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Q. What should he say to them?
A. That the Lord God of their fathers had seen

their sufferings, and that he would bring them out of their afflictions unto a land flowing with

milk and honey. Exod. iii, 16, 17.
Q. What did He say of the king of Egypt?
A. He will not let you go. Exod. ii, 19.
Q. What did he say he would do to him?
A. I

I will stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders; after that he will let

you go. Exod. iii, 20. Q. What objection did Moses make? 4. They will not believe me, nor hearken unto

my voice. Exod. iv, 1. Q. How did the Lord encourage him? A. He wrought two miracles before him. Exod.

iv, 2–8. Q. What were the miracles ? A. He changed his staff into a serpent, and

made his right hand leprous, and then re

stored them. Q. What power did the Lord give him? A. To work the same miracles himself before

the Israelites. Q. For what purpose ? A. To convince them that God had sent him. Q. What other objection did Moses make? A. That he was not eloquent, but slow of speech.

Exod. iv, 10. Q. Who did the Lord say should accompany him? Ă. His brother Aaron, who could speak well.

Exod. iv, 14. Q. Where did Moses meet Aaron ? A. At Horeb, the mount of God. Exod. iv, 27.

Q. What did Moses and Aaron do?
A. They went into Egypt, and gathered the

elders of Israel together. Exod. iv, 29. Q. What did they say and do ? A. They told them all the words of the Lord, and

wrought the miracles before them. Exod. iv, 30. Q. How were they affected ? A. They believed, and bowed their heads, and

worshiped God. Exod. iv, 31.

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Question. What did Moses and Aaron say to Pharaoh

? Answer. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel,

Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness. Exod. v, 1.

Q. What answer did Pharaoh make to them?
Ă. Who is the Lord, that I should obey his

voice ? Exod. v, 2. Q. What further did he say to them? A. Wherefore do ye, Moses and Aaron, hinder

the people from their works ? Exod. v, 4. Q. What did he command the taskmasters to do? Ă. To increase the burdens of the people. Exod.

V, 6-9. Q. What did the officers of the Israelites do? A. They cried unto Pharaoh for relief. Exod.

V, 15. Q. What answer did he make to them? A. Ye are idle. Exod. v, 17. Q. Whom did the officers blame ? A. Moses and Aaron. Exod. v, 20, 21. Q. To whom did Moses appeal ? Ă. He returned to the Lord, and spread out his

troubles. Exod. v, 22, 23. Q. What promise did the Lord again make him? A. That he would bring the children of Israel

out from under the burdens of the Egyptians.

Exod. vi, 6. Q. When Moses repeated this promise to the Israelites, how

were they affected ? 4. They hearkened not for anguish of spirit

and for cruel bondage. Exod. vi, 9. Q. To whom was Moses again sent by the Lord? A. To Pharaoh. Exod. vi, 11. Q. What miracle did Moses and Aaron perform by the di

rection of the Lord ? A. Aaron's rod was turned into a serpent.

Exod. vii, 10.

Q. Did this induce Pharaoh to grant their request?
Å. It did not; he hardened his heart against

the Lord. Exod. vii, 14. Q. What was the first plague that God visited upon Pharaoh

and the Egyptians? A. The waters of Egypt were turned into blood

Exod. vii, 19-21. Q. How long did it last? A. Seven days. Exod. vii, 25. Q. Did this melt the heart of Pharaoh? A. It did not. Exod. vii, 22. Q. What was the second plague? A. The land was covered with frogs. Exod

viii, 5–7. Q. How did this affect Pharaoh ? A. He promised Moses and Aaron that he would

let the people go if the Lord would remove

them. Exod. viii, 8. Q. Did he keep his promise ? A. He did not. Exod. viii, 15. Q. What was the third plague ? A. The dust of the earth was turned into lice.

Exod. viii, 16, 17. Q. What did the magicians of Egypt say to Pharaoh about this plague? A. This is the finger of God. Exod. viii, 19. Q. Did this touch the heart of Pharaoh ? A. His heart was hardened, and he hearkened

not unto them. Q. What was the fourth plague ? A. Grievous swarms of flies. Exod. viii, 24. Q. Where were there no flies ? A. In the land of Goshen, where the Israelites


Q. What did Pharaoh promise if the Lord would remove

the flies? A. That he would let them go. Exod. viii, 28. Q: Did he fulfill his pledge ? A. He did not. Exod. viii, 32. Q. What was the fifth plague? A. A grievous disease destroying the cattle of

Egypt. Exod. ix, 6. Q. Did any of the cattle of the Israelites die? A. They did not. Exod. ix, 5. Q. What was the sixth plague ? X. Boils and blains were sent upon the Egyp

tians. Exod. ix, 9, 10. Q. What was the seventh plague? 4. An awful storm of hail mingled with fire.

Exod. ix, 23, 24. Q. What did Pharaoh now do and say? A. He called Moses and Aaron, and said, I have

sinned this time. Exod. ix, 27. Q. What did he desire them to do? A. To entreat the Lord for him. Exod. ix, 28. Q. What did he promise ? A. I will let you go, and ye shall stay no

longer. Q. What answer did Moses make him? Ă. He told him that the storm should, cease,

but that he knew he would not yet fear the

Lord. Exod. ix, 29, 30. Q. What was the eighth plague ? Ă. Locusts covered the land, and ate up every

green thing. Exod. x, 13, 15. Q. What did the servants of Pharaoh say to him? X. Knowest thou not that Egypt is destroyed ?

Exod. x, 7.

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