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Q. To whom did the king of Syria send a letter?
Ă. To the king of Israel. 2 Kings v, 5.
Q. What did he desire him to do?
Ă. To heal his servant Naaman. 2 Kings v, 6.
Q. How did this affect the king of Israel?
Ă. He was greatly surprised, and said, Am I

God, to kill and make alive? 2 Kings v, 7.
Q. What did he conclude was the intention of the letter?
A. To find some cause for a quarrel between

them. Q. What did Elisha say when he heard of it? A. Let him come to me, and he shall know that

there is a prophet in Israel. 2 Kings v, 8. Q. When he came, what word did Elisha send him? A. That he should go and wash seven times in

Jordan. 2 Kings v, 10. Q. How was Naaman affected by this? Ă. He was wroth. 2 Kings v, 11. Q. What did he suppose the prophet would do ? A. That he would come out to him, and call

upon God, and heal him at once. Q. What did his servants advise him to do? Ă. To obey the prophet. 2 Kings v, 13. Q. When he had done so, what happened ? Å. He was healed of his leprosy. 2 Kings v, 14. Q. What did he then urge Elisha to take? A. A rich present. 2 Kings v, 15. Q. Did Elisha consent? A. He did not. 2 Kings v, 16. Q. When Gehazi saw that his master refused, what did

he do? A. He went out secretly after Naaman. 2 Kings

V, 20, 21.

Q. What did he tell to obtain a gift?
A. A falsehood. 2 Kings v, 21,

Q. Who knew of his sin ?
A. The prophet of the Lord. 2 Kings v, 26.
Q. What punishment was visited upon him?
A. He was smitten with leprosy. 2 Kings v, 27.

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LESSON XXXV. The Kings of Judah and Israel.*


Question. Who came up to besiege Samaria ?
Answer. Benhadad, king of Syria. 2 Kings

vi, 24. * Chapters on Scripture history may be taught or omitted according to the capacity of the class. Greater length has been allowed on some of these chapters for the sake of keeping up a continuous outline of facts.-ED.

Q. What was in Samaria ?
A. A great famine. 2 Kings vi, 25.
Q. How severe was the distress ?
A. Some were driven to eat their own children,

2 Kings vi, 28, 29. Q. At the height of the famine, what did Elisha tell the

king of Syria ? d. That on the morrow there should be an

abundance of food. 2 Kings vii, 1. Q. What did a great lord say ? Ă. If God would make windows in heaven it

might be. 2 Kings vii, 2. Q. What did Elisha tell him? Å. That he should see it with his eyes, but not

eat thereof. Q. Who were sitting at the gate of the city? A. Four lepers. 2 Kings vii, 3. Q. What did they conclude to do? Ă. To go over to the enemy's camp. 2 Kings

vii, 4. Q. When they came there, what did they find ? A. The camp deserted, and the provisions left

behind. 2 Kings vii, 5. Q. What had happened? Ă. The Lord had made the Syrians hear a

noise of a great host, and they had fled. in

confusion. 2 Kings vii, 6. Q. What did the lepers do? 4. They ran, and told the inhabitants of the

city. 2 Kings vii, 10. Q. What did they do? A. They came out, and spoiled the camp of the

Syrians. 2 Kings vii, 16.

Q. What happened to the lord who had doubted the prophet's word? A. The people trode upon him as they rushed

out of the gate of the city. 2 Kings vii, 20. Q. Who succeeded Jehoshaphat as king of Judah ? A. His son Jehoram. 2 Kings viii, 16. Q. What was his character ? A. He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel.

2 Kings viii, 18. Q. Who was his wife? A. A daughter of Ahab. Q. How long did he reign? A. Eight years. 2 Kings viii, 17, Q. Who was his successor? 4. Abaziah his son, 2 Kings viii, 25. Q. How long did he reign ? A. But one year. 2. What is said of him? A. He did evil in the sight of the Lord. 2 Kings

viii, 27. Q. With whom did he unite in war? A. With Joram, king of Israel. 2 Kings viii, 28. Q. On what occasion did he visit him? A. When he was sick. 2 Kings viii, 29. Q. Whom did Elisha, by the command of God, anoint king

of Israel? A. Jehu. 2 Kings ix, 2, 3. Q. What did he command him to do? Å. To smite the house of Ahab. 2 Kings ix, 7. Q. When Joram and Ahaziah, king of Judah, came in a

chariot to meet Jehu, what did he do? A. He smote Joram through the heart, and

commanded his followers to do the same to King Ahaziah. 2 Kings ix, 24, 27.

Q. What did Jehu do with Jezebel ?
A. He commanded his servants to throw her

from her palace. 2 Kings ix, 33. Q. What became of her? X. The dogs eat her body, according to the

word of God by Elijah. 2 Kings ix, 36. Q. Whom did Jehu destroy?. Ă. All the priests of Baal and all the sons of

Ahab. 2 Kings x, 11. Q. Did Jehu remain faithful to God? Ă. He fell into the sins of Jeroboam. 2 Kings

X, 29.

Q. How long did he reign ?
A. Twenty-eight years. 2 Kings x, 36.
Q. When Athaliah saw that her son Ahaziah was dead, what's

did she do? A. She destroyed all his brothers but Joash.

2 Kings xi, i. Q. Who saved him? Ă. His aunt. 2 Kings xi, 2. Q. What was the character of Athaliah ? A. She was a wicked and idolatrous woman. Q. When Joash was seven years old, what did Jehoiada the

priest do? A. He brought him forth to the people. 2 Kings

xi, 12.
Q. What did they do with Athaliah ?
A. They slew her. 2 Kings xi, 16.
Q. How long did Joash reign ?

Forty years. 2 Kings xii, 1.
at is said of him?

did that which was right in the sight of Lord. 2 Kings xii, 2.

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