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Q. Who were also raised to office by his request ?
Ă. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. Dan.

ii, 49.
Q. What did the king after this set up?
A. A golden image. Dan. iii, 1.
Q. What did he command all the people to do?
Ă. To fall down and worship it. Dan. iii, 6.
Q. What did he say should be done with those who refused

to do so?
A. They should be cast into a burning fiery

furnace. Q. Who dared to disobey the king's command ? Ă. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. Dan.

iii, 12. Q. When the king asked them why they disobeyed, what

did they say?
A. We are not careful to answer thee in this

matter. Dan. iii, 16.
Q. Who did they say was able to deliver them?
A. Their God. Dan. iii, 17.
Q. What was done with the three young men?
A. They were thrown into the burning furnace.

Dan. iii, 19, 21.
Q. What happened to those that cast them in?
A. The flames slew them.
Q. As Nebuchadnezzar looked into the furnace, what did
he see?
A. Four men walking in the midst unhurt.

Dan. iii, 25.
Q. What was the form of the fourth ?
A. Like unto the Son of God.
Q. What did he then say to them ?
Ă. Ye servants of the Most High God, come

forth. Dan. iii, 26.

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Q. When they came forth, how did they appear?
A. Not a hair of their heads was singed, neither

had the smell of fire passed upon them. Dan.

iii, 27. Q. Who interpreted another dream for Nebuchadnez

zar? A. Daniel.

Q. What was the interpretation of it?
A. That he should be driven from among men,

and eat grass like the beasts of the field. Dan.

iv, 25. Q. How long should this continue? A. For seven years. Q. A year after this, while walking in his palace, what did Nebuchadnezzar say to himself? A. Is not this great Babylon that I have built ?

Dan. iv, 30.

Q. What then occurred ?
Å. The vision was fulfilled, and he became as a

beast. Dan. iv, 33. Q. When his understanding returned, what did he do? A. He blessed the King of heaven. Dan. iv, 37


The Lions' Ben.


Question. What king made an impious feast unto his lords ?
Answer. Belshazzar. Dan. v, 1.
Q. What did he command to be brought forth?
A. The golden and silver vessels taken from the

temple of the Lord. Dan. v, 2.
Q. By whom had they been brought to Babylon ?
A. By his father Nebuchadnezzar.
Q. What was done with the vessels?
A. The king, his princes, his wives, and his con-

cubines, drank in them. Dan. v, 3. Q. What happened while they were drinking ? A. The finger of a man's hand was seen, writing

upon the wall. Dan. v, 5. Q. How was Belshazzar affected ? A. His countenance changed, his thoughts trou.

bled him, and his knees smote one against

another. Dan. v, 6. Q. For whom did he call? A. For the astrologers and Chaldeans. Dan.

Q. Could they interpret the writing?
A. They could not. Dan. v, 8.
Q. Of whom did the queen speak to the king ?
A. Of Daniel. Dan. v, 11.
Q. What did she say of him ?
A. That he had great wisdom.
Q. When Daniel had been called, what did he tell the king

was the cause of God's anger against him? A. Because he had lifted himself up against the

Lord of heaven, and had drunk wine out of the holy vessels. Dan. v, 23. Q. What did he say the writing was upon the wall? A. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. Dan. v, 25. Q. What is the meaning of Mene? A. God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finish

ed it. Dan. v, 26. Q. What of Tekel ? A. Thou art weighed in the balances, and found

wanting. Dan. v, 27. Q. What of Peres? A. Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the

Medes and Persians. Dan. V, 28. Q. Are Peres and Upharsin probably the same ? A. They are. Q. What happened that night? A. Belshazzar was slain, and Darius the Me

dian took the kingdom. Dan. v, 30, 31. Q. What appointment did he give to Daniel ? A. First president over the princes of the king

dom. Dan. vi, 1, 2. Q. Why was he placed in this high office ? A. Because an excellent spirit was in him. Dan.

Q. What did the princes seek to find ?
A. Some occasion against Daniel. Dan. vi, 4.
Q. Why could they not succeed?
A. Because there was neither error nor fault in

him. Q. What was the only thing about which they thought they

might accuse him? A. The law of his God. Dan. vi, 5. Q. What decree did they suade King Darius to sign ? A. A decree that any one that should ask a

petition of any god or man, except Darius, within thirty days, should be cast into the

den of lions. Dan. vi, 7. Q. What did Daniel do when he knew this? A. He prayed three times a day, with his win

dows open, as he had done aforetime. Dan.

vi, 10. Q. What did the princes do? A. They told the king, and insisted on his being

thrown to the lions. Dan. vi, 13. Q. How did the king feel? A. He was displeased with himself. Dan. vi, 14. Q. Why? A. Because he had suffered himself to make

such a decree. Q. What did he labor to do? A. To deliver Daniel. Q. When he found he could not, what did he say to him ? A. Thy God, whom thou servest continually,

he will deliver thee. Dan. vi, 16. Q. What did they then do with Daniel ? A. They cast him into the lions' den.. Dan.

vi, 16.

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