publication.

C. J. nature,

O for an overcoming faith,” &c.

Then I shall see that nothing will be MR. JOHN HAWLEY.

lost that is worth retaining. Cora Mr. John Hawley, of Cause Cas- ruption, sin, and weakness shall be tle, Salop, fell asleep in Jesus, Nov. lost; but it will be in order that 11, 1805, in the A9th year of his age. death may be swallowed up in vicHe descended from religious parents, tory, that I may put on holiness and whose anxious wishes for the spirii- incorruption. ual prosperity of their oilspring, During the last painful struggle, induced them to remove to the he frequently expressed his desire to - neighbourhood of Shrewsbury, that depart and be with Christ ; and the they might enjoy the benefit of gos- last expression which his weeping -pel ordinances.

frienes caught from his quivering Mr. J. Hawley was first brought lips was, " lovely Jesus." to the knowledge of Christ under Mr. llawley lived to see the wishes the minisiry of the Rev. Mr. Pine, of it's soul gratified in the forination of Salop; and continued in fellow- of a gospei church in his own neighship with the Baptist Church at Dog bourhood, which has to deplore ile Lane, till they unhappily divided. loss of hin under whose roof the

The grace of God shone in Mr. word of God has been preached for Ila wley with advantage, particularly years, and at whose sole expence, in the view of death in a letter to the iilt lately, supplies were procured. writer of this, a few months before his Mr. llawley has left 50l. tovaciele dissolution, he remarks,“ My health erecting a place of worship; and his for souie time has been very indiffer- dying charge to his son was the same anl; and, as my complaint is in my as his father had given bin, “ Never the much and vitals, I am sensible of io desert the cause of Cur:st in the ILC issve; bui, thanks be to my neighbourhoed." May the spirit of Leavenly Father, he does all things the fathers rest upon the children!


Sermons, chiefly designed to elucidate ing the effects of man's innate and deep

some of the Leading Doctrines' of the depravity. Phe certain and fearful Gospel. By the Rev. E. Cooper, consequences of neglecting are enforced Rector of Hamstall Ridware, fc, with strong and forcible application of Troo Vols. crgwon 8vo, 108.

the subject to every man's conscience

in the sight of God. He is a lost soul, [Concluded from our last, p. 37.]

and must be a damped soul, if not saved A second volume of Mr, Cooper's

by the gospel of the grace of God. bermons is before us, stamped with the The Life and Deuth of the real Chrissame broad seal of truth and excellence tian follows. The cominal ones are as the former. Amidst the awful and


and the real ones are few: general departure from the faith, as

“ By their fruits ye shall know them.” once delivered to the saint's in the church He lives by the power of Christ, quickof England, and sealed by the blood of ened by him to life, when dead in tresour Reformers, it is pleasing to observe, passes and sins; and maintained in life that there is a remnani, according to by upion with, and power derived from, the election of grace, who continge ris- the same source, Jesus, the living vine ing up to testify the gospel of the grace 2. He lives by faith in Christ, of God, and to call back their fellows o

3, He lives to the glory of Christ, 42 the consideration of the great and lead- After the example of Christ, ---- 5, Uaing doctripes on which the Reformation der the law and government of Christ. was built, and the church of England Where are these to be found? Alas! by law established. The author of these mari nantes in gurgite vasto. Their sermons, avoiding all matters of more death is correspondent, and will be doubıful disputalion, avowedly attaches their eternal gain! The folly and futi. himself to the great fundamental truths, lity of hoping for Heaven when they and on the two substanstial pillars, the die, who have never had their conver. Jachin and Boaz of the living temple, sation in Heaven while they live, or erects his superstructure. 1, Justifica- that they shall go to (iod, who have tion by faith, without works, free and never lived a life of communion with full, by grace alone, through the re

God, is awfully and strongly inculcated. demption which is in Jcsus Christ, Oh that the living might lay it to stands at the commencement of the first heart, and not die dreaming of É'eaven, volume; and on its side rises in the and awake in Hell! beauty of holiness, 2dly, The sanc- The obligation of an unreserved surtifieation of the Spirit unto obedience ; render of ourselves to God's service and not the work of any ability in fallen glory, is the subject of the third serman, or effected by human suasion,

This surrender is exemplified by but by the efficacious influence of the the watchful mortification of sin, in all Holy Ghost, operating in divine con- its ramifications. In the consecration trition, and creating anew in Christ of all our talents to the Redeemer's Jesus unto good works, Ciod having be- glory and service, and in the unreserved fore cruained that we should walk in resignation of ourselves to the will of thein. These great principles pervade God, preceptive or providential. The the pages of the second volunie, as they powerful motives of the text are enstood prominent in the first, and the forced with their constraining efficacy, goodly stones receive their polish, grow- and earnest exhortations to quicken aud ing into a holy body of evangelical encourage io this reasonable service. truth,– where the sioner is truly hum- The joy of angels over penitent sin. bled, Christ exalted, God glorified in ners affords occasion to enlorce the the highest, and righteousness and true great unty of reperitance.

