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Q. Where did he reside ?
A. In Ramah. 1 Sam. vii, 17.

Q. When he was old, whom did he make judges ?
A. His sons, Joel and Abiah. 1 Sam. viii, 1, 2.

Q. What was the conduct of these sons ?
A. They walked not in the ways of their father,

but turned aside for lucre, and perverted

judgment. 1 Sam. viii, 3. Q. Who came to Samuel ? A. The elders of Israel. 1 Sam. yü, 4. Q. What did they say? A. Thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy

ways. 1 Sam. viii, 5. Q. What did they desire ? A. A king to judge them. Q. How was Samuel affected? Ă. He was displeased. 1 Sam. viii, 6. Q. What did he do? A. He prayed unto the Lord. Q. What did God tell Samuel to show them? A. The manner in which the king would rule

over them. 1 Sam. viii, 9. Q. What would the king do? A. He would oppress them, and take their pos

sessions. 1 Sam. viii, 11, 18. Q. Did they still insist upon having a king ? A. They did. 1 Sam. viii, 19. Q. What was their principal reason? A. That they might be like other nations. 1 Sam,

viii, 20. Q. Whom did the Lord select as their first king ? A. Saul.

Q. Whose son was he?
Ă. The son of Kish, of the tribe of Benjamin

1 Sam. ix, 1, 2. Q. What was his appearance ? A. He was a choice young man and goodly;

from his shoulders and upward he was higher

than any of the people. Q. How was he appointed king? Ă. Samuel took a vial of oil and poured it upon

his head, and said, Is it not because the Lord hath appointed thee to be captain over his

inheritance ? 1 Sam. x, 1. Q. When Samuel presented him to the people, what did

they do? A. They shouted, and said, God save the king.

1 Sam. x, 24. Q. Against whom did Saul first lead them forth? A. The Ammonites. Q. What was his success? A. He scattered and slew them. 1 Sam. xi, 11. Q. Who next gathered themselves together against Israel ? A. The Philistines. 1 Sam. xiii, 5. Q. What sin did Saul commit? A. He offered sacrifice himself, instead of wait

ing for Samuel, God's prophet. 1 Sam. xiii, 9. Q. What did Samuel say when he came to him ? A. Thou hast not kept the commandment of the

Lord. The Lord would have established thy kingdom forever; but now it shall not con

tinue. 1 Sam. xiii, 13, 14. Q. What had the Lord done? A. Sought him a man after his own heart.

Q. What courageous act did Jonathan, Saul's son, perform ? A. He obtained possession of a garrison of the

Philistines. 1 Sam. xiv, 1–20. Q. What followed ? A. The Philistines were terrified, and fought

against each other, and fled before the army

of Saul. Q. What nation was Saul commanded to destroy? A. The Amalekites. 1 Sam. xv, 1-3. Q. How utterly did the Lord command him to waste them? A. To spare neither man, woman, nor child,

cattle, nor substance. 1 Sam. xv, 3. Q. What had been their sin.? Ă. They opposed Israel when they came up

from Egypt. 1 Sam. XV, 2. Q. Did Saul fully obey the Lord ? A. He did not. Q. Whom and what did he spare ? A. He spared Agag their king, and the best of

their sheep and oxen. 1 Sam. xv, 9. Q. What excuse did Saul make to Samuel ? A. He said the people took the cattle for sacri

fices to the Lord. 1 Sam. xv, 15. Q. What did Samuel say ? Å. To obey is better than sacrifice. 1 Sam.

22. Q. What did he say would be the consequence of his dis

obedience ? A. Thou hast rejected the word of the Lord,

and the Lord hath rejected thee from being king over Israel. 1 Sam. xv, 23.


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Question. Did Samuel and Saul meet again?
Answer. Samuel came no more to see Saul until

the day of his death. 1 Sam. xv, 35.
Q. How did Samuel feel for Saul ?
A. He mourned for him.
Q. Whom did the Lord command Samuel to anoint 28

king ? A. David. 1 Sam. xvi, 12, 13. Q. Whose son was he? A. The son of Jesse, the Bethlehemite. 1 Sam.

xvi, 1. Q. What is said of David when a young man ? A. He was ruddy, and of a beautiful counte


Q. On what was he a cunning player?
A. On a harp. 1 Sam. xvi, 18.
Q. What feats of daring had he performed while keeping

his father's flocks? A. He had killed a lion and a bear. 1 Sam.

xvi, 34, 36. Q. Why did Saul send for David ? A. To have him play upon his harp before him. Q. For what purpose ? A. To drive away the evil spirit from the Lord

which troubled him. 1 Sam. xvi, 16. Q. Who defied the armies of Israel? A. Goliath, the giant. 1 Sam. xvii, 4. Q. What was his height? A. Six cubits and a span, or ten feet and a half.

1 Sam. xvii, 4. Q. What was the staff of his spear like? A. A weaver's beam. 1 Sam. xvii, 7. Q. How were Saul and Israel affected by his presence ? A. They were dismayed and greatly afraid. Q. What brought David down to the camp? A. His father sent him to see how his brethren

fared, and to carry them a present. 1 Sam.

xvii, 17, 18. Q. When David heard of the boasting of Goliath, what did

he offer to do? A. To go out and fight him. 1 Sam. xvii, 32. Q. What did Saul say at first to him? A. Thou art but a youth, and he is a man of

war. 1 Sam. xvii, 33. Q. What did David say? Ă. The Lord that delivered me out of the paw

of the lion and bear will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. 1 Sam. xvii, 37.

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