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Q. When the Israelites heard this, how were they affected?
A. They were pleased. Joshua xxii, 30.
Q. When Joshua became old, whom did he call together?
A. All Israel, with their elders and judges.

Joshua xxiii, 2.
Q. What did he enjoin_upon them ?
A. To keep and do all that is written in the

book of the law of Moses. Joshua xxiii, 6. Q. What did he say he was about to do? A. To go the way of all the earth. Joshua

xxii, 14. Q. What did he bid them to choose that day? A. Whom they would serve. Joshua xxiv, 15. Q. What did he say of himself? A. As for me and my house, we will serve the

Lord. Q. What did the people say? A. God forbid that we should forsake the Lord

to serve other gods. Joshua xxiv, 16. Q. After Joshua had ended his instructions, what did

he do? A. He wrote the words in the book of the law

of God. Joshua xxiv, 26.
Q. What did he then set up ?
A. A stone. Joshua xxiv, 27.
Q. For what purpose ?
A. As a witness between them, to remind them

of the covenant they had just made.
Q. What then occurred to Joshua ?
A. After the people departed, he died.
Q. How old was he?
Ă. One hundred and ten years.

Q. How long did Israel serve the Lord ?
A. All the days of the elders, that overlived

Joshua. Joshua xxiv, 31.
Q. What did they do with the bones of Joseph ?
A. They buried them in Shechem, in a parcel

of land which Jacob had bought of Hamor. Joshua xxiv, 32.


The Dudges.


Question. After the death of Joshua, what tribe was directed

by God to lead up the hosts of Israel against the Ca

naanites? Answer. The tribe of Judah. Judges i, 2. Q. What tribe went with them? Ă. Simeon. Judges i, 3. Q. What did they do to King Adonibezek, whom they cap

tured? A. They cut off his thumbs and his great toes.

Judges i, 6. Q. How many kings had he treated in the same manner? A.- Seventy. Q. How had be fed them? A. They had gathered their food under his

table. Judges i, 7. Q. How long did the people continue to serve the Lord ? A. All during the days of the elders that out

lived Joshua, who had seen the great works of the Lord. Judges ii, 7.

Q. What was the character of the next generation ?
A. They knew not the Lord, but forsook him,

and followed other gods. Judges ii, 10.
Q. Whom did they serve?
A. Baal and Ashtaroth. Judges ii, 13.
Q. How was the Lord affected toward them?
A. His anger was hot against them, and he de-

livered them into the hands of their enemies.

Judges ï, 14. Q. Whom did the Lord raise up to deliver them when they

repented ? A. Judges. Judges ii, 16. Q. What would they do upon the death of their judges ? A. They would return again to their idolatries.

Judges ii, 19. Q. What judgment did the Lord pronounce upon them? A. He declared that he would no longer drive

out the nations before them. Judges ii, 21. Q. Into whose hand did the Lord first deliver them ? A. That of the king of Mesopotamia. Judges

iii, 8.
Q. How long did they serve him ?
A. Eight years.
Q. What did they then do?
A. They cried unto the Lord. Judges iii, 9.
Q. Whom did he raise up to deliver them?
A. Othniel.
Q. How long did he judge them?
A. Forty years. Judges iii, 11.
Q. What happened when he died ?
A. They fell into sin again. Judges ii, 12.
Q. Into whose hand were they then given ?
Ă. That of Eglon, king of Moab.
Q. How long did they serve him?
A. Eighteen years. Judges ii, 14.

Q. Who delivered them from Eglon? A. Ehud. Judges iii, 15. Q. How long after this had Israel rest? · A. Eighty years. Q. Who next delivered Israel ? A. Shamgar. Judges iii, 31. Q. What was he? A. A giant. Q. What great slaughter did he make with his own arm? A. He slew six hundred Philistines with an ox

goad. Q. Into whose hands did the Israelites next fall? A. Into the hands of Jabin, king of Canaan.

Judges iv, 2. Q. What was the name of the captain of his army? A. Sisera. Q. How did he treat Israel ? A. He mightily oppressed them. Judges iv, 3. Q. Who judged Israel at this time? A. Deborah, a prophetess. Q. Whom did she direct, by the word of the Lord, to be

the leader of the army of Israel ? A. Barak. Judges iv, 6. Q. Where did she tell him to gather his host? A. Upon Mount Tabor. Q. What did Sisera do? * Ă. He drew out an immense army against them.

Judges iv, 13. Q. What was the result of the battle? A. His hosts were entirely routed and slain.

Judges iv, 15, 16. Q. Whither did Sisera flee? 4. To the tent of Jael, the wife of Heber, the

Kenite. Judges iv, 18.

Q. What did she do to him while asleep?
Ă. She drove a tent-nail into his temples, and

thus killed him. Judges iv, 21.
Q. How did Deborah celebrate this victory?
A. By a song of praise. Judges v.




Question. Into whose hands did the Israelites next fall? Answer. Into the hands of the Midianites. Judges

vi, 1. Q. Whither did the Midianites drive them ? A. Into dens and caves in the mountains. Judges

vi, 2. Q. To whom did they cry in their distress? A. Unto the Lord. Q. To whom did an angel of the Lord come ? Ă. Unto Gideon. Judges vi, 11. Q. What did the angel say to him? A. Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save

Israel from the Midianites. Judges vi, 14. Q. What miracle did the angel perform to assure Gideon ? A. When Gideon spread out on a rock an offer

ing of flesh and unleavened cakes, the angel
touched it with the end of his staff, and there
rose a fire out of the rock and consumed it.

Judges vi, 19, 21,
Q. What did Gideon then build ?
A. An altar unto God. Judges vi, 24.

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