Tangles and Tales: Being the Record of a Twelvemonth's Imbroglio

Saunders, Otley, 1865 - 401 Seiten

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Seite 94 - A something, light as air ; a look, A word unkind or wrongly taken : Oh ! love, that tempests never shook, A breath, a touch like this hath shaken...
Seite 71 - O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! Her beauty hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear...
Seite 155 - ... While winter winds shall blow, To breathe and smile upon you soon again. The sun has hid its rays These many days ; Will dreary hours never leave the earth ? O doubting heart ! The stormy clouds on high Veil the same sunny sky, That soon (for spring is nigh) Shall wake the summer into golden mirth. Fair hope is dead, and light Is quenched in night. What sound can break the silence of despair ? O doubting heart ! Thy sky is overcast, Yet stars shall rise at last, Brighter for darkness past, And...
Seite 55 - And say, without our hopes, without our fears, Without the home that plighted love endears, Without the smile from partial beauty won, Oh ! what were man ? — a world without a sun.
Seite 177 - What is the world to them, Its pomp, its pleasure, and its nonsense all! Who in each other clasp whatever fair High fancy forms, and lavish hearts can wish; Something than beauty dearer, should they look Or on the mind, or mind-illumin'd face — Truth, goodness, honour, harmony, and love, The richest bounty of indulgent Heaven.
Seite 305 - TORRENS— THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE RIGHT HON. SIR JAMES RG GRAHAM, Bart., GCB, MP By TORRENS McCULLAGH TORRENS, late MP, Author of the "Life of Sheil," &c. 2 vols., 8vo, price 16s. each. TRAVELS IN LADAK, TARTARY, AND KASHMIR. By Lieut. -Col. TORRENS, 23rd Royal Welsh Fusileers. Second Edition, 1 vol., 8vo, beautifully illustrated. 28s. VERNEY— THE SHANNON'S BRIGADE IN INDIA. Being some account of Sir William Peel's Naval Brigade in the Indian Campaign of 1857—1858.
Seite 155 - A hundred, a thousand to one; even so; Not a hope in the world remained: The swarming, howling wretches below Gained and gained and gained. Skene looked at his pale young wife: — "Is the time come?" — "The time is come!" — Young, strong, and so full of life: The agony struck them dumb. Close his arm about her now, Close her cheek to his, Close the pistol to her brow — God forgive them this! "Will it hurt much?" — "No, mine own: I wish I could bear the pang for both.
Seite 187 - Keep not standing fixed and rooted, Briskly venture, briskly roam ; Head and hand, where'er thou foot it, And stout heart are still at home. " In what land the sun does visit, Brisk are we, whate'er betide : To give space for wandering is it That the world was made so wide.
Seite 184 - Sir," replied the Spanish governor : " if we had taken you in fair war at sea, or approaching our coast with hostile intentions, your ship would then have been a prize, and your people prisoners ; but when, distressed by a tempest, you come into our ports for the...
Seite 94 - A breath, a touch like this hath shaken. And ruder words will soon rush in To spread the breach that words begin; And eyes forget the gentle ray They wore in courtship's smiling day; And voices lose the tone that shed A tenderness round all they said; Till fast declining, one by one, The sweetnesses of love are gone...

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