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Q. How old was Adam when he died ? 4. Nine hundred and thirty years. Chap. v, 5. Q. What was the name of the oldest son of Seth ? A. Enos. Chap. v, 6. : Q. How old was Seth when he plied ? 4. Nine hundred and twelve years. Chap. V, 8. Q. What are the names of the other patriarchs before the

flood ? A. Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methu

selah, Lamech, and Noah. Chap. v, 9-32. Q. What is the meaning of patriarch? Ă. The head, or ruler of a family. Q. Which of the patriarchs is noted for his piety? A. Enoch, who walked with God. Chap. V, 24. Q. What became of him? Ă. He was taken to heaven without dying. Q. Who was the oldest of the patriarchs? A. Methuselah. Q. How old' was he when he died X. Nine hundred and sixty-nine years. Chap.

V, 27.

2. In whose days did the flood happen?
A. In the days of Noah.
Q. Why did God bring a flood upon the earth ?
X. Because the wickedness of man was very

great. Chap. vi, 5.
Q: Who found favor in the eyes of the Lord ?
A. Noah.
Q. Why did God approve him?
A. Because he was a just man, and walked

With God. Chap. vi, 9.
Q. What were the names of Noah's sons?'.
A. Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Chap. vi, 10.

Q. What did the Lord tell Noah to make?
A. A great ark. Chap. vi, 14.
Q. What is an ark?
A. A large covered ship.
Q. How long was he probably building it?
Å. One hundred and twenty years.
Q. At the end of this time what did God command him

to do?
A. To go into the ark. Chap. vii, 1.
Q. Whom should be take with him?
A. His wife, and his three sons, with their

wives. Chap. vi, 18. Q. What else should he take with them? A. A pair of all the different kinds of beasts

and fowls. Chap. vii, 2, 3. Q. How long did the flood continue? A. Forty days. Chap. vii, 17. Q. What became of the ark? Ă. It was borne up, and floated upon the wa

ters. Chap. vii, 17. Q. How high did the waters rise ? X. Above the tops of the highest mountains.

Chap. vii, 19, 20. Q. What became of the inhabitants of the earth? A. They all perished in the flood. Chap. vii,

21-23. Q. How long did the waters cover the earth ? Ă. One hundred and fifty days. Chap. vii, 24. Q. Where did the ark rest when the waters were abated ? Ă. On Mount Ararat, in Armenia. Chap. viii, 4. Q. Where is Armenia ? 1. In Asia.

Q. How did Noah find out when the waters were gone?
A. He sent forth a raven and a dove. Chap

viii, 7-12. Q. What did the birds do? A. The raven flew away, but the dove returned

with an olive-leaf in her mouth, showing that

the waters were dried off from the earth. Q. How long was Noah in the ark ? A. About a year. Q. What did Noah and his family do when they came out

of the ark? A. They erected an altar, and worshiped God.

Chap. viii, 20. Q. What did God promise them? A. That the world should never again be de

stroyed with a flood. Chap. ix, 11. Q. What token did the Lord give to confirm this promise ? A. He caused the rainbow to appear in the

clouds. Chap. ix, 13. Q. How old was Noah when he died ? Ă. Nine hundred and fifty years. Chap. ix, 29.


LESSON V. Cover of Wabel-Call of Abraham-- Eestruction of


GEN. XI-XIX. Question. Did the inhabitants of the earth at first speak

in as many different tongues as now? Answer. They did not; but the whole earth

was of one language and one speech. Chap.

xi, 1. Q. What did the descendants of Noah undertake to build

when they became numerous ? 1 A city and a tower, whose top might reach

to heaven. Chap. xi, 4.

pe did they propose to build them? il the plain of Shinar, in Assyria. Chap.

Q. What was the object of this tower?
Ă. To make themselves a name, and to prevent

their being scattered abroad. X. He confounded their language, so that they 2. Hare did the horse a vertbiro wastheir design?

could not understand one another's speech.

Chap, xi, 7–9. Q. What was the name of the place called? A. Babel. Q. What is the meaning of Babel? 4. Confusion. Q. Of which of the sons of Noah was Abraham a de

scendant ? A. Of Shem. Chap. xi, 10–26. Q. What was the name of Abraham's father? A. Terah. Q. What was the name of his wife? 4. Sarai. Chap. xi, 29. Q. Where did they live when the Lord appeared to Abra

ham? 4. In Haran, or Mesopotamia. Chap. xi, 31.

What did the Lord command him to do? A. 'To leave his country, and kindred, and his

father's house, and to go to such a place as

he should direct. Chap. xii, 1. Q. What promise did the Lord make him? A. I will make of thee a great nation; I will

bless thee, and make thy name great ; and

thou shalt be a blessing. Chap. xii, 2. Q. Did Abraham obey the Lord ? A. He did. He went forth, not knowing whither

the Lord would lead him. Heb. xi, 8. Q. Who went with him ? A. Lot, who was his nephew. Chap. xii, 5.

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