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Q. How were the people affected by the report of the spies? 4. They lifted up their voice and cried, and

wept that night. Num. xiv, 1. Q. For what did they lament? Ă. That they had ever come out of Egypt.

Num. xiv, 2. Q. What did they propose to do? A. To choose a captain, and to return into

Egypt. Num. xiv, 4. Q. Who remonstrated with the people? A. Caleb and Joshua. Q. What were the people about to do to them? A. To stone them. Num. xiv, 10. Q. What restrained them? A. The glory of the Lord appeared in the taber

nacle before all the children of Israel. Q. What judgment did the Lord denounce upon them for

their sin ? A. That not one of that generation but Caleb

and Joshua should enter the land of promise.

Num. xiv, 23, 24. Q. What did the Lord direct Moses to do? A. To lead them back into the wilderness by the

Red Sea. Num. xiv, 25. Q. Who did the Lord say should inherit the land? A. Their little ones, which they said would be

come a prey, them would he bring into Ca

naan. Num. xiv, 31. Q. What became of the spies who brought a false report?

They died of the plague. Num. xiv, 37.
Vhat did the people determine to do?
To go up to the promised land. Num.

Q. What did Moses say? 4. Go not up, for the Lord is not among you.

Num. xiv, 42. Q. What did he tell them would happen to them? A. That they would fall by the sword. Num.

xiv, 43. Q. Did they persist in going? A. They did. Num. xiv, 44. Q. What happened to them? A. The Amalekites and the Canaanites smote

and discomfited them. Num. xiv, 45. Q. What was done to the man who gathered sticks on the

Sabbath, while they were in the wilderness ? A. They stoned him with stones without the

camp. Num. xv, 35. Q. Who led a rebellion against Moses ? A. Korah, Dathan, On, and Abiram. Num.

xvi, 1-3. Q. What punishment was visited upon them? A. The earth opened her mouth, and swallowed

them up. Num. xvi, 31-33. Q. What happened to their followers? A. There came fire out from the Lord and con

sumed two hundred and fifty men. Num.

xvi, 35. Q. What did the people say the next day to Moses and

Aaron? A. Ye have killed the people of the Lord. Num.

xvi, 41. Q. What did the Lord send upon them? A. A plague. Num. xvi, 46. Q. What did Moses tell Aaron to do? X. To take his censor, and go among the peo

ple, and make an atonement for them.

Q. Where did he stand?
A. Between the living and the dead, and the

plague was stayed. Num. xvi, 47. Q. How many fell at this time? A. Fourteen thousand and seven hundred. Num.

xvi, 49.

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Heath of Saron—The Brazen Serpent.


Question. To show that God had chosen Moses and Aaron

to be leaders of the people, what did he command Moses

to do? Answer. To take twelve rods, one for each of

the tribes of Israel. Num. xvii, 2. Q. Whose name was written on the rod for the tribe of Levi? A. Aaron's. Num. xvii, 3.

Q. What was done with them?
A. Moses laid them up in the tabernacle. Num.

xvii, 4. Q. What did the Lord say of the man's rod whom he

should choose? A. That it should blossom. Num. xvii, 5. Q. What occurred on the morrow? A. Aaron's rod was budded, and brought forth

buds, and bloomed blossoms, and yielded al

monds. Num. xvii, 8. Q. Where did the Lord direct Moses to place Aaron's

rod ? A. In the tabernacle, before the ark of testi

mony. Num. xvii, 10. Q. Into what desert did the Israelites now come? A. The desert of Zin. Num. XX, 1. Q. Where did they abide ? A. In Kadesh. Q. Who died here? A. Miriam. Q. For what did they suffer here? A. For water. Num. XX, 2. Q. With whom did the people chide ? A. Moses and Aaron. Num. XX, 3. Q. What did Moses and Aaron do? A. They went to the door of the tabernacle, and fell upon

their faces. Num. XX, 6. Q. What appeared to them? A. The glory of the Lord. Q. What did the Lord command Moses to do? A. To take the rod, and speak to the rock, and

it should bring forth water. Num. XX, 8.

Q. What then happened ?
X. Moses smote the rock twice in the presence

of the congregation, and the water came out

abundantly. Num. xx, 11. Q. Of what sin were Moses and Aaron guilty? A. Of unbelief, and of not sanctifying the Lord in the

eyes of the people. Num. xx, 12. Q. How did the Lord punish them for this? A. He did not permit them to lead the congre

gation into the promised land. Q. To whom did Moses send messengers ? A. To the king of Edom. Num. xx, 14. Q. For what did he seek permission ? A. To pass peacefully through his land. Num.

XX, 17.

Q. What answer was returned?
Ă. Thou shalt not pass by me, lest I come out

against thee with the sword. Num. xx, 18. Q. What did the congregation do? A. They turned away in another direction. Num.

XX, 21.

Q. Whither did they come?
A. Unto Mount Hor. Num. XX, 22.
Q. What did the Lord tell Moses to do to Aaron ?
A. To take him and his son Eliezer up on Mount

Hor, and remove the priestly robes from him, and put them upon

son. Num.

XX, 25, 26.
Q. What then happened to Aaron?
A. He died on the top of the mount. Num.

XX, 28.

Q. How were the congregation affected?
A. They mourned for him thirty days. Num.

XX, 29.

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