Lives of the queens of England, from the Norman conquest: with anecdotes of their courts, now first published from official records and other authentic documents, private as well as public


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Seite 277 - Edward ; and then he held up his hands, and thanked God thereof. And he said he never knew him till that time ; nor wist not what was said to him, nor wist not where he had been, whilst he hath been sick till now ; and he asked who were godfathers, and the queen told him, and he was well apaid (content).
Seite 53 - Above her lieth spread a tomb Of gold and sapphires blue: The gold doth show her blessedness, The sapphires mark...
Seite 314 - Ill-starred prince, whose martial merit His own England long might rue ! Mournful was that Edward's fame, Won in fields contested well, While he sought his rightful claim : Witness Aire's unhappy water, Where the ruthless Clifford fell ; And when Wharfe ran red with slaughter, On the day of Towcester's field, Gathering, in its guilty flood, The carnage and the ill-spilt blood, That forty thousand lives could yield.
Seite 263 - Lancaster, fthe pale and purple rose,' were assumed to distinguish the rival factions during the memorable dispute between Somerset and the Earl of Warwick, in the Temple Gardens, when Somerset, to collect the suffrages of the by-standers, plucked a red rose, and Warwick a white rose, and each called upon every man present to declare his party by taking a rose of the colour chosen by him whose cause he favoured.
Seite 116 - Richard by the grace of God king of England and of France, and lord of Ireland...
Seite 413 - Farewell, my own sweet son ; God send you good keeping. Let me kiss you once yet ere you go, for God knoweth when we shall kiss together again.
Seite 213 - Because through her he nobled was, and sinned in double fame. The king of England by descent, and by queen Katherine's right The realm of France he did enjoy — triumphant king of might. A happy queen to Englishmen she came right grateful here, And four days' space they honoured God with lips and reverent fear.
Seite 303 - I know of no one in this realm who ought not, rather, to visit me," was the haughty rejoinder of the duke. With these words he angrily left the house. The peers by whom these rival claims were to be decided had, to a man, sworn their liegemen's oaths to king Henry, and to him they...
Seite 304 - My father was King; his father also was King; I myself have worn the crown forty years from my cradle ; you have all sworn fealty to me as your sovereign, and your fathers have done the like to mine. How then can my right be disputed...
Seite 165 - Fair cousin, we wish you to know that we will have the daughter of your king, and all that we have asked, or .we will drive him and you out of his kingdom.' The duke replied, ' Sire, you are pleased to say so; but before you can drive my lord and me out of his kingdom, I make no doubt but that you will be heartily tired.

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