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Q. What was his age ?
9. One hundred and twenty-three years.
Q. How were the people affected by the long journey?
A. They were much discouraged. Num. xxi, 4.
Q. What did the people do?
A. They spake against God and against Moses.

Num. xxi, 5.
Q. What did they say of the manna?
A. Our soul loatheth this light bread.
Q. What did the Lord send among them?
A. Fiery serpents that bit them, and


died. Num. xxi, 6. Q. What did the people now confess ? A. That they had sinned. Num. xxi, 7. Q. What did they desire Moses to do? 'A. To pray unto the Lord for them. Q. What did the Lord direct Moses to make? A. A serpent of brass. Num. xxi, 8, 9. Q. What should he do with it? Ă. Set it upon a pole. Q. For what purpose ? A. So that every one that was bitten, when he

looked upon it, should live. Q. Of whom was this a type ? A. Of Jesus Christ. Q. What did he say when he was upon earth? A. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the

wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up; that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John

iii, 14, 15. Q. What became of this brazen serpent? A. It was destroyed by King Hezekiah. 2 Kings

xviii, 4.

Q. Why did he destroy it?
Ă. Because the people worshiped it.
Q. Whither did the Israelites then journey?
Ă. Toward the wilderness south of Moab. Num.

xxi, 13.
Q. To whom did they send messengers ?
A. To Sihon, king of the Amorites. Num.

xxi, 21. Q. What did they request of him ? A. Permission to pass through his land. Num.

xxi, 22. Q. What did he do? A. He came out to fight against Israel. Num.

xxi, 23. Q. What was the result of the battle ? Å. Israel smote him with the edge of the sword.

Num. xxi, 24.



Last Acts and Death of Moses.


Question. On which side of the Jordan did Reuben, Gad, and

the half tribe of Manasseh, desire to remain ?
Answer. On the east side.
Q. Why?
A. Because the land was desirable for cattle.
Q. What did they promise to do if they might possess this-

land ?
A. To leave their families and flocks in the

cities, and to go over armed before their brethren into Canaan. Num. xxxii, 17.


Q. How long would they assist their brethren?
A. Until every man had entered upon his in-

heritance. Num. xxxii, 18.
Q. Did Moses grant their request?
A. He did. Num. xxxii, 20, 22.
Q. How many cities did Moses say should be allotted to the

A. Forty.
Q. What did Moses rehearse in the ears of all Israel in the

land of Moab?
A. All the commandments of the Lord.
Q. In what book of the Bible is this recorded ?
A. In Deuteronomy, the fifth book.
Q. What is the meaning of Deuteronomy?
A. A second law.
Q. What does it contain ?
A. A summary of the moral, ceremonial, and

judicial laws, together with admonitions, pro

mises, and warnings. Q. Whom did Moses appoint as his successor? A. Joshua. Deut. xxxi, 3.

Q. What did he say to him?
Ă. Be strong, and of a good courage: for thou

shalt bring the children of Israel into the land which the Lord hath sworn unto their fathers

to give them. Deut. xxxi, 7. Q. After he had made an end of commanding them, what

did he do? A. He wrote the words in a book. Deut.

xxxi, 24. Q. What directions did he give concerning the book ? A. He commanded the Levites to put it in the

side of the ark of the covenant. Deut.

xxxi, 26. Q. When he had finished his instructions, whidher did

he go? A. Ùnto the mountains of Nebo, to the top of

Pisgah. Deut. xxxiv, 1.
Q. What did the Lord show him?
A. All the land of

promise. Q. What then took place? A. Moses, the servant of the Lord, died. Deut.

xxxiv, 5. Q. What is said of his sepulchre ? A. No man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this

day. Deut. xxxiv, 6. Q. How old was he when he died ? Ă. One hundred and twenty years old. Deut.

xxxiv, 7. Q. What is said of his strength at this time? A. His eye was not dim, nor his natural force

abated. Q. How long did the people weep for him? A. Thirty days. Deut. xxxiv, 8.

Q. What is said of Moses?
A. There arose not a prophet since in Israel

like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face. Deut. xxxiv, 10.

Crossing of the Dordan_Achan.


Question. What command did Joshua circulate through the

hosts of Israel ? Answer. That they should prepare victuals, for

in three days they were to pass over Jordan.

Joshua i, 11. Q. Whom did he send to Jericho? A. Two spies, to examine the land. Joshua

ü, 1. Q. With whom did they lodge ? A. With Rahab. Q. What kindness did she show them? A. She hid them when the king of Jericho

sought to slay them. Joshua ii, 4. Q. What promise did the spies make her? A. That herself and father's house should be

spared when the city was destroyed. Joshua

ü, 18, 19. Q. What command did Joshua give the people when they

encamped upon the banks of the Jordan? A. When ye see the ark of the covenant re

move, go after it. Joshua iii, 3.

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