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Q. Who did Pharaoh say might go?
A. The men; but not the women, children, of

flocks. Exod. x, 11. Q. How was Pharaoh affected by the locusts ? A. He called for Moses and Aaron in haste, and

besought them to entreat the Lord for him

only that once. Exod. x, 17. Q. What was the ninth plague? A. Thick darkness that might be felt. Exod.

X, 21.

Q. How long did it last?
A. For three days. Exod. x, 22.
Q. Was it dark where the children of Israel were ?
A. It was not: they had light in their dwell-

ings. Exod. x, 23. Q. When, at Pharaoh's request, this plague was removed,

what did he say to Moses? A. Get thee from me, take heed to thyself, see

my face no more, or thou shalt die. Exod.

X, 28.

Q. What was the last plague? 1. The slaying of all the first-born of the Egyp

tians. Exod. xii, 29. Q. Were any of the Israelites destroyed ? A. The angel of death passed over their dwell

ings; not one died of the plague. Exodus

xii, 13. Q. What feast was instituted in commemoration of this

salvation? A. The Passover. Exod. xii, 11. Q. What animal was slain on the occasion ?

A lamb without blemish. Exod. xii, 5.

R. What was done with its blood ?
Ă. It was sprinkled upon the door-posts

Exod. xii, 7.
Q. How was the lamb eaten ?
A. In haste, with bitter herbs, and unleavened

bread. Exod. xii, 11, 14. Q. How often was this feast celebrated by the Israelites ? A. Every year, in the season that they left

Egypt. Exod. xii, 17.



The Exodus, or Departure from Egypt.


Question. How did the last plague affect the Egyptians ? Answer. Pharaoh and his servants rose up in

the night, and called for Moses and Aaron, Exod. xii, 30, 31.

Q. What did Pharaoh say?
A. Rise up, and get you forth.
Q. Who did he say might go with them?
A. All the people and their flocks. Ex. xii, 31, 32.
Q. What did the Egyptians give to them?
A. Jewels of silver, and gold, and raiment.

Exod. xi, 35, 36.
Q. How many years had it been since Jacob came down

into Egypt? A. Two hundred and fifteen years. Q. How many Israelites went out of Egypt? A. Probably about two millions. Q. What was the nearest way to Canaan? A. Through the land of the Philistines, on the

south of Canaan. Q. Why did not the Lord lead them that way? Ă. Lest this warlike people should terrify the

Israelites, and they should repent, and return

to Egypt. Exod. xiii, 17. Q. Which way did he lead them? A. By the way of the wilderness of the Red

Sea. Exod. xiii, 18. Q. Whose bones did Moses take with him? A. The bones of Joseph. Exod. xiii, 19. Q. Why did he do this? .Ă. Because Joseph had desired them to do so. Q. How did the Lord direct them by day? A. He went before them in a pillar of a cloud. Exod. xiii, 21. How by night?

In a pillar of fire. When it was told Pharaoh that the Israelites had gone, hat did he do?

He pursued after them with a great army. Exod. xiv, 6, 7.

Q. Where did he overtake them ?
A. Encamping near the Red Sea. Exod. xiv, 9
Q. How were the Israelites affected when they saw the

Egyptian army?
A. They were sore afraid, and cried unto the

Lord. Exod. xiv, 10. Q. What did Moses say to them? A. Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of

the Lord. Exod. xiv, 13. Q. What did the Angel of the Lord, who went before the

camp, now do? A. He went behind them in the pillar of cloud.

Exod. xiv, 19. Q. How did it appear to the Egyptians ? d. As a cloud and darkness. Exod. xiv, 20. Q. How to the Israelites? A. It gave them light. Q. What did the Lord command Moses to do? A. To lift up his rod and stretch out his hand

over the sea. Exod. xiv, 21. Q. What then happened? A. The Lord divided the waters, and made the

sea dry land. Q. What did the Israelites do? A. They passed into the sea upon the dry

ground. Exod. xiv, 22. Q. What did the Egyptians do? A. They pursued after them into the midst of

the sea. Exod. xiv, 23. Q. What did the Lord then command Moses to do? Ă. To stretch out his hand again over the sea.

Exod. xiv, 26.

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