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Q. What further direction did he give?
A. Sanctify yourselves; for to-morrow the Lord

will do wonders among you. Joshua iii, 5. Q. In what season did they pass over Jordan ? A. In the harvest, when the river overflowed

its banks. Joshua iii, 15. Q. What happened when the priests that bore the ark

touched the brink of the waters? A. The waters which came down from above

stood, and rose up upon an heap. Joshua iii, 16. Q. How did they pass over ? A. On dry ground. Joshua iï, 17.


Q. What was done to commemorate the miraculous passage

of the Jordan ? A. A monument of twelve stones from the

river's bed was erected in Gilgal. Joshua iv. Q. Where did they keep the first Passover in the land of

promise? A. In the plains of Jericho. Joshua v, 10. .

Q. When did the manna cease ?
A. When they entered Canaan. Joshua v, 12.
Q. What miraculous sight did Joshua see?
A. A man over against him with his sword

drawn in his hand. Joshua v, 13.
Q. What did Joshua inquire of him?
A. Art thou for us, or for our adversaries ?
Q. What did he answer?
A. As the captain of the host of the Lord am I

now come. Joshua v, 14. Q. What did he say to Joshua ? A. Loose thy shoe from off thy foot, for the

place whereon thou standest is holy. Joshua

V, 15.

Q. How did the Lord direct him to attack Jericho?
A. To go round it with all the men of war once

each day, for six days, and seven times on the seventh day, with the ark of the covenant, and seven priests blowing seven trumpets of

rams' horns. Joshua vi, 3–5. Q. What should then happen? A. When the priests should blow their trum

pets at the seventh time, and all the people shout with a great shout, the walls of the

city should fall down flat. Q. Did Joshua do as he was commanded ? A. He did. Joshua vi, 6–19. Q. What happened ? Ă. When the people heard the sound of the

trumpet, they shouted with a great shout,

and the wall fell down flat. Joshua vi, 20. Q. What did they do to the city and inhabitants ? Ă. Utterly destroyed them. Joshua vi, 21.

Q. Who only were saved ?
A. Rahab and her family. Joshuà vi, 22.
Q. What city did they next besiege?
A. Ai. Joshua vii, 2.
Q. What was the result of the first attack?
A. The Israelites were routed. Joshua vü, 5.
Q. How was Joshua affected?
A. He rent his clothes, and fell to the earth

upon his face, before the ark of the Lord. Joshua vii, 6.

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Q. What did the Lord tell him was the cause of the defeat? A. That Israel had sinned, and taken of the

accursed thing. Joshua vii, 11. Q. Who had disobeyed the Lord, and taken of the spoils of

A. Achan. Joshua vii, 18.

Q. What had he taken?
A. A Babylonish garment, two hundred shekels

of silver, and a wedge of gold. Joshua

vii, 21. Q. What was done with Achan? A. He, and all his family, and cattle, were

stoned and burned. Joshua vii, 25. Q. What was the result of the next attack upon Ai? A. It was taken and burned. Joshua viii, 28.

Death of Goshua--Stone of itnega.


Qruestion. Where did they set up the 'tabernacle?
Answer. At Shiloh. Joshua xvii, 1.
Q. After the land was subdued, what did Joshua say to the

two and a half tribes who had their inheritance on the

other side ? A. Ye have kept all that Moses, the servant of

the Lord, commanded you, and have obeyed

my voice. Joshua xxii, 2. Q. What did he permit them now to do? Ă. To return to the land of their possessions.

Joshua xxii, 4. Q. What did he enjoin upon them? A. To give diligent heed to the commandments

of the law, to love the Lord, to cleave unto him with all their heart and soul. Joshua

xxi, 5. Q. What did they build when they returned ? A. A great altar. Joshua xxii, 10.

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Q. When the children of Israel heard it, what did they do Ă. They gathered themselves together to go to

war against them. Joshua xxii, 12. Q. For what purpose did they think the altar had been

built ? A. To rebel against the Lord. Joshua xxii, 16. Q. Whom did they first send to remonstrate with them? Ă. Ten princes. Q. What did these tribes answer? 1. That they had not built the altar for sacrifice, but as a witness of their faithfulness to the law of God. Joshua xxii, 21, 27.

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