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Q. Who came against them ?
A. The king of Egypt. 1 Kings xiv, 25.
Q. What ravages did he make?
Ă. He took away the treasures of the temple

and of the king's house. 1 Kings xiv, 26.
Q. How long did Rehoboam reign ?
A. Seventeen years. 1 Kings xiv, 21.

Elijah the Tighbite.


Question. What prophet of the Lord lived in the days of

Ahab? Answer. Elijah. 1 Kings xvii, 1. Q. What message did the Lord send by him to Ahab? A. That there should not be dew nor rain upon

the earth those years, but according to his

word. Q. Whither did the Lord direct him to go? Ă. To the brook Cherith, by the river Jordan.

1 Kings xvii, 3. Q. How was he nourished there? A. The ravens brought him bread and flesh to

eat, and he drank of the brook. 1 Kings

xvii, 6. Q. When the brook dried up, where did the Lord direct

him to go?
A. To Zarephath. 1 Kings xvii, 9.
Q. Whom had the Lord commanded to sustain him?
A. A widow woman.

Q. When he came to the gate of the city, how did he find

the woman engaged !
A. Gathering sticks. 1 Kings xvii, 10.
Q. What did he say to her?
A. Fetch me a little water that I


drink. Q. As she was going, for what else did he ask? Ă. A morsel of bread. 1 Kings xvii, 11. Q. What did she say? Ă. As the Lord liveth, I have not a cake.

1 Kings xvii, 12. Q. What did she say she had ? A. A handful of meal in a barrel, and a little

oil in a cruse. Q. What was she then doing? A. Gathering a few sticks to dress it for herself

and son, that they might eat of it and die.

1 Kings xvii, 12. Q. What did Elijah say to her? A. Fear not; do as thou hast said ; but make

me first a cake. 1 Kings xvii, 13. Q. What promise did he make her? A. Thus saith the Lord, The barrel of meal

shall not waste; neither shall the cruse of

oil fail. 1 Kings xvii, 14. Q. Did she obey? X. She did. 1 Kings xvii, 15. Q. What was the result? Ă. She, and he, and her house did eat many


Q. What great affliction befell this widow after this? A. Her son fell sick and died. 1 Kings xvii, 17. Q. What did Elijah do with the child ? 4. He carried him into his chamber, and laid him

upon his bed. 1 Kings xvii, 19.

Q. For what did he pray?
Ă. That the child's soul might come again into

him. 1 Kings xvii, 21. Q. Was the prayer answered ? Ă. The Lord heard the voice of Elijah, and the

child revived. 1 Kings xvii, 22. Q. What did the Lord tell Elijah to do after this? A. To show himself to Ahab, for he would send

rain upon the earth. 1 Kings xviii, 1. Q. What was the consequence of the lack of rain in Sa

maria ? A. There was a sore famine there. 1 Kings

xviii, 2. Q. What did Ahab say when he met Elijah ? Ă. Art thou he that troubleth Israel ? 1 Kings

xviii, 17. Q. How did Elijah answer him? A. I have not troubled Israel, but thou and thy

father's house. 1 Kings xviii, 18. Q. How had he done this? A. By forsaking the Lord, and following Baa

lim. Q. What did Elijah desire him to do? A. To call together all Israel, and the four hun

dred and fifty prophets of Baal that eat at

Jezebel's table. 1 Kings xviii, 19. Q What did Elijah say to them when they came together? A, How long halt ye between two opinions ? if

the Lord be God, follow him ; .but if Baal,

then follow him. 1 Kings xvii, 21. Q. What did Elijah propose ? A. That an altar should be built, and a bullock

be laid upon it, and that the God which

answered by fire, should be worshiped as the

true God. i Kings xvii, 24. Q. What did the priests of Baal do? A. They prayed to Baal all day, and cut them

selves with knives; but there was neither

voice nor answer. 1 Kings xviii, 26, 29. Q. When did Elijah pray? A. At the hour of evening sacrifice. Q. What did he pour upon the sacrifice ? A. A great quantity of water. 1 Kings xvii,,

33-35. Q. Why did he do this ? Ă. That they might know that there was no

deception. Q. How did the Lord answer his prayer? A. The fire of the Lord fell and consumed the

sacrifice, the wood, the stones, and the dust, and licked

up all the water. 1 Kings xviii, 38. Q. How were the people affected ? A. They fell on their faces, and said, The Lord,

he is the God. 1 Kings xviii, 39. Q. What did Elijah command them to do to the false pro

phets ? A. To slay them all. 1 Kings xviii, 40. Q. Whom did the Lord command Elijah to appoint as his

successor in the office of prophet after his removal ? A. Elisha. 1 Kings xix, 16. Q. How was Elisha engaged when Elijah called him? A. Plowing. 1 Kings xix, 19. Q. How did Elijah call Elisha to follow him ? A. He cast his mantle on him. Q. What did Elisha do? A. He arose, and went after Elijah. 1 Kings

xix, 21.

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Q. After this, whose vineyard did Ahab covet?
A. Naboth's. 1 Kings xxi, 1.
Q. Why was not Naboth willing to sell it to Ahab?
A. Because it had been the inheritance of his

fathers. 1 Kings xxi, 3.
Q. Who devised a plan for his obtaining the vineyard

? A. Jezebel, the wicked wife of Ahab. 1 Kings

xxi, 7. Q. How did she secure this? A. By falsely accusing Naboth of blasphemy,

and having him stoned to death. 1 Kings

xxi, 8–14. Q. What word did the Lord send to Ahab by Elijah ? A. In the place where dogs licked the blood of

Naboth, shall dogs lick thy blood. 1 Kings

xxi, 19. Q. What became of Ahab? A. He was slain in battle by the Syrians.

1 Kings xxii, 34.
Q. Where were his bloody chariot and armor washed ?
X. In Samaria. 1 Kings xxii, 38.
Q. What happened then

? Ă. The dogs licked up his blood, as had been

foretold by Elijah. Q. Who was now king of Judah ? X. Jehoshaphat, the son of Asa. 1 Kings

xxii, 41.
Q. How long did he reign ?

Twenty-five years. 1 Kings xxii, 42.
What was his character ?

He was a good king. 1 Kings xxii, 43.
Who succeeded Ahab as king of Israel?
Ahaziah, his son. 1 Kings xxii, 51.

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