115 nalure, holiness adorn the doctrine of God our a real change of heari, a conversion of Saviour in all things.

the soul from sin to Go., with inward The volume opens with the Sin and illumination, through the powerful Danger of peglecting the great Salva- agency of the thely Ghost; conviction tion of the Go-pel. Such persons

of sin, fixing on the conscience a sense must, from the necessary connection of guilt, and awakening a sense of dan, between causes ami efects, be involved ger. Thus leading to enquire after and in everlasting destruction." Hear, ye discover the excellence of Christ, and despisers, and wonder and perish! The the suitableness of the method of gospel alone provides the adequate re- salva ion se, ealed in the gospel, issuPICíly for human guilt, and for obviat. ing in earuest applicatiou for a fuera



sonal interest in the promised blessings. - 3dly, Let this consciousness sustain The example of a sinner returning to and animate you in all conflicts against God, however overlooked or despised sin. You must prevail. A word of by men, fills angels with exultation. awful warning is added to those who The subject applied by way of exhor- give themselves up to sin and its servi. tation, and for consolation.

tude, under the plea that their passions Consolation to the Aflicted, from are too strong to be resisted. Isa, iv, 10. The subject of which he The Eighth Sermon applies Heze. treats, is a gracious soul under affliction, kiah's Fall as a Warning against Self. not of an ordinary degree or measure, ronfidence. A sinner must be always but peculiar both in its nature and de- the same pensioner on the divine keepgree. In darkness and seeing no light, ing and care, or prove by his falls, his in perplexity and distress, where no own weakness and insufficiency. This prospect of deliverance presents itself: is particularly improved, to enforce the no uncommon case with God's people. fundamental doctrine of the Scripture, See Job, David, Heman, Christ. But of the depravity of man, and his to the horde of nominal Christians this utter inability, without the continual man speaketh parables: they have just aid of divine grace, to maintain the life as much conception of what is passing of faith and communion with God. in the moon.

The relief provided for By numbers, this doctrine is either the tempted and afflicted. Faith in the openly renonnced, or virtually denied, power, grace, and unchangeableness of Some affirm, that their nature is ori.. the covenant-God in Christ. The sub- ginally good, or at least disposed to ject particularly applied for the conso- listen to the dictates of reason, and to lation of the afficted under every pres- comply with the obligations of religion; xure, whether of body, soul, or circum- others contend, that the beast being hastances. Wait the Lord's leisure; “At bitually exercised in the ways of God, even-tide there shall be light." "A word becomes inherently better, and gathers of awful warning is added to those who a stock of strength and goodness of its fear not God, and obey not the voice of Such vain and fallacious reprehis servant.

sentations, the substance of modern Sermon 6, The Case of Jonah im- theology, he consutes ; demonstrating proved, as a ground for expostulation that " nothing but a deep sense of our with careless sinners, who, it is to be natural depravity can effectually defeared, form the bulk of congregations stroy our vain confidence, or excite to in general. The cry Awuke, is loudly the diligent use of the means which are enforced on those who®are sleeping on essential to our growth in grace." the brink of eternity. On that God the The duty of confessing Christ before Spirit would give the hearing ear awd men, affords the author a noble subject. the understanding heart, that they may Many ignorantly would suppose and not sleep the sleep of eternal death ! suggest, that now, in our days of

