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Q. How long were they in rebuilding the wall?
A. Fifty-two days. Neh. vi, 15.
Q. How were their enemies affected when the work was

finished ? A. They were much cast down in their own

eyes. Neh. vi, 16.




Question. Who was Ahasuerus ?
Answer. King of Persia.
Q. What was his queen's name?
A. Vashti. Esther i, 9.
Q. What punishment did she receive for disobedience ?
A. She was not allowed to be queen. Esther

i, 19. Q. Who was made queen in her place ? 4. Esther. Esther ii, 17. Q. Of what nation was Esther? A. Of the Jewish nation. Q. What was she? 1. An orphan-her father and mother were

dead. Esther ii, 7. Q. Who had brought her up? A. Her cousin Mordecai. Q. What favor had Mordecai done for the king ? X. He had discovered a conspiracy against his

life. Esther ii, 21, 22.

Q. Where had the account of the matter been written?
A. In a book of records kept for the king.

Esther ü, 23.
Q. Whom did Ahasuerus promote to great honor ?
A. Haman. Esther üi, 1.
Q. What respect did the king's servants show him?
A. They bowed and reverenced him. Esther

iii, 2. Q. Who would not do him reverence? A. Mordecai. Q. How did this affect Haman? Ă. He was full of wrath. Esther iii, 5. Q. What did he determine to do? 1. To destroy all the Jews throughout the

kingdom of Ahasuerus. Esther iii, 6. Q. What did he persuade the king to make ? A. A decree for their destruction. Esther iii,

12-15. Q. When Mordecai saw what was done, what did he do? A. He rent his clothes, and cried with a loud

and bitter cry. Esther iv, 1. Q. What did he direct Esther to do? X. To go in to the king, and make supplication

for her people. Esther iv, 8. Q. What did Esther desire Mordecai to do? A. To gather together all the Jews in the city,

and fast and pray for her for three days and

nights. Esther iv, 16. Q. What did the king do when Esther went in to him? Ă. He held out his golden sceptre. Esther

V, 2.

2. Of what was that a mark? 1. That her request would be graciously ro


V, 14.

Q. What did he say to her?
A. What wilt thou, Queen Esther ? Esther

V, 3.
Q. What did she request?
A. That he would come with Haman to a ban-

quet which she had prepared. Esther v, 4. Q. How was Haman affected by this? A. He went forth joyful with a glad heart.

Esther v, 9. Q. What enraged him ? A. Mordecai again refused to do him reverence. Q. What did Haman build by the advice of his wife? X. A gallows, fifty cubits high, to hang Mordecai upon.

Esther Q. What did Esther request a second time? A. That the king and Haman should come again

to a banquet she had prepared. Esther v, 8. Q. What would she do then? A. Make her desire known unto the king. Q. What happened that night? A. The king could not sleep. Esther vi, 1. Q. What did he command his servants to read to him? A. The book of records. Q. What did they read about? A. The conspiracy that Mordecai discovered.

Esther vi, 2. Q. What did the king determine to do? A. To make him a suitable reward. Q. What question did he ask of Haman? A. What shall be done unto the man whom the

king delighteth to honor ? Esther vi, 6. Q. Whom did Haman think the king meant? A. Himself.

Q. What did he answer ?
A. Let him put on the royal apparel, and the

crown-royal, and ride upon the king's horse.

Esther vi, 8, 9. Q. What else should be done for him? A. A noble prince should bring him through

the streets of the city, and say, Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth

to honor. Q. What did the king command him to do? X. To take Mordecai, and bestow upon him this

honor. Esther vi, 10. Q. When the king and Haman came to the banquet, what

did Esther request? A. That her life, and the life of her people,

might be given her. Esther vi, 3.




Question. Where did Job live?
Answer. In the land of Uz. Job i, 1.
Q. Where was Uz?
A. In the northern part of Arabia.
Q. When is it supposed he lived ?
A. About the time of Abraham.
Q. What was his character?
A. He was perfect and upright.
Q. How many children had he?
1. Seven sons and three daughters. Job i, 2.

Q. What is said of his wealth ?
A. He was the greatest of all the men of the

East. Job i, 3.
Q. For whose religious welfare did he labor ?
A. For his children. Job i, 5.
Q. What did Satan say was the reason that Job feared

God? A. Because God had blessed the work of his

hands, and increased his substance. Job i, 10. Q. What did he say Job would do if the Lord should take

away his possessions? A. Curse God to his face. Job i, 11. Q. What permission did the Lord give to Satan? Ă. Behold, all that he hath is in thy power.

Job i, 12. Q. What then happened? Ă. All his children were killed, and his property

was destroyed. Job i, 13–19. Q. What did Job do? A. He fell upon the ground, and worshiped

God. Job i, 20. Q. What did he say? A. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken

away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Job i, 21. Q. What now did Satan say to the Lord ? A. That if God should touch his body with dis

ease, he would curse him. Job ïi, š. Q. What did the Lord answer Satan? A. Behold he is in thy hand; but save his

life. Job ii, 6. Q. With what did Satan smite Job? A. With sore boils, from his head to his feet

Job ii, 7.

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