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The Temptation-Cain and - Abel.

Question. Who tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God ?
Answer. The serpent.
Q. What did the serpent say of the command of God, that

they should not eat of the tree of knowledge ? A He contradicted the word of God, saying,

Ye shall not surely die." Chap. iii, 4.

Q. Who was the serpent?
A. Satan, who took upon himself the form of a

Q. Who first yielded to the serpent ?
A. The woman. Verse 6.
Q. When she had eaten, what did she do?
A. She gave it to her husband, and he also

ate. Q. Were both, then, equally guilty ? A. They were. Each one listened to tempta

tion, and disobeyed God. Q. Is Satan still in the world, tempting us to disobey God? A. He is. The apostle Peter saith, Your adversary, the devil

, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter v, 8. Q. How can we escape him? 4. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James iv, 7. Q. How did Adam and Eve feel when they had yielded to

temptation ? A. They were ashamed. Chap. iii, 7-11. Q. Why were they ashamed ? Ă. Because they were guilty. Q. What did they try to do? A. To hide themselves from the face of God. Q. Is it possible ever to escape the notice of God when A. It is not. He sees in the darkness as in the

light, and knows the thoughts of the heart. Q. What did God say to Adam? A. Where art thou? Hast thou eaten of the

tree which I commanded thee not to eat ? Chap. iii, 11.

we sin

Q. What did Adam answer?
A. He acknowledged the sin, but laid the blame

upon Eve. Chap. iii, 12. Q. What answer did Eve give to the Lord ? A. The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

Chap. iii, 13. Q. What curse did God visit upon the serpent? A. Cursed art thou above all cattle, and above

every beast of the field : upon thy belly shalt thou and dust shalt thou eat all the days

of thy life. Chap. iii, 14. Q: What punishments did he inflict upon Adam and Eve ? Ă. He doomed them to hard labor, to sickness,

sorrow, and death. Chap. iii, 16–19. Q. Were they permitted to remain in Eden? A. They were not. He drove them out, and

set a guard of angels at the gate to prevent

their entrance. Chap. iii, 23, 24. Q. What merciful promise did God make to them? Ă. The seed of the woman shall bruise the ser

pent's head. Chap. iii, 15. Q. Who is meant by the seed of the woman? A. Jesus Christ. Q. What by bruising the serpent's head? Ă. He shall destroy the power and works of

the devil. Q. What comfort would this give to the guilty pair? Ă. Believing in this promised Saviour, the sin

which they had committed was forgiven, and

the favor of God restored. Q. What were the names of Adam and Eve's oldest sons ? Ă. Cain and Abel. Chap. iv, 1, 2.

Q. What employments did they follow?
A. Cain cultivated the ground, and Abel was a

Q. What offering did Abel bring to the Lord ?
A. A lamb of his flock. Chap. iv, 4.
Q. What did Cain bring?
Ă. Of the fruits of the ground. Chap. iv, 3.
Q. Whose offering was most acceptable to God?
A. Abel's.
Q. Why was it so ?
Ă. Because God had commanded the offering

of a lamb; Cain was disobedient, and made

his offering in a wrong spirit. Chap. iv, 7. Q. What was represented by this lamb of offering? A. Jesus Christ-the Lamb of God slain from

the foundation of the world. Q. What, then, did Cain's course amount to? A. A rejection of the Saviour. Q. How did Cain feel when he saw his brother approved of

God? A. He was very wroth, and his countenance

fell. Chap. iv, 5. Q: What did God say to him? A. Why art thou angry? If thou doest right,

thou shalt be accepted. Chap. iv, 7.
Q. What did Cain afterwards do to Abel ?
Ă. He killed him. Chap. iv, 8.
2. Who saw him?
A. God.
Q. What did God ask him?
A. Where is thy brother Abel ? 'Chap. iv, 9.
Q. Did he confess his sin ?
A. He did not.

Question, Did Adam and Eve have any other children besides 18 CHILD'S LESSON-BOOK. Q. What punishment did God inflict upon him? A. He doomed him to be a wanderer and a vagabond in the earth, and to bear upon

his forehead a mark of God's disapprobation.

Chap. iv, 12-15. Q. What have we learned in this lesson ? A. The dreadful consequences of sin. Q. What has come upon all our race through sin ? A. All our toils and afflictions, and, chief of all, universal death of the body.


The Flood. Cain and Inswer. They did : Seth and others, whose names are not given in the Bible. Chap. v, 3.



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