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Q. What did Saul then say?
A. Go, and the Lord be with thee. 1 Sam.

xvii, 37.
Q. With what did Saul arm him?
A. His own coat of mail. 1 Sam. xvii,.38.
Q. What did David say after he had tried the armor?
Ă. I cannot go with these, for I have not proved

them. 1 Sam. xvii, 39. Q. What did he then take? Ă. His staff, five smooth stones in his shepherd's

bag, and his sling. 1 Sam. xvii, 40. Q. What did Goliath say to him when he saw him? A. Am I a dog, that thou comest to me with

staves ? 1 Sam. xvii, 43. Q. What did David say? A. I come to thee in the name of the Lord of

hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom

thou hast defied. 1 Sam. xvii, 45. Q. As the Philistine drew near, what did David do? Ă. He took a stone from his bag, and slung it,

and smote the Philistine in his forehead, and

killed him. 1 Sam. xvii, 49. Q. What did he then do? Ă. He ran, and took the giant's sword, and cut

off his head. 1 Sam. xvii, 51. Q. What did the men of Israel do? A. They shouted and pursued the Philistines.

1 Sam. xvii, 52.
Q. What did the Philistines do?
A. They fled.
Q. Where did David bring the head of Goliath?
A. To Saul in Jerusalem. 1 Sam. xvii, 54.

Q. How did Jonathan, the son of Saul, regard David ?
A. He loved him as his own soul. 1 Sam.

xviii, 3. Q. What did Saul do with David ? A. He took him, and would let him go no more

home to his father's house. 1 Sam. xviii, 2. Q. What office did he give him ? A. He set him over the men of war. 1 Sam.

xviii, 5. Q. What soon made him jealous of David ? A. Because he thought the people esteemed

him higher than they did_himself. 1 Sam. xviii, 6–8.


Q. What did Saul do when the evil spirit was on him?
A. He cast a javelin at David. 1 Sam. xviii, 11.
2. How did David behave himself?.
A. Wisely.

Q. How did Israel and Judah regard him?
A. They loved him. 1 Sam. xvii, 16.
Q. What did Saul promise David ?
A. To give him his daughter to be his wife if

he would go against the Philistines. 1 Sam.

xvii, 25. Q. What did Saul hope? A. That David would be slain. Q. What was the result? A. David slew the Philistines, and obtained

Saul's daughter. 1 Sam. xviii, 27. Q. How was Saul affected toward him ? Ă. He became his enemy continually. 1 Sam.

xviii, 29. Q. Why did David leave Saul ? A. Because Saul sought to take his life. 1 Sam,

xix, 10. Q. Where did David take refuge? A. With Achish, the king of Gath. 1 Sam.

xxi, 10. Q. Where did he go from him? A. To the king of Moab. 1 Sam. xxii, 3. Q. Who gathered round his standard ? A. Four hundred men. 1 Sam. xxii, 2. Q. Where did the prophet Gad direct him to go? A. Into the land of Judah. 1 Sam. xxii, 5. Q. Who pursued him ? A. Saul. 2. When David had an opportunity of slaying Saul, what did he do?

He only cut off the skirt of his coat. 1 Sam. xxiv, 4.

Q. What did he do when he had a second opportunity?
A. He took his spear and his cruse of water

while Saul slept. 1 Sam. xxvi, 12.
Q. How was Saul affected when he knew it?
A. He wept. 1 Sam. xxiv, 16.
Q. What did he say?
À. I know that thou shalt surely be king. 1 Sam.

xxiv, 20. Q. What finally became of Saul? A. He was wounded in a battle with the Philis

tines, and fell upon his own sword and died. 1 Sam. xxxi, 4.


mabib's Song Abgalom-Solomon.


Question. What intimate friend of David was killed at the

same time with Saul? Answer. Jonathan. 2 Sam. i, 12. 2. How was David affected when he heard of the death of

Saul and Jonathan?
A. He mourned, wept, and fasted.
Q. Where was David crowned king of Judah?
A. In Hebron. 2 Sam. ii, 1–4.
Q. How long did he reside here?
A. Seven years and six months. 2 Sam. ï, 11.
Q. At the end of this time over whom was he also crowned

A. Over Israel. 2 Sam. v, 1–3.
Q. Where did he then reside?
A. In Jerusalem. 2 Sam. v, 6.

Q. How long did he reign there?
A. Thirty-three years. 2 Sam. v, 5.
Q. When he had obtained rest over his enemies, what did

he design to do? A. To build a temple for the Lord. 2 Sam.

vii, 1–3. Q. What word did the Lord send to him through the pro

phet Nathan? A. That he should not build the temple. 2 Sam.

vii, 5, 17. Q. For what reason ? Ă. Because he had been a man of war. 1 Kings

V, 3. Q. Who did the Lord say should build a temple for him? A. A son of David. 2 Sam. vii, 12, 13. Q. Which of David's sons conspired against him? A. Absalom. Q. How did he steal away the hearts of Israel? A. By treating them with great affection. 2 Sam.

XV, 5, 6. Q. Where did he go to set up his kingdom? Ă. To Hebron. 2 Sam. xv, 10. Q. What did David do when he heard that Absalom had

induced Israel to revolt ? A. He fled from Jerusalem. 2 Sam. xv, 14. Q. How were the people affected when they saw the old

king fleeing from his wicked son? A. All the country wept with a loud voice.

2 Sam. xv, 23. Q. By whom was Absalom's army overcome? A. By the servants of David. 2 Sam. xviii, 7. Q. What injunction did David lay upon Joab and the other

leaders? A. Deal gently, for my sake, with the young

man, even with Absalom. 2 Sam. xviii, 5.

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