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Q. What became of Absalom?
Ă. While flying with his routed army, he was

caught by his long hair in the thick branches of an oak, and lifted from off his mule. 2 Sam.

xviii, 9. Q. What did Joab do to him? A. He thrust him through the heart with a

dart. 2 Sam. xviii, 14. Q. How was David affected when he heard of it? A. He was much moved, and went up into his

chamber and wept. 2 Sam. xviii, 33. Q. What did the aged, heart-broken king say? A. O my son Absalom ! my son, my son Absa

lom! would God I had died for thee! O Absalom, my son, my son!

Q. What was David sometimes called ?
A. The sweet Psalmist of Israel. 2 Sam. xxiii, 1.
Q. Why was he so called ?
A. Because he wrote a large number of the

Psalms, which form one of the books of the

Bible. Q. Which of David's sons succeeded him as king ? A. Solomon. 1 Kings i, 32, 40. Q. What advice did David give him just before he died? A. To walk the ways of the Lord, and to

keep his statutes and commandments. 1 Kings

ü, 3. Q. What did the Lord say to Solomon in a dream ? Ă. Ask what I shall give thee. 1 Kings iii, 5. Q. For what did Solomon ask? X. For an understanding heart. 1 Kings iii, 9. Q. What did the Lord say to him? A. Because thou hast asked this, and not Jong

life or riches for thyself, behold I have done

according to thy word. 1 Kings ii, 11. Q. What did He say he had given him ? A. A wise heart, so that there was none like

him before or after; and also what he did not ask, riches and honor above all other. 1 Kings

üi, 12, 13. Q. What did Solomon commence building ? Ă. The temple. 1 Kings v. Q How long was he building it? A. Seven years. 1 Kings vi, 37, 38. R. Whom did he assemble at its dedication ? 1. The elders of Israel. 1 Kings viii, 1. .). What did they bring into the temple ?

The ark of the covenant of the Lord. 1 Kings viii, 3, 4.

Q. What did Solomon then do?
Ă. Offered up a solemn prayer to God. 1 Kings

viii, 22. Q. What then took place ? A. The glory of the Lord filled the temple.

1 Kings viï, 10, 11. Q. How long did they hold a feast? A. Fourteen days. 1 Kings viii, 65. Q. Who came to see Solomon? A. The queen of Sheba. 1 Kings x, 1. Q. Of what had she heard ? A: Of his great wisdom and wealth. Q. What did she desire to do? A. To prove him with hard questions. Q. What did she say when she had seen him? Ă. The half was not told her. 1 Kings x, 7. Q. What sin did Solomon fall into when he was old ? X. His heart turned after other gods. 1 Kings

xi, 4. Q. How did God look upon this? A. He was angry with him. 1 Kings xi, 9. Q. What did he say he would do? A. Rend the kingdom from the hands of his

son. 1 Kings xi, 11. Q. Why did he not from Solomon? Ă. For the sake of his father David. 1 Kings

xi, 12.
Q. What should be given to his son ?
A. One tribe.
Q. How long did Solomon reign?
A. Forty years. 1 Kings xi, 42.


The Kending of the Kingdom.


Question. Who succeeded Solomon ?
Answer. Rehoboam his son. 1 Kings xii, 1.
Q. Who had rebelled against Solomon ?
A. Jeroboam. 1 Kings xi, 26.
Q. What did the prophet Ahijah foretell to Jeroboam ?
Ă. That he should be king over the ten tribes

of Israel. 1 Kings xi, 31.
Q. What did Solomon seek to do to Jeroboam ?
A. To kill him. 1 Kings xi, 44.
Q. What did Jeroboam do?
Ă. He fled into Egypt.
Q. Who sent for him after the death of Solomon ?
Å. Israel. i Kings xii, 3.
Q. What did Jeroboam and Israel request of Rehoboam ?
Ă. That he would make their burdens lighter.

1 Kings xii, 4. Q. Whose advice did he first seek ? A. That of the old men, his father's counselors.

1 Kings xii, 6. Q. What did they counsel him? Ă. That he should be kind to the people, and

grant their request. 1 Kings xii, 7. Q: Whom did he next consult? A. The young men that had been brought up

with him. 1 Kings xii, 8.

Q. What was their advice?
Å. That he should increase their burdens. 1 Kings

xii, 10.
Q. Which counsel did he follow?
A. That of the young men. 1 Kings xii, 14.
Q. Who immediately revolted from his government?
A. Ten of the tribes. 1 Kings xü, 19.
Q. Whom did they make king ?
A. Jeroboam. 1 Kings xii, 20.
Q. What did Jeroboam do to prevent Israel from going up

to Jerusalem to worship?. A. He made two golden calves, and placed one

in Dan and the other in Beth-el. 1 Kings xii,

28, 29. Q. What did this thing become ? A. It became a sin; for the people went to wor

ship before them. 1 Kings xii, 30. Q. Where had Jeroboam seen such idols ? A. In Egypt, when he fled from Solomon. Q. Whom did God send to prophesy against these altars? A. A man of God. 1 Kings xiï, 1. l. What did he foretell ? A. The destruction of them and of their priests

by King Josiah. 1 Kings xiii, 2. Q. Did Jeroboam repent of his sin? A. He did not. 1 Kings xiii, 33. Q. What was the consequence ? A. The Lord cut off his house, and destroyed it

from the face of the earth. 1 Kings xiii, 34. Q. What was the course of Judah under Rehoboam? A. They did evil in the sight of the Lord.

1 Kings xiv, 22. Q. Of what were they guilty ? A. Of the sin of idolatry. 1 Kings xiv, 23.

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