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New Testament, can be supplied with the “Lesson-Book” on that alone, and subsequently can take up the Old Testament.

The book, as a whole, is called “LESSONBOOK ON THE BIBLE.

When bound separately, volume I. is on the Old Testament, and volume II. on the New.

Such a work as this has for a long time been the desideratum of Sunday schools. Having been prepared expressly to meet an acknowledged want, we trust it will fully answer its purpose, and be in every case preparatory to more enlarged and thorough courses of Biblical study, as childhood shall emerge into youth, and youth shall be followed by manhood and riper years.

January, 1851.

DIRECTIONS TO TEACHERS. N. B. TEACHERS in using this book should bear in mind the following rules :

1. Give short lessons, such as every scholar can learn tha roughly:

The lessons into which the book is numerically divided are merely designed to designate subjects, not the amount which should be studied during a given week. That amount will necessarily vary with the capacity of the class.

2. Explain every lesson familiarly BEFORE the child is required to learn it,

3. Always have a Bible present while teaching, from which to read and illustrate the subject in hand.

4. Be not satisfied till you see every one of your pupils ao tually interested in the lesson recited. Your success in this will depend greatly upon your own

aus and careful preparation.

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Qriestion. What is the meaning of the word Bible ?
Answer. Book.
Q. Why are the Holy Scriptures called the Bible ?
A. Because they form the Book of books—the

best book in the world.
Q. Why is the Bible the best of books?
A. Because God is its author,
Q. How was it written?
A. God inspired holy men, who wrote as he

commanded them.
Q. How do we know the Bible is from God?
A. Because it contains many truths that God

alone could reveal. Q. Were all the books of the Bible written at once? A. They were not; but were written at different

times and in different places.

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Q. By whom were the several books collected and formed

into one ?
A. By pious men, under the guidance of the

Holy Spirit.
Q. What is proved by all these various books agreeing so

wonderfully with each other?
A. That one Divine Author must have inspired

the whole.
Q. How is the Bible divided ?
A. Into the Old and New Testaments.
Q. What is the meaning of Testament?
A. Will, or covenant.
Q. Why is the Bible so called ?
A. Because it contains God's merciful covenant

with his children,
Q. What are the divisions of the Old Testament?
A. The Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms, or

holy writings.
Q. What books contain the Law ?
A. The first five books of the Bible, or the

books of Moses.
Q. What are these books called when taken collectively?
A. The Pentateuch.
Q. What are the prophetical books?
Ă. Those that foretell future events, such as

Isaiah and Jeremiah.
Q. What were the holy writings, as distinguished from the

Law and the Prophets?
A. The Psalms and the Proverbs.
Q. How many books are there in the Old Testament?
A. Thirty-nine.
Q. How many are there in the New Testament?
-4. Twenty-seven.
Was the Bible always divided into chapters and verses ?

was not.

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