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Q. How did the king pass the night?
A. Sleepless and fasting. Dan. vi, 18.
Q. Where did he go early in the morning?
A. To the den of lions. Dan. vi, 19.

Q. What did he cry out?
Ă. O Daniel, servant of the living God, is thy

God able to deliver thee from the lions ?

Dan. vi, 20. Q. What answer did Daniel make? A. My God hath sent his angel, and shut the

lions' mouths, that they have not hurt me.

Dan. vi, 22. Q. How was the king affected ? A. He was exceeding glad. Dan. vi, 23. Q. What did he command to be done to the accusers of

Daniel ?
A. That they should be cast into the den of

lions. Dan. vi, 24.
Q. What then happened?
A. They were destroyed at once.
Q. What was the condition of Daniel after this?
A. Prosperous. Dan, vi, 28.


The Minor Prophets.



Question. By what title are the remaining prophetical books

distinguished ? Answer. The minor prophets. Q. Why are they so called? A. They are much shorter than the first four. Q. When did Hosea prophesy? A. About eight hundred years before Christ.

Q. Who is he supposed to have been?
A. An Israelite, living in the kingdom of Sa-

Q. To whom do his prophecies chiefly refer?
A. To the ten tribes.
Q. When is Joel supposed to have prophesied ?
4. About the same period as Hosea.
Q. To whom are his predictions addressed ?
A. To the kingdom of Judah.
Q. What does he foretell?
A. The destruction of Jerusalem, and the glo-

rious state of the Church finally. Q. Of what town was Amos a native? A. Tekoa, a small town south of Jerusalem. Q. When did he prophesy? Ă. At about the same period as Hosea and

Q. When did Obadiah live?
A. Nearly six hundred years before Christ.
Q. When is it supposed he delivered his prophecy?
A. Just after the destruction of Jerusalem.
Q. What is his principal subject?
A. The destruction of Edom.
Q. Of what place was Jonah a native?
A. Gath-hepher, in the tribe of Zebulon, after-

ward a part of Galilee.
Q. When did he live?
A. Eight hundred years before Christ.

directed by the Lord to do? A. To


cry against Nineveh. Jonah i, 2. Q. Of what country was Nineveh the capital? A. Of Assyria.

hat was

Q. What did Jonah do?
A. He rose up to flee from the presence of the

Lord. Jonah i, 3.
Q. Where did he attempt to go in a ship?
A. From Joppa to Tarshish.
Q. What did the Lord send upon them?
A. A mighty tempest. Jonah i, 4.
Q. What did the mariners do?
A. They cried to their gods, and cast into the

sea the lading of the ship. Jonah i, 5. Q. Where was Jonah ? Ă. Asleep. Q. What did they say to him ? A. O sleeper, arise, call upon thy God, that we

perish not. Jonah i, 6. Q. What did they propose to do? A. To cast lots to know for whose cause the

evil had come upon them. Jonah i, 7. Q. Upon whom did the lot fall ? A. Upon Jonah. Q. What did he tell them to do with him ? A. To cast him into the sea. Jonah i, 12. Q. Why? Ă. Because, for his disobedience the tempest

had come upon them. Q. What happened when they had done so? Ă. The sea ceased from her raging. Jonah

i, 15.
Q. What had the Lord prepared to swallow up Jonah?
A. A great fish. Jonah i, 17.
Q. How long did Jonah remain in the fish?
A. Three days and three nights.

Q. What did Jonah do here?
A. He prayed unto the Lord his God. Jonah

ii,'1. Q. What then occurred ? A. The Lord spake unto the fish, and it cast

out Jonah upon the dry land. Jonah ii, 10. Q. What command was then repeated ? A. To go to Nineveh, and preach unto it. Jonah

iii, 2. Q. Did he now obey ? A. He did. Jonah iii, 3. Q. What did he cry as he passed through the city ? A. Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be over

thrown. Jonah iii, 4. Q. What did the people do? A. They proclaimed a fast, and put on sack

cloth, from the least to the greatest. Jonah

iii, 5. Q. When God saw "heir repentance, what did he do? A. He did not visit the evil upon them that he

said he would do unto them. Jonah iii, 10. Q. How did this affect Jonah ? A. He was displeased. Jonah iv, 1. Q. What did he request ? A. That he might die. Jonah iv, 3. Q. What did Jonah make for himself out of the city? A. A booth. Jonah iv, 5. Q. What did the Lord prepare as a shade for him? A. A gourd. Q. How did it affect Jonah ? A. He was exceeding glad of the gourd. Q. How did the Lord cause it to wither away? A. He prepared a worm to destroy it. Jonah

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