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Q. Who succeeded him? A. Amaziah, his son. 2 Kings xü, 21. Q. Who followed Jehu as king of Israel? Ă. His son Jehoahaz, 2 Kings xiii, 1. Q. What was his character ? A. He was a very wicked king. 2 Kings xiii, 2 Q. Whom did the Lord bring against Israel ? A. The king of Syria. 2 Kings xiii, 3. Q. How long did Jehoakaz reign ? A. Seventeen years. 2 Kings xiii, 1. Q. Who followed him ? A. His son Jehoash. Q. Was he like his father ? A. He was. 2 Kings xii, 11. Q. How long was he king? A. Sixteen years. 2 Kings xii, 10. Q. Who was his successor ? A. Jeroboam, his son. 2 Kings xiii, 13. Q. Who now died ? A. The prophet Elisha. 2 Kings xiii, 20. Q. What happened some time afterward when a dead man

was placed upon his bones ? A. The dead man revived, and stood up again.

2 Kings xiii, 21. Q. How long did Amaziah, the son of Joash, reign over

Judah? 1. Twenty-nine years. 2 Kings xiv, 2. Q. What was his character ? A. He was a good king. 2 Kings xiv, 3. Q. What befell him? A. He was slain in a conspiracy. 2 Kings xiv,

19, 20. Q. What did the people of Judah do? A. They made Azariah, his son, king. 2 Kings

xiv, 21.


Q. How long did he reign?
A. Fifty-two years. 2 Kings xv, 2.
Q. What is said of him?
Ă. He did that which was right in the sight of

the Lord. 2 Kings xv, 3.
Q. What happened to him in his old age ?
Ă. He became a leper. 2 Kings xv, 5.
Q. Who reigned in his stead ?
A. Jotham his son.
Q. Who succeeded Jeroboam over Israel ?
Ă. Zachariah, his son. 2 Kings xv, 8.
Q. What was his character ?
X. He was a wicked king. 2 Kings xv, 9.
Q. What was his end ?
A. He was slain in a conspiracy by Shallum.

2 Kings xv, 10.
Q. How long had he reigned?
A. Only six months.
Q. Of whom was he the last descendant?
X. Of Jehu. 2 Kings xv, 12.
Q. How long did Shallum reign?
Ă. Thirty days. 2 Kings xv, 13.
Q. What became of him?
A. He was slain by Menahem, who reigned ten

years. 2 Kings xv, 14, 17.
R. Was he any better than his predecessors ?
X. He was not. 2 Kings xv, 18.
Q. To whom did he become tributary?
Ă. To the king of Assyria. 2 Kings xv, 19.
Q. Who followed him ?
A. His son Pekahiah, who reigned but two

years. 2 Kings xv, 22, 23.

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Q. What do we know of him?
A. Only that he did evil in the sight of the

Lord. 2 Kings xv, 24.
Q. What became of him?
A. He was slain by Pekah, one of his generals.

2 Kings xv, 25.
Q. How long did he reign ?
A. Twenty years. 2 Kings xv, 27.
Q. Like whom was he?
À. Like to Jeroboam in his sin. 2 Kings xv,

28. Q. What became of him? Å. He fell by the hand of Hoshea, who reigned

in his stead. 2 Kings xv, 30. Q. Who succeeded Jotham as king of Judah ? Å, Ahaz. 2 Kings xvi, 1. Q. What is said of him ? A. He walked in the ways of the kings of Is

rael. 2 Kings xvi, 3. Q. Of what especial sin was he guilty? A. He made his son pass through the fire to an

idol. Q. What did he place in the temple? Ă. An idolatrous altar. 2 Kings xvi, 11, 16. Q. Who succeeded Ahaz? Ă. His son Hezekiah. 2 Kings xvi, 20. Q. Who came against Hoshea, king of Israel ? A. Shalmaneser, king of Assyria. 2 Kings

xvii, 3. Q. How long did he besiege Samaria? A. Three years. 2 Kings xvii, 5., Q. What then happened? A. He took Samaria, and carried Israel away

captive into Assyria. 2 Kings xvii, 6.

Q. Why did the Lord permit this?
A. On account of their sins. 2 Kings xvii, 7.
Q. Whom had the Lord sent to warn them?
À. Numerous prophets. 2 Kings xvii, 13.
Q. Would they hear them ?
A. They would not, but hardened their necks.

2 Kings xvii, 14. Q. Whom did the king of Assyria place in their cities? A. Men from Babylon and other cities of As

syria. 2 Kings xvii, 24. Q. What was their character? A. They feared not the Lord. 2 Kings xvii, 25. Q. What did he send among them? A. Lions, which slew some of them. Q. Whom did they desire the king of Assyria to send them? Ă. One of the priests of Israel. 2 Kings

xvii, 26. Q. For what purpose ? A. To teach them the manner of the God of the

land. Q. What is said of their course after this? A. They feared the Lord, and served their own

gods. 2 Kings xvii, 33. Q. What were these people called in our Saviour's day? A. Samaritans.


Good King Hezekiah—Captibity in Babylon.


Question. Who succeeded Ahaz as king of Judah ?
Answer. Hezekiah. 2 Kings xviii, 1.
Q. How long did he reign?
A. Twenty-nine years. 2 Kings xviii, 2.
Q. What is said of this king?
A. He did that which was right in the sight of

the Lord, according to all that David his fa

ther did. 2 Kings xviii, 3. Q. Who was with him? Ă. The Lord was with him, and he prospered

whithersoever he went. 2 Kings xviii, 7. Q. Who came up against him in his fourteenth year? A. Sennacherib, king of Assyria. 2 Kings

xviii, 13. Q. What was the name of the captain of his host? Ă. Rab-shakeh. 2 Kings xviii, 19. Q. What did he cry out to the people of Jerusalem ? A. Let not Hezekiah deceive you, saying, The

Lord will surely deliver us. 2 Kings xviii,

29, 30. Q. What did he say of other countries ? A. Hath any of the gods of the nations delivered

at all his 'land out of the hand of the king of

Assyria? 2 Kings xviii, 33. Q. What did Hezekiah do when he heard it? A. He went into the house of the Lord and

prayed. 2 Kings xix, 1.

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