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Q. Where did she die?
A. In Hebron, in the southern part of Canaan.

Chap. xxii, 2.
Q. Where did Abraham bury her?
Å. In the cave of Machpelah, which he pur-

chased for a burying-place. Chap. xxiii, 3–20. Q. Whom did Abraham send away to obtain a wife for his

son Isaac ? A. Eliezer, the eldest servant of his house.

Chap. xxiv, 2; xv, 2. Q. Whither did he command him to go? Ă. To the city of Nahor, in Mesopotamia. Chap.

xxiv, 10. Q. Who was Nahor ? A. The brother of Abraham. Chap. xi

, 27, Q. Whose aid did Eliezer seek on the journey, to direct him

to this family? A. He earnestly sought the aid of God in

prayer. Chap. xxiv, 12. Q. Who first met him after his prayer?

Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel. Chap. xxiv, 15. Q. How was she related to Nahor? Ă. His grand-daughter. Q. What was her relation to Isaac ? A. His cousin. Q. When the servant related his errand, and what had

occurred after his prayer, what did the family of Bethuel 1. The thing proceedeth from the Lord. Chap.

xxiv, 50. Q. Did Rebekah return with Eliezer? A. She did. Chap. xxiv, 58.


Q. How did Isaac receive her?
A. He led her into the tent formerly occupied

by Sarah his mother, and she became his

wife, and he loved her. Chap. xxiv, 67. Q. How old was Abraham when he died ? X. One hundred and seventy-five years. Chap

XXV, 7.

Q. Who buried him ?
A. Isaac and Ishmael, his sons. Chap. xxiv, 9.
Q. Where did they lay him ?
A. In the cave of Machpelah, with Sarah his



E$au and Jacob.


Question. What were the names of the sons of Isaac ?
Answer. Esau and Jacob.
Q. When they grew up, what business did they follow?
A. Esau was a hunter, and Jacob remained at

home as a herdsman. Chap. xxv, 27.
Q. Which of the song was the favorite of his mother?
Å. Jacob. Chap. xxv, 28.
Q. What did Esau sell to his brother ?
A. His birthright privilege as the eldest son,

Chap. xxv, 31-33.
Tor what did he sell this?

A mess of pottage.
low did Jacob secure the blessing intended by his
her for Esau his first-born ?
He deceived his father. Chap. xxvii.

Q: How diá Esau feel towards Jacob after this?
A. He hated him. Chap. xxvü, 41.
Q. What did he resolve to do?
A. He resolved to slay him after his father's

death. Q. What did their mother Rebekah advise Jacob to do? À. To leave home immediately, and to go to

her brother Laban, his uncle, in Padan-aram.

Chap. xxvii, 43. Q. Where on this journey did Jacob have a remarkable

dream? A. At Bethel. Chap. xxviii, 10, 22. Q. What did he see in his dream? A. A ladder, which stood upon the earth, and

the top of it reached to heaven, and the angels of God ascended and descended

upon it.

Q. Who stood above it?
A. The Lord.
Q. What did he say to Jacob?
A. I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father,

and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed. I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again

into this land. Cháp. xxviii, 13–15. Q. What did Jacob say when he at A. 'How dreadful is this place! This is none

? other but the house of God, and this is the

gate of heaven. Chap. xxvii, 17. Q. What is the meaning of Bethel, the name Jacob gave A. The house of God.

Q. Whose family did Jacob find upon reaching Padan-aram? Ă. Laban's, his mother's brother. Chap. xxix,

9-14. Q. Whom did Jacob take for his wives? Ă. His cousins Leah and Rachel, the daughters

of Laban. Q. How long did he remain with Laban? Ă. Twenty years. Q. How did he leave Laban? A. He stole away unawares, lest he might be

hindered by his avaricious uncle. Chapter

xxxi, 20. Q. What did Laban do? A. He immediately pursued him. Q. Who prevented him from injuring Jacob? Ă. God spake to him in a dream, and forbade

him. Chap. xxxi, 24. Q. Who met Jacob as he passed on his way? A. The angels of God. Chap. xxxii, 1. Q. What did Jacob say? Å. This is God's host. Chap. xxxii, 2. Q. What did he call the place where he saw them? À Mahanaim, which means two hosts. Q To whom did Jacob now send messengers ? A To his brother Esau. Q. Where did he dwell? A. In Edom, south-east of Canaan. Q. What word did the messengers bring back ? A. That Esau was coming to meet him with

four hundred men. Q. How did this affect Jacob? Ă. He was greatly afraid and distressed. Chap.

xxxii, 7.

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Q.. To whom did he go for aid?
A. To the Lord, in earnest prayer.
Q. What means did he use to soften the heart of Esau ?
A. He prepared him valuable presents. Chap.

xxxii, 13-15. Q. How did Jacob spend the night before meeting his brother?

A. In prayer.

Q. Who appeared to him?
A. The Angel of God.
Q. To what did the Angel of God.change his name?
Ă. To Israel. Chap. xxxii, 28. ·
Q. Why?
A. Because he wrestled with God in prayer,

and prevailed.
Q. What is the meaning of Israel ?
A. A prince of God.
Q. What did Jacob call the place where he prayed ?
A. Peniel. Chap. xxxii, 30.
Q. What does it mean?
A. The face of God; for Jacob said, I have

seen God face to face, and my life is pre

served. Q. How did Esau meet Jacob? A. He embraced him, fell on his neck, kissed

him, and they wept together. Chap. xxxii, 4. Q. Where did Esau then go? A. He returned to Nount Seir, in Edom. Chap.

xxxiii, 16. Q. Where did the Loral direct Jacob to dwell? À At Bethel. Chap. xxxv, 1.

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