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Q. What did he throw down?
A. The altar of Baal. Judges vi, 28.
Q. Who now came up against Israel ?
Ă. All the Midianites and Amalekites. Judges

vi, 33. Q. What did Gideon do? A. He blew a trumpet through Israel, and

gathered an army together. Judges vi, 34, 35. . Q. To whom did he pray for aid ? A. Unto God. Judges vi, 36. Q. What miracles did he work to assure Gideon? Ă. He caused dew, one night, to fall upon a

fleece, and nowhere else upon the surrounding earth ; and the next night he caused the earth to be covered with dew, and the fleece

to be dry. Judges vi, 37, 40. Q. What did the Lord say of Gideon's army? A. That it was too large. Judges vii, 2. Q. Why? A. Israel would say, Mine own hand hath

saved me. Q. What proclamation did Gideon make? A. For every one that was afraid to depart.

Judges vi, 3. Q. How many went? A. Twenty-two thousand. Q. How many remained ? A. Ten thousand. Q. How was the number still further decreased ? A. Gideon brought them to the river, and those

that bowed wn to drink were sent away, and those that took up the water in their hands and drank were retained. Judges vii, 5.

Q. How many were there of these?
Ă. Three hundred.
Q. What armor had each of Gideon's soldiers ?
A. A trumpet, an empty pitcher, and a lamp.

Judges vii, 16.
Q. How did they attack the host of Midian ?
A. They blew their trumpets, broke their pitch-

ers, and held up their lamps. Judges vii, 20. Q. What did they cry out? A. The sword of the Lord and of Gideon. Q. What was the result of the battle? Å. The Midianites were routed and fled. Judges

vii, 22. Q. What did the men of Israel request of Gideon ? Ă. That he would rule over them. Judges

viii, 22. Q. What reply did he make? A. I will not rule over you, neither shall my

son: the Lord shall rule over you. Judges viii, 23.

Judge Samson.


Question. What did Abimelech, the son of Gideon, do upon

the death of his father ? Answer. He slew all his brethren but Jotham,

the youngest, who escaped. Judges ix, 5. Q. Who made him king? A. The men of Shechem and the house of Millo.

Judges ix, 6.

Q. How long did he reign peacefully over Israel?
A. Three years. Judges ix, 22.
Q. Who then conspired against him?
A. Gaal. Judges ix, 26.

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Q. What then became of him?
A. He called to his armor-bearer to slay him

with his sword. Judges ix, 54. Q. What had God thus rendered to him? A. Judgment for his cruelty in slaying his sto

venty brethren. Judges ix, 56. Q. Who defended Israel after Abimelech? Å. Tola. Judges x, 1. Q. How long did he judge Israel? A. Twenty-three years. Judges x, 2. Q. Who succeeded him? A. Jair. Judges x, 3. Q. How long did he continue? A. Twenty-two years. Q. What was the conduct of the children of Israel at this

time? A. They did evil in the sight of God. Judges

X, 6.

Q. Into whose hands were they delivered ?
A. Into the hands of the Philistines. Judges x, 7.
Q. How long did they oppress them?
A. Eighteen years. Judges x, 8.
Q. What confession did Israel make ?
A. They cried unto the Lord, saying, We have

sinned against thee. Judges x, 10.
Q. What did they put away?
A. Their strange gods. Judges x, 16.
Q. Who came up against Israel?
Ă. The Ammonites. Judges x, 17.
Q. Whom did the elders of Israėl appoint as their captain?
A. Jephthah. Judges xi, 5, 6.
Q. What was his success against the Ammonites?
9. He smote them with a very great slaughter.

Judges xi, 33.

Q. How long did he judge Israel?
1. Six years. Judges xii, 7.
Q. Who followed him ?
X. Ibzan, who judged seven years. Judges

xii, 8. Q. Who succeeded him? X. Elon, who lived as judge ten years. Judges

xii, 11. Q. Who then judged Israel ? Ă. Abdon, for eight years. Judges xii, 18. Q. Into whose hands did Israel again fall ? Ă. Those of the Philistines. Judges xii, 1. Q. How long did they serve them? A. Forty years. Q. Whom did an angel of the Lord promise ? Ă. A deliverer. Judges xiii, 3. Q. What was his name? A. Samson. Judges xiii, 24. Q: What was upon him? Ă. The Spirit of the Lord. Judges xiii, 25. Q. With what did the Lord endow him ? Ă. With great strength. Q. What did he once do to a lion ? Å. Rent him as he would a kid. Judges xiv, 6. Q. How many of the Philistines did he slay with a jaw

bone ? A. A thousand men. Judges xv, 15. Q. How long did he judge Israel? 1. Twenty years. Judges xv, 20. Q. When he was once shut up in Gaza, what feat of strength

did he exhibit? A. He took the doors of the gate of the city,

and carried them to the top of a hill before Hebron. Judges xvi, 3.

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