The Conquest of Canada, Band 1

R. Bentley, 1849 - 508 Seiten
The author traces the history of New France from 1534 until 1760.

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Seite 294 - The old fool," said the kind-hearted Charles II., with truth, " has taken away more lives in that naked country, than I, for the murder of my father.
Seite 213 - I may challenge the whole orations of Demosthenes and Cicero, and of any more eminent orator, if Europe has furnished more eminent, to produce a single passage, superior to the speech of Logan, a Mingo chief, to Lord Dunmore, when governor of this state.
Seite 278 - BROTHER, — I have sent you a token from her Majesty, an anchor guided by a lady, as you see. And further, her Highness willed me to send you word, that she...
Seite 347 - is against the gospel, as well as the fundamental law of England. We refused, as trustees, to make a law permitting such a horrid crime.
Seite xxxi - But your lordship knows that the citizens of Rome placed the images of their ancestors in the vestibules of their houses; so that, whenever they went in or out, these venerable bustoes met their eyes, and recalled the glorious actions of the dead, to fire the living, to excite them to imitate and even to emulate their great forefathers.
Seite 25 - No one yet knows (says he) to what distance any of the oceanic birds go to sea ; for my own part, I do not believe that there is one in the whole tribe that can be relied on in pointing out the vicinity of land.
Seite 218 - I believe it, that in amputation, and other surgical operations, their nerves do not shrink, do not show the same tendency to spasm, with those of the whites. When the savage, to explain his insensibility to cold, called upon the white man to recollect how little his own face was affected by it, in consequence of its constant exposure — he added,
Seite 242 - It appears that no article is spared by these unhappy men when a near relative dies ; their clothes and tents are cut to pieces, their guns broken, and every other weapon rendered useless, if some person do not remove these articles from their sight, which is seldom done.
Seite 214 - I went on the Sabbath, to hear this eloquent man preach, when he had his people assembled in the woods; and although I could not understand his language, I was surprised and pleased with the natural ease and emphasis, and gesticulation, which carried their own evidence of the eloquence of his sermon.
Seite 347 - If you take slaves in faith, and with the intent of conducting them to Christ, the action will not be a sin, but may prove a benediction.

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