Serm. 7, The all-sufficiency of Christ's science and professiov of Christianity, Grace for his peculiar People is full of the offence of the cross is ceased. The holy Comfort and Encouragement. To author has been taught in a different whom doth the promise belong? To his school. He is unknown to us; but we people. How are they known ? By a know that he must have gone to Jesus simple and avowed dependence on the without the camp, bearing his reproach; grace of Christ, – by a steady and con- and this precious balm shall not break scientious adherence to the pain of duty, his head. We shall indulge in a few - by a diligent and reverential use of extracts : 1. The Deity; confession of the appointed means of grace. Grace Christ open and undisguised, avowing is defined as the rich and unmerited love their relation to him, in the face of of Christ, which prompted him to un- the world proclaiming their dependdertake the work of our redemption ; ence upon hin, and their expectations or that invincible power which, ib.ough from him. The Christian must emthe agency of the Spirit, he exerts for brace every seasonable occasion of accomplishing their glorious undertak- delivering his religious opinions with ing. To the latter of these is the sense firmness, meekness, and modesty, &c. of the word Grace here applied, and his He must not be ashamed of confessall-suficiency described ; and his peo- ing, whenever a proper opportunity ple are encouraged, ist, To be strong in offers, the faith of Christ crucified; every trial, under the consciousness of bor, by a criminal silence, when ciroheir interest in the promisey 2dly, cumstances demand his interference, This consciousness should invigorate must he either countenance others in their activity in the service of Christ, their errors, or suffer them to retain a

inpposition that his opinions coincide ignorance of the nature and evidence with his own." The author, I per- of the faith of God's elect, demand ceive, will have a difficult task to per- from every man who would not live in form at a visitation sermon and dinner, delusion and die in darkness, a serious, but, no doubt, to his best ability; fullils deep, and scriptural examination, his own injunctions. To confess Christ, whether he is in the faith, and whether He urges, must appear in a supreme Jesus Christ be formed in him. řegard to his will, in opposition to the To try the reality or delusion of manners and maxims of the world. those who say they have faith, he en2. In a public attestation of those quirës, Are your views scriptural, of Hopes and joys which Christianity pro- the object of faith, of the importance sesses to inspire, and clai naš peculiarly of faith, of the nature of faith, of the as her own

3. lo ä decided attach- origin of faith? But here no analysis ment to his people In them he finds is adequate, the original pages must be a spirit and temper congenial with his cogsulted, and with much seriousness öwn. With these hè delights to as- and prayer, that we be not deceived. sociate ; with these, if such be the One quotation I cannot prevail on alternative proposed, he chooses rather myself to omit, as containing a sento suffer amiction than to enjoy thc timent of the last importance : “ That pleasures of sin

for a season), esteeming neither evidences the most conspicuous įhe reproach of Christ greater riches and multiplied, nor arguments the most than the favour and applause of an un- powerful and convincing, not demon godly world. The difficulties of dis. stration itself, can produce faith, charging this duty, he faithfully details. faith is a divine work: a creation in But they who shrink from the cross the heart by the Spirit of Christ. The will never wear the crown ; - that faith whereby we are saved is not of crown of righteousness which the Lord ourselves; it is the gift of God.” the righteous Judge will give to me Perhaps, in the point of approprio and all that love the day of his appear. ation, p. 285; some shades of differe ing, will amply repay all the reproach ence will be found even among true and shame that, for his sake, have believers. Ubi plura nitent; paucis covered our faces.

haud offendor maculis, if they be countThe tenth sermon opens for the en. ed maculæ, for hardly in two volumes couragement of the faithful, the pro- anywhere will there be found so little mises of the life which now is, and to criticise, and so much to commend that which is to come; and demon- to the attention of Christians of all destrates that ylıal Christianity, with all nominations, the crosses which may attend it, furnishes a peace which passeth all understanding, a portion that the world kooweth not of.

Periodical Accounts relating to the The eleventh discourse enforces

Missions of the Church of the United earnestness in religion. If it is real,

Brethren, established among the Ilea. it cannot be that cold; dead-hearted

then. No. XLVI, Price 1s. thing which the many seem to think This is a very interesting Number; it. It demands all the heart and souls containing, 1. A Letter from Brother and the vigorous exertion of every Kluge, on the Wabash;

- 2. Extract faculty. In the introduction, the of the Diary of the Mission at Paraauthor censures criminal curiosity : mibo; -3. Extract of the Diary of the the observation is right in general; Mission at Bavian's Kloof; - Various hut whether exactly deducible from the Accounts. text, is dubious. Respecting the sew, The first letter, containing a most ness of the saved, our Lord is pleased awful relation of the murder of Joshua, to give the most explicit answer, in an Indian preacher, whom his country, the very parallel place; Matt. vii. 131

men, at the instigation of those emis14; and this seems, in tho most pecu- saries of Satan, the lying prophets, liar manner, to enforce the very point burnt alive, is so peculiariġ affecting, in discussion. If they are few, and that we give it (somewhat abridged) many who strive to enter, do it go


our Intelligence of this month. inadequately and improperly, be of The second article presents some that few who strive lawfully, and so run pleasing instances of the power of dias to obtain.

