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Q. When Aaron offered the first sacrifice, how did the Lord

signify his approbation? A. The glory of the Lord appeared unto all the

people. Lev. ix, 23. Q. What further occurred ? A. A fire came out from before the Lord, and

consumed the offering upon the altar. Lev.

ix, 24. Q. How were the people affected ? A. They shouted, and fell on their faces. Q. Who were Nadab and Abihu? A. Sons of Aaron. Lev. x, 1. Q. Of what were they guilty ? A. Of offering strange fire before the Lord. Q. What is the meaning of strange fire ? A. Not according to God's commandment. Q. What befell them? A. There went out fire from the Lord, and de

voured them. Lev. x, 2. Q. Of what sin was the son of Shelomith guilty ? A. Of blaspheming the name of the Lord. Lev.

xxiv, 11.
Q. What did the Lord command Moses to do to him?
A. To carry him without the camp, and stone

him until he died. Lev. xxiv, 14.
Q. What was the fiftieth year to be?
A. A jubilee. Lev. xxv, 8, 9.
Q. What should be done at the commencement of the

A. A trumpet should be blown throughout all

the land. Q. What should each man do? A. He should return to his possessions and to

his family. Lev. xxv, 10.


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year ?

Q. What should they not do this year?
A. They should neither sow nor reap, nor dress

their vines. Lev. xxv, 11. Q. How would they be supplied with food every seventh A. The Lord promised his blessing upon the

sixth year, and that it should bring forth

fruit for three years. Lev. xxv, 21, 22. Q. If any man had become poor and sold his possessions,

what happened at the jubilee? A. His property all came back to him again.

Lev. xxv, 28.
Q. What is the name of the fourth book in the Bible?
A. Numbers.

Q. Why does it bear this name?
A. Because it contains the enumeration of the

families of Israel.
Q. Where were the people numbered ?
A. In the wilderness of Sinai. Num. i, 1.
Q. How many men able to go forth to war, over twenty

years of age, were found ?
A. Six hundred and three thousand, five hun-

dred and fifty. Num. i, 46. Q. What tribe was not numbered ? A. The tribe of Levi. Num.i, 47. Q. Why were they not numbered ? A. Because their business was to take care of

the tabernacle and its services. Num. i, 50. * Q. When did the children of Israel leave the wilderness of A. In the second month of the second


after leaving Egypt. Num. x, 11. Q. How did they know when to move? A. The cloud was taken up from off the taber

nacle. Q. Where did the cloud rest down again? A. In the wilderness of Paran. Num. x, 12. Q. Where was Paran? A. North-west from Sinai, and south of Canaan. Q. What did Moses say when the ark set forward ? A. Rise up, Lord, and let thine enemies be scat

tered. Num. x, 35. Q. What did he say when it rested ? A. Return, O Lord, unto the many thousands

of Israel. Num. x, 36. Q. Who spake against Moses? A. Miriam and Aaron. Num. xii, 1.

Q. What is said of the character of Moses?
A. He was very meek, above all the men which

were upon the face of the earth. Num. xi, 3.
Q. Who heard the railing of Miriam and Aaron?
A. The Lord.
Q. What plague was sent upon

Miriam ?
A. Leprosy. Num. xii, 10.
Q. By whose prayer was she healed ?
A. Moses'. Num. xii, 13, 14.



The ptes-Rebellion of Korah.


Question. Whom did the Lord command Moses to send

Answer. The chief men of the children of Israel.

Num. xiii, 2.
Q. For what purpose ?
A. To spy out the land of Canaan, to see whe-
ther it were good or bad. Num. xii, 19,

Q. How many went up from the wilderness?
A. Twelve men.
Q. What did Moses tell them to bring back?
A. Some of the fruit of the land.

How long were they gone?
l'orty days. Num. xiii, 25.
at did they bring back with them?
cluster of grapes. Num. xiii, 23.
large was it?
large, that two bore it between them upon

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Q. What did the spies say of the land ?
A. That it flowed with milk and honey. Num.

xiii, 27. Q. What of the people? A. That they were strong, and dwelt in walled

cities. Num. xiii, 28. Q. Did they advise the people to go up into the land ? A. They said, We are not able to go up against

the people; for they are stronger than we.

Num. xiii, 31. Q. What did Caleb, one of the spies, say? A. Let us go up ať once; for we are well able

to overcome it. Num. xiii, 30. Q. Who agreed with Caleb in this opinion ? A. Joshua. Num. xiv, 6.

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