Love in the Suds;: A Town Ecologue. Being the Lamentation of Roscius for the Loss of His Nyky. With Annotations and an Appendix

J. Wheble, 1772 - 31 Seiten
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Seite 16 - ... accent of Christians, nor the gait of Christian, pagan, nor man, have so strutted, and bellowed, that I have thought some of Nature's journeymen had made men, and not made them well, they imitated humanity so abominably.
Seite 7 - It is an action of virtue to make examples of vicious men. They may and ought to be upbraided with their crimes and follies, both for their own amendment (if they are not yet incorrigible), and for the terror of others, to hinder them from falling into those enormities, which they see are so severely punished in the persons of others.
Seite 25 - I thought so : but know, that speaking well of all mankind is the worst kind of detraction ; for it takes away the reputation of the few good men in the world, by making all alike.
Seite 29 - ... the race is not to the fwift, nor the battle to the ftrong...
Seite 5 - Difcerptum latos juvenem fparsere per agros. Turn quoque marmorea caput a cervice revulfum, Gurgite cum medio portans Oeagrius Hebrus Volveret, Eurydicen vox ipfa et frigida lingua Ah miferam Eurydicen anima fugiente, vocabat ; Eurydicen toto referebant flumine ripae ! NOTES, * The celebrated villa of R oscius . On On Hebrus' banks fb tuneful Orpheus died ; His limbs the fields receiv'd, his head the tide.
Seite 4 - Dîne hune ardorem mentibus addunt, « Euryale? an sua cuique deus fit dira cupido? « Aut pugnam , aut aliquid jamdudum invadere magnum « Mens agitat mihi ; nec placida contenta quiete est.
Seite 7 - A'merry fong about murder, beginning with, " In Tyburn-road there liv'da man," &c. Yet Yet flight tliecaufe of NYKV'S late mi/Lap ; NYK. but miftook the colour of the cap : A common -errour, frequent in the Park, Where love is apt to ftumble in the dark. Why rais'd the haughty female head fo high, With the tall caps of grenadiers to vie ? Why does it like tremendous figure make, To...
Seite 25 - I never attempted to abufe or leflen any one in my life. Manly. What ! you were afraid ? Plaufible. No : but ferioufly I hate to do a rude thing. No, faith, I fpeak well of all mankind. Manly. I thought fo : but know that this is the word fort of detraction, for it takes away the reputation of the few good men in the world by making all alike ! Now I fpeak ill of many men, becaufe they deferve it.
Seite 24 - And wolves with loving lionesses meet. By different means is different love made known. And each fond lover will prefer his own. Strange lot of love! two friends, my soul's delight, Men call that M r, this a Catamite! Yet bring him back; for who chaste roundelay Shall sing, now B — st-ff is driv'n away? Who now correct...
Seite 8 - And takes the bantling from the midwife's hands. If any author of prolific brains, In this good company, feels labourpains; If any gentle poet, big with rhime, Has run his reck'ning out and gone his time; If any critic, pregnant with ill-nature,

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