tinę grace among the ladians at ParaThe last sermon is not least in mibo, in South America. importance. The general presumption The account from Bavian's Kloof is entertained, that all in a Christian very satisfactory, During the year land are believers, and the awful 1864, fourteen adults and öfteen chida


dren were baptized, and nine communi- Page 9, The author is sensible he cants received. The congregation con- treads on very tender ground, when he sisted of 245 baptized adults; of whom begins with the bishops themselves, as 94 are communicants, 129 baptized chil- the fons et origo mali, the source of dren, and 99 candidates for baptism, in all the evil, for non-residence. Yet all 473 persons. The total number of whether they reside in Westminster, inhabitants at this settlement amounts or the North, or Bath, can make very to 1095.

little difference to their dioceses as to In the six congregations of the Bre- personal superintendence. Ignatian thren, in the Danish West India islands, bisiiops, whom he recommends, séjould the number of the negroes is 10,557 ; be acquainted with every soul under 207 adults have been added to the their care, down to the meanest slave. church in the year 1805.

But this is impossible, without such a At Surinam, the Missionaries have contraction of the diocese as must suffered mych by illness.

equally contract the emoluments ; to We should add, that this Number which perhaps a great many objections begins a Fourth Volume, the Third would be urged. being perfected in Number Forty-five. Equally tender is the ground, p. 13,

where he proposes " to eradicate from the vineyard' those'noxious and disgrace

ful weeds, the hunting, gaming, the Preparation for Death, and The Para drinking, the time-killing church men.”

ble of the Sower: Too Sermons, by But we are afraid if these were rigidly the late Rev. W. A. Gund.

extirpated, with those who do such Thcsc Sermons were taken in short- things, such a vacuum would follow, as hand by a friend, who, on Mr. Gunn's

would l'eave a wide door into the unmuch-lamented death, thinking that provided churches for tñe entrance of they might prove an acceptable pre- the dreadful spectre of Methodism. sent to the public, and especially to

It will be a much more effectual preMr. Gunn's hearers, published them.

ventive if the writer is able to engage * It is true,” as the Editor observes in “such a corresponding zeal decidedly his Preface," that they contain no ele

shewn in the clergy, so to regulate gant novelties ; but they faijhfully re

their own conduct ag to do away the present his plain, simple, affectionate, most plausible ground of dissent.” and pointed manner of address, which, p. 38. Probatum est. Only live iher it is hoped, may, by the divine bless- down and preach them down, and this ing, he instrumental to that great end

will do the work more effectually than a to which he consecrated all his labours, thousand acts of parliament.

the salvation of immortal souls.” That every church should have a reIn these sentiments we heartily concur.

sident minister (p. 8) is highly necessary; and that a provision should be made for the residont curate, from the

living of 100 l. a year, or half the value A Letter to the Archbishop of Canter

of the cure at least, if of interior value. bury, 8vo, is.

lle who feeds the flock, has a right to WHETHER the Archbishop willsmile be nourished with the milk of the or frown on the crown of martyrdom flock; and if the specimen of Method: prepared for him by this fierce alarni- ismi (p. 27) is trae, and that ab uno is, we know not. It is certain!y just disie omnés,” he must be a jmor cu24 likely that the fiery chariot of rate indeed, that could not preserve his Elijah should be sent for him. To be people from such ignorant intruders, serious, the attempt to rouse a persecut- We think, however, as the speciing spirit would certainly be the likeli- men produced is given only from reest mode to verify the alarmist's appre- port, it comes in a questionable shape; hensions ; but we hope there is too and we can hardly be persuaded, That much political wisdom in the land, as « respectable persons were amongst the well as candour, to suffer any tamper- audience to this rant, and gave eujug with the toleration act. Whatever couragement to the preacher." mischief may have been intended in P. 30. Schism is defined “ a volun. this furious letter, there are some hints tary secession from a visible church, well worthy his Grace's attention; and without a sufficient motive;" but who'it which, with all the salvoes, if a Me- to judge of the sufficient motive? Will thodist had urged, would have been it be allowed that the doctrines of the treated as highly defamatory. Valeat church, not being taught in the church, quantum potesto

is a sufficient motive: If the word of

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