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“Here lies Mr Alexander Peden, faithful minister of the Gospel, sometime of Glenluce, who departed this mortal life the 26th of January 1686, and was raised after six weeks out of the grave and buried here out of contempt.

Memento Mori."

[The remains of Alexander Peden were first laid in the aisle of Lord Auchinleck, but were disinterred by a body of dragoons, in order to hang them on the gallows. At the entreaty, however, of the Countess of Dumfries, they were induced to depart from their purpose, and the corpse was laid alongside those of the martyrs at the Gallowsfoot of Old Cumnock.-Ed.]


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“Here lyes James and Robert Duns, Thomas and John Stevensons, James M'Clude, Andrew M'Call, who were surprised at prayer in this house by Colonel Douglas, Lieutenant Livingstone, and Cornet James Douglas, and by them most impiously and cruelly murther'd for their adherence to Scotland's Reformation Covenants, National and Solemn League. 1685.

“In memory of six martyrs who suffered at this spot for their attachment to the Covenanted cause of Christ in Scotland. January 23, 1685.

“ Erected by the voluntary contributions of a congregation who waited on the ministrations of the Rev. Gavin Rowatt of Whitehorn, Lord's Day, 19th August 1827."

[This tomb stands in a lonely march near the little water of Trool shortly after it leaves the loch of that name. The site of the old farmhouse of Caldons (or Caldunes), where the martyrs were taken and put to death, is supposed to be marked by a shapeless heap of stones, which has once been a cairn. The present monument is close beside it, and consists of a strong plain wall about four feet high, forming a square enclosure (ten feet square or thereabouts), within which

stands the little grey tombstone with its plainly legible inscription, bearing marks of the pious care of “Old Mortality.” The modern enclosing wall has a slab of red sandstone let into its inner side (S.W.). On it stands the inscription of 1827.-ED.)



“Here lyes interred the heads of Laurance Hay and Andrew Pitulloch, who suffered martyrdom at Edinburgh, July 13th, 1681, for adhering to the word of God and Scotland's Covenanted work of Reformation. And also one of the hands of David Hackston of Rathillet, who was most cruelly murdered at Edinburgh, July 30th, 1680, for the same cause.

“ Our persecutors fill’d with rage,

Their brutish fury to aswage,
Took heads and hands of martyrs off
That they might be the people's scoff.
They Hackston's body cut asunder,
And set it up a world's wonder,
In several places to proclaim,

These monsters glory'd in their shame.”
Re-erected, July 13th, 1792.

[The stone has recently been raised upon a new base, and is in a good state of preservation.-ED.)



“Sacred to the memory of Captain John Paton, late in Meadowhead, of this parish, who suffered martyrdom in the Grass market, Edinburgh, May 9th 1684.

“He was an honour to his country; on the Continent, at Pentland, Drumclog, and Bothwell, his heroic conduct truly evinced the gallant officer, brave soldier, and true patriot. In social and domestic life, he was an ornament, a pious Christian, and a faithful witness for truth,

in opposition to the encroachments of tyrannical and despotic power in Church and State.

“Who Antichrist do thus oppose,

And for truth's cause their lives lay down,
Will get the victory o'er their foes,
And gain life's everlasting crown,

“The mortal remains of Captain Paton sleep amid the dust of kindred martyrs in the Greyfriars' Churchyard, Edinburgh.

“Near this is the burying place of his family and descendants."



“In memory of the late Rev. James Renwick, the last who suffered to death for attachment to the Covenanted Cause of Christ in Scotland-born near this spot, 15th February 1662, and executed at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 17th February 1688.

““The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.' Erected by subscription, A.D. 1828."



“Here lies the body of Mr John Blackader, minister of the Gospel at Troqueer in Galloway, who died on the Bass, after five years imprisonment, anno dom 1685, and of his age sixty-three years.

“Blest John, for Jesus' sake in Patmos bound,

His prison Bethel, Patmos, Pisgah found ;
So the bless'd John, on yonder rock confined,
His body suffer'd, but no chains could bind
His heaven-aspiring soul ; while day by day,
As from Mount Pisgah's top, he did survey
The promised land, and view'd the crown by faith
Laid up for those who faithful are till death.

Grace formed him in the Christian Hero's mould,
Meek in his own concerns—in's Master's bold;
Passions to reason chained, Prudence did lead-
Zeal warm'd his breast, and reason cool'd his head.
Five years on the lone rock, yet sweet abode,
He Enoch-like enjoyed, and walk'd with God;
Till, by long living on this heavenly food,
His soul by love grew up too great, too good
To be confined to jail, or flesh or blood.
Death broke his fetters off, then swift he fled
From sin and sorrow, and by angels led,
Enter'd the mansions of eternal joy ;-
Blest soul, thy warfare's done, praise, love, enjoy.
His dust here rests till Jesus come again-
Even so, blest Jesus come,-come Lord. Amen!"




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