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Q. What then happened ?
A. The sea returned to its strength, and covered

all the host of the Egyptians. Exod. xiv,

27, 28. Q. What did Moses and the children of Israel then do? A. They sung a song of praise unto the Lord.

Exod. xv, 1. Q. How long did they travel in the wilderness without find

ing water? A. Three days. Exod. xv, 22. Q. Where did they come ? A. To Marah. Exod. xv, 23. Q. What kind of water did they find here ? A. Bitter. Q. Against whom did the people murmur? A. Moses. Exod. xv, 24. Q. What did he do? A. He cried unto the Lord. Exod. xv, 25. Q. How did he answer his prayer? A. He showed him a tree, which when he had

cast it into the waters, they became sweet. Q. Where did they next come? A. To Elim. Exod. xv, 27. Q. What did they find here? 4. Twelve wells of water and seventy palm

trees. 8. What would such a place in the desert be called ? A. An oasis.

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Question. Into what wilderness did the Israelites enter after

leaving Elim?
Answer. The wilderness of Sin. Exod. xvi, 1.
Q. What did the people do here?
A. They murmured against Moses and Aaron.

Exod. xvi, 2.
Q. For what did they say they had been led out into the

A. To be killed with hunger. Exod. xvi, 3.
Q. What did the Lord say to Moses that he would do?
A. That he would rain bread from heaven for

them. Exod. xvi, 4. Q. On what day should there be twice as much as

usual? A. On the sixth day. Exod. xvi, 5.

Q. Why was this?
A. So that there might be no need of their

gathering it on the Sabbath. Q. What flesh was provided for them? Ă. God caused quails to come to the camp

every evening. Exod. xvi, 13. Q. How did He supply them with bread ? Ă. He caused it to fall miraculously upon the

earth. Exod. xvi, 14. Q. What name did the Israelites give to it? A. Manna. Exod. xvi, 15. Q. What was its appearance ? A. It was a small round thing, white, and like

coriander seed. Exod. xvi, 31. Q. What was its taste ? Ă. Like wafers made with honey. Q. How often was it gathered ? A. Every day excepting on the Sabbath. Exod.

xvi, 26. Q. Did any fall on the Sabbath ? A. There did not. Exod. xvi, 27. Q. What did Moses command Aaron to do? A. To take a pot full of the manna, and lay it up

before the Lord. Exod. xvi, 33. Q. For what purpose ? A. To be kept as a testimony of the miracle for

future generations.
How long did the Israelites eat the manna?

For forty years. Exod. xvi, 35.
What did the people lack when they reached Rephidim ?

Water. Exod. xvii, 1.
What did they do?
They murmured against Moses. Exod. xvii, 2.

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Q. What did the Lord tell Moses to do?
A. To smite a rock in Horeb with the rod that

he stretched over the Red Sea. Exod. xvii,

5, 6. Q. What then happened ? Å. Moses did so, and waters gushed forth. Q. Who came to fight with Israel here? A. Amalek. Exod. xvü, 8. Q. Who commanded Israel ? A. Joshua. Exod. xvii, 9, 10. Q. What did Moses do ? Ă. He stood upon a neighboring height and

prayed. Q. What happened while Moses lifted up his hands and

prayed ? A. Israel prevailed. Exod. xvii, 11. Q. Who held up his hands? A. Aaron and Hur. Q. Who were victorious ? A. The Israelites. Exod. xvii, 13. Q. Who came to visit Moses in Rephidim? A. Jethro, his father-in-law. Exod. xviii, 1–5. Q. Whom did he bring with him ? A. The wife and sons of Moses. Q. What did Moses tell Jethro ? A. All that the Lord had done unto Pharaoh

and the Egyptians. Exod. xviii, 8. Q. How was Jethro affected ? A. He rejoiced for all the goodness which the

Lord had done to Israel. Exod. xviii, 9. Q. What officers did Jethro advise Moses to appoint? A. Able men, such as fear God; men of truth,

hating covetousness; to be rulers over hun. dreds, fifties, and tens. Exod. xviii, 21.

Q. What were they to do?
A. To judge all small matters of difference be-

tween the people.
Q. To whom were the weightier matters to be brought?
A. To Moses. Exod. xviii, 22.
Q. Where did Jethro then go?
A. He returned to his own land. Exod. xviii, 27.

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Question, Whither did the children of Israel come from

Rephidim ? Answer. To the wilderness of Sinai. Exod. xix, 1. Q. Where did they encamp? A. Before the mount. Exod. xix, 2.

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