London Society, Band 21

William Clowes and Sons, 1872

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Seite 119 - I can give not what men call love, But wilt thou accept not The worship the heart lifts above And the Heavens reject not, The desire of the moth for the star, Of the night for the morrow, The devotion to something afar From the sphere of our sorrow?
Seite 70 - The fair round face, the snowy beard, The velvet of her paws, Her coat that with the tortoise vies, Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes — She saw ; and purr'd applause.
Seite 91 - ... vitals without having any serious effect upon his constitution. Yesterday afternoon he was taken so much worse that I sent an express for the medical gentleman (Mr. Herring), who promptly attended, and administered a powerful dose of castor oil. Under the influence of this medicine, he recovered so far as to be able at eight o'clock pm to bite Topping. His night was peaceful. This morning at daybreak he appeared better, received (agreeably to the doctor's directions) another dose of castor oil,...
Seite 70 - ... the seller was to forfeit to the buyer the third part of its value. If any one stole or killed the cat that guarded the prince's granary, he was to forfeit a milch ewe, its fleece and lamb ; or as much wheat as, when poured on the cat suspended by its tail (the head touching the floor) would form a heap high enough to cover the tip of the former.
Seite 115 - Warm from the soul, and faithful to its fires ; The virgin's wish without her fears impart, Excuse the blush, and pour out all the heart, Speed the soft intercourse from soul to soul, And waft a sigh from Indus to the Pole. Thou know'st how guiltless first I met thy flame. When Love approach'd me under Friendship's name; My fancy form'd thee of angelic kind, Some emanation of th
Seite 15 - ... It was early in the bright morning when he set out to see the Bishop ; hours before Mr. Easy would leave his bed. The hinds were going to their labour, and one after another greeted him as he walked swiftly along. One very old man stopped him and asked him to sit on a heap of stones at the roadside, which Mr. Mordaunt immediately did. " Parson," said the old man, " I want you to tell me something. I want you to tell me about the New Jerusalem, on which you preached last Sunday. Is it in this...
Seite 25 - If thou be master-gunner, spend not all That thou canst speak at once ; but husband it, And give men turns of speech. Do not forestall By lavishness thine own and others' wit, As if thou madest thy will.
Seite 379 - Stern o'er each bosom reason holds her state, With daring aims irregularly great. Pride in their port, defiance in their eye, I see the lords of human kind pass by...
Seite 12 - Lord Barnstaple was himself in one moment, however. " May I ask this young lady to retire while we talk business," he said. " We have secrets to talk of, which must be trusted to no ears but our own." Mary hurriedly retired, and Lord Barnstaple with a bow opened the door for her, and shut it after her. "Now, Mr. Mordaunt, as we are alone together, I will tell you what is the matter with you. You are horridly poor.
Seite 91 - Nobody will miss her like I shall. It is such a very painful thing to me, that I really cannot express my sorrow. Old wounds bleed afresh when I only think of the way of doing it: what the actual doing it will be, God knows. I can't preach to myself the schoolmaster's consolation, though I try. Dear Mary died yesterday, when I think of this sad story.

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