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Q. How long was Moses in the mount with God?
A. Forty days and forty nights. Exod. xxiv, 18.
Q. What did the Lord show him?
A. Patterns of the tabernacle and of the sacred

vessels which he should construct. Exod.

XXV, 9. Q. Into how many parts was the tabernacle divided ? Ă. Two parts. Q. What was the first division called ? A. The holy place. Exod. xxvi, 33. Q. What did this contain ? A. The table of show-bread, the golden candle

stick, the altar of incense, and the 'laver,

where the priests washed. Q. What was the other division ? A. The most holy place, or the holy of holies. Q. What was here? Ă. The ark of the testimony, containing the

twelve commandments, and the mercy-seat,

over which were the golden cherubim. Q. Who ministered in the tabernacle? A. The priests, the sons of Levi. Q. Who went into the holy of holies? Ă. The high priest. Q. How often ? Ă. Once a year. Q. Who was the first high priest? A. Aaron. Q. What did the Lord give Moses when he made an end of

ommuning with him? 4. The two tables of testimony. Exod. xxxi, 18.

Of what were they made ?
Of stone.

Q. What were on these?
A. The ten commandments.
Q. How were they written?
A. With the finger of God.

NOTE.-The teacher may here properly explain the nature of the Jewish sacrifices, and their relation to Christ and the Gospel dispensation.


The Golden Calf.


Question. What did the Israelites desire Aaron to do while

Moses was in the mount? Answer. To make them gods, to go before them.

Exod. xxxii, 1.
Q. What did they say of Moses?
A. We know not what is become of him.
Q. What did Aaron tell them to bring to him?
A. Their golden ear-rings. Exod. xxxii, 2.
Q. What did he then make?
A. A golden calf. Exod. xxxii, 4.
Q. Where had they learned to worship such an object?
A. In Egypt.
Q. What did the Lord say to Moses?
A. Go, get thee down:_for thy people have

corrupted themselves. Exod. xxxii, 7.
Q. What did the Lord threaten to do?
A. To destroy them all. Exod. xxxii, 10.
Q. Who prayed for them?
A. Moses. Exod. xxxii, 11.
Q. Did the Lord regard his prayer?
A. He did. Exod. xxxii, 14.

Q. What did Moses bring down from the mount?
A. The tables of the testimony. Exod. xxxii, 15.
Q. How did Moses feel when he saw their idolatrous con-

A. His anger was kindled. Exod. xxxii, 19.
Q. What did he do with the tables of stone ?
A. He cast them out of his hands, and brake

them. Q. What did he do with the golden calf? Ă. He burnt it in the fire, and ground it to

powder. Exod. xxxii, 20. Q. What inquiry did Moses make ? A. Who is on the Lord's side ? Exod. xxxii, 26. Q. Who came over to him? A. All the sons of Levi. Q. What did Moses command them to do? A. To draw their swords, and to slay the

idolaters. Exod. xxxii, 27. Q. How many fell that day? A. About three thousand. Exod. xxxü, 28. Q. Why was this severe punishment visited upon them? Ă. To show God's abhorrence of idolatry. Q. What command had he given them a short time before ? X. That they should make no graven image,

and worship no other God.
Q. What had they promised ?
A. That they would keep his commandments.
Q. What did the Lord command Moses to do?
A. To prepare two tables of stone like to those

he had broken. Exod. xxxiv, 1.
Q. What did the Lord again write upon them?
A. The ten commandments.
Q. Whither did the Lord again call Moses?
A. Up into the mount.

Q. How long did Moses remain this time?
A. Forty days and forty nights. Exod. xxxiv, 28.
Q. Did he eat or drink while there?
A. He did not.
Q. What did he bring down with him?
A. The two tables. Exod. xxxiv, 29.
Q. How did his face appear when he came down?
A. The skin of his face shone.

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Q. How were the people affected ?
A. They were afraid to come nigh him. Exod.

xxxiv, 30.
Q. With what did he cover his face?
A. With a veil. Exod. xxxiv, 33.

Q. What offerings did the people bring to Moses?
Ă. Gold, silver, and brass; blue, purple, and

scarlet, fine linen, and goat's hair. Exod. xxxv. Q. What did Moses cause to be constructed ? Ă. The tabernacle and the sacred vessels, ac

cording to the pattern the Lord had showed

him in the mount. Exod. xl, 16, 33. Q. When Moses had set up the tabernacle, what took place? Ă. A cloud covered the tent of the congrega

tion, and the glory of the Lord filled the

tabernacle. Exod. xl, 34. Q. What afterwards remained above the tabernacle? A. The cloud of the Lord by day and fire by

night. Exod. xl, 38. Q. When did the Israelites journey? Ă. Whenever this cloud was taken up from over

the tabernacle. Q. When did they remain encamped ? A. When the cloud remained upon the taber



The Wilderness.


Question. What is the name of the third book in the Bible ?
Answer. Leviticus.
Q. Why is it so called ?
A. Because it is taken up chiefly with an account

of the duties and regulations of the priests and

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