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Q. What did she say to Eli about him?
Ă. I have lent him to the Lord : as long as he

liveth he shall be lent to the Lord. 1 Sam.

i, 28. Q. Where did Samuel remain ? A. In the house of the Lord. 1 Sam. ï, 11. Q. What did he do? A. Ministered before the Lord. Q. What did his mother bring him every year? A. She brought him a little coat, when she came

up with her husband to offer the yearly sacri

fice. 1 Sam. ii, 19. Q. What was the age of Eli ? A. He was very old. 1 Sam. ï, 22. Q. What is said of Samuel at this time? A. He grew on, and was in favor both with the

Lord and also with men. 1 Sam. ii, 26. Q. When Samuel, at a certain time, lay down to sleep in the

temple, who called him? A. The Lord. 1 Sam. iii, 4. Q: To whom did Samuel run? A. To Eli. 1 Sam. iii, 5. Q. What did he say? A. Here am I, for thou didst call me. Q. What did Eli say? A. I called not, my son; lie down again. Q. How many times did the Lord call Samuel ? A. Three times. Q. What did Eli then perceive ?. A. That the Lord had called the child. 1 Sam.

iii, 8. Q. What did he tell Samuel to say if the Lord spake again ? A. Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth. i Šam.

üi, 9.

Q. Did Samuel do so?
A. He did. 1 Sam. iii, 10.
Q. For what did the Lord tell him that he would judge the

house of Eli?
A. For the iniquity of his sons. 1 Sam. iii, 13.
Q. What was his neglect ?
A. They made themselves vile, and he restrained

them not. Q. What did Eli ask Samuel in the morning? A. What the Lord had told him. 1 Sam. üü, 17. Q. Did Samuel tell him ? A. He did, and hid nothing from him. 1 Sam.

iii, 18. Q. What did Eli say? A. It is the Lord : let him do what seemeth

him good. Q. Who was with Samuel as he grew up? A. The Lord. 1 Sam. iii, 19. Q. What did all Israel perceive ? Ă. That Samuel was established to be a pro

phet of the Lord. 1 Sam. iii, 20. Q. With whom did the Israelites go out to fight? A. The Philistines. 1 Sam. iv, 1. Q. What was the result of the battle? A. Israel was smitten, and four thousand were

slain. 1 Sam. iv, 2. Q. What díd they then send to fetch into the camp? A. The ark of the Lord. 1 Sam. iv, 3. Q. For what purpose ? A. That it might save them out of the hand of

their enemies. Q. What did Israel do when the ark came? A. They shouted with a great shout. 1 Sam.

Q. How were the Philistines affected when they heard the

A. They were afraid. 1 Sam. iv, 7.
Q. What was the result of the next battle?
Ă. Israel was smitten with a very great slaughter.

1 Sam. iv, 10.
Q. What became of the ark of God?
A. It was taken. 1 Sam. iv, 11.
Q. Who were among

the slain ? 4. Hophni and Phinehas, the sons of Eli. Q. How old was Eli at this time? A. Ninety-eight. 1 Sam. iv, 15. Q. What is said of him ? A. His eyes were dim that he could not see. Q. When he heard that the ark was taken, and his sons

slain, what happened? A. He fell from off his seat backward, and his

neck brake, and he died. 1 Sam. iv, 18. Q. Where did the Philistines carry the ark of God? 4. To Ashdod. 1 Sam. v, 1. Q. Where did they place it? A. In the temple of their god Dagon. 1 Sam.

V, 2.

Q. What then befell Dagon ?
A. He fell upon his face to the earth, and his

hands and his head were cut off. 1 Sam.

V, 3, 4. Q. With what did God visit them? A. With a sore plague. 1 Sam. v, 6. Q. Where next was the ark carried ? A. To Gath. 1 Sam. v, 8. Q. What happened here? .. The hand of the Lord was against that city

with very great destruction. 1 Sam. v, 9.

Q. When it was brought to Ekron, what did the people do? A. They cried out against its remaining. 1 Sam

V, 10.

Q. Where did the lords of the Philistines determine to

send it? A. Back to the Israelites. 1 Sam. V, 11. Q. How did they send it? Ă. Upon a new cart drawn by young cows,

whose calves were kept at home. 1 Sam. vi, 7. Q. Did the cattle of their own accord go toward the country

of the Israelites, leaving their young ? A. They did. 1 Sam. vi, 12. Q. What did the Philistines therefore know? A. That the thing was of the Lord. Q. How far did they follow it? A. Unto the borders of Beth-shemesh. Q. How were the people of Beth-shemesh affected when

they saw the ark? A. They rejoiced. 1 Sam. vi, 13.



Sa mu el-Saul.


Question. Whither was the ark brought from Beth-shemesh?
Answer. To Kirjath-jearim. i Sam. vii, 1.
Q. How long did it remain there?
A. Twenty years. 1 Sam. vii, 2.
Q. What advice did Samuel give them in order that the

Lord might deliver them from the Philistines? A. To put away their strange gods, and to prepare

their hearts unto the Lord. 1 Sam. vii, 3. Q. What did Samuel bid them do? A. To gather together to Mizpeh. 1 Sam. vii, 5. Q. What would he do? A. He would


for them. Q. When the Philistines heard of their gathering, what did

they do? A. They drew near to battle against them.

1 Sam. vii, 10. Q. How did the Lord aid Israel? A. He thundered with a great thunder. Q. What was the result of the fight? A. The Philistines were smitten before Israel. Q. How did Samuel commemorate the event? A. He set up a stone, and called the name of it

Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us. 1 Sam. vii, 12. Q. How long did Samuel judge Israel? A. All the days of his life. 1 Sam. vii, 15.

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