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Q. What is said of him ?
A. He did evil in the sight of the Lord, and

provoked to anger the Lord God of Israel.

i Kings xxii, 52, 53. Q. Who accompanied Elijah when he was about to be taken

into heaven? A. Elisha. 2 Kings ii, 1. Q. When they came to the Jordan, what took place? A. Elijah took his mantle, and wrapt it to

gether, and smote the water. 2 Kings i, 8. Q. What then took place? Ă. The waters were divided, and they passed

over on dry ground. Q. What did Elijah then ask Elisha ? A. What he should do for him before he was

taken away. 2 Kings i, 9. Q. What answer did Elisha make ? Ă. Let a double portion of thy spirit be upon


Q. How should Elisha know that his request was granted ? A. If he saw Elijah when he was taken up.

2 Kings i, 10. Q. What then appeared as they talked together? A. A chariot, and horses of fire. 2 Kings i, 11. Q. What became of Elijah ? A. He went up by a whirlwind into heaven. Q. Did Elisha behold him ? A. He did. 2 Kings i, 12. Q. What did he say? A. My father, my father, the chariot of Israel

and the horsemen thereof!

Q. What did he do with Elijah's mantle?
Ă. He smote the river. 2 Kings i, 14.
Q. What then took place?
A. The waters parted, and he went over.
Q. What did the sons of the prophets say when they saw

him? A. The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha.

2 Kings i, 15.


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Question. Who met Elisha as he was going up from Jericho

to Beth-el? Answer. A company of children. 2 Kings ii, 23. Q. What did they do and say to him? A. They mocked him, and said, Go


thou bald head. Q. What judgment did the Lord visit upon them for this? A. There came forth two bears out of the wood

and tare forty-two children of them. 2 Kings

ii, 24. Q. Who was now the king of Israel? A. Jehoram, another son of Ahab. 2 Kings

iii, 1. Q. What was his character? A. He was an idolater, but not so wicked as his

father and mother. 2 Kings iii, 2. Q. How long did he reign? .

A. Twelve years.

phets ?

Q. Who rebelled against Israel ?
Ă. Moab. 2 Kings iii, 4.
Q. To whom did Jehoram send for aid against Moab?
A. To Jehoshaphat, king of Judah. 2 Kings

iii, 7.
Q. What did the two armies lack while on the march?
Ă. Water. 2 Kings iii, 9.
Q. Who was sent for?
Ă. Elisha. 2 Kings iii, 11.
Q. What did he command them to do?
Ă. To make the valley full of ditches. 2 Kings

iii, 16. Q. What happened in the morning ? Ă. Without wind or rain, the valley was filled

with water. 2 Kings üži, 20. Q. What affliction had befallen a widow of one of the proA. A creditor had come to take her sons as

bondmen for a debt she could not pay.

2 Kings iv, 1. Q. Of whom did she seek relief? A. Of Elisha. Q. What did he tell her to do? Ă. To borrow of her neighbors all the empty

vessels she could obtain. 2 Kings iv, 3. Q. What should she then do? A. Pour into them from the little pot of oil

which she had. 2 Kings iv, 4. Q. What was the result ? A. She poured until all the vessels were full.

2 Kings iv, 6. Q. What did Elisha tell her to do? A. To sell the oil, and pay the debt, and live

upon the remainder. 2 Kings iv, 7..

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Q. When Elisha once came to Shunem, what did a woman

press him to do?
A To eat bread. 2 Kings iv, 8.
Q. What afterward happened?
A. Whenever he


he tarried for the same purpose. Q. What did she provide for him? Ă. A little chamber. 2 Kings iv, 10. Q. What did she put into it? A.- A bed, a table, a stool, and a candlestick. Q. What afterward happened

to her son ? A. He was taken sick, and died in his mother's

arms. 2 Kings iv, 20. Q. What did she do with him ? A. She laid him on the bed of Elisha, the man

of God. 2 Kings iv, 21.

2. Whither did she then go? Ă. To Mount Carmel to see Elisha. 2 Kings

iv, 25. Q. When he saw her coming, whom did he send to meet

her ? 1. His servant Gehazi. 2 Kings iv, 25. Q. What did he tell him to ask her? A. Is it well with thee? is it well with thy hus

band ? is it well with the child ? 2 Kings

iv, 26. Q. What answer did she give him? A. It is well. Q. When Elisha learned that her son was dead, what did

he do? A. He followed her to her house. 2 Kings

iv, 32. Q. What then happened ? A. He went into the chamber, and prayed unto

the Lord, and laid himself upon the child.

2 Kings iv, 33, 34. Q. What was the result? A. The child lived again, and Elisha gave him

to his mother. 2 Kings iv, 35. Q. Who was the captain at this time of the Syrian army? Ă. Naaman. 2 Kings v, 1. Q. With what disease was he troubled ? Ă. The leprosy. Q. How did he hear of Elisha ? A. From a little Hebrew maid whom he had taken

captive. 2 Kings v, 2. Q. What had she said ? A. That the prophet of the Lord in Samaria

could heal him. 2 Kings v, 3.

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