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“ And you,

· Lady Ongar.”

“ I am here, ma'am," said he,“ to speak to During the last day or two Sophie's mind you about my friend, Captain Clavering." had been concerned very much with her “ Then you can go back to your friend, dear Julie, but had not been concerned at and tell him I have nothing to say. And, all with the affairs of Captain Clavering, more than that, Captain Boodle" - the and, therefore, when Lady Ongar's name woman intensified the name in a most diswas mentioned, her mind went away alto- gusting manner, with the evident purpose gether to the quarrel, and did not once refer of annoying him; of that he had become itself to the captain. Could it be that this quite sure- -“more than that, his sending you was an attorney, and was it possible that here is an impertinence. Will you tell him Julie would be mean enough to make claims that ?" upon her ? Claims might be made for more No, ma'am, I will not.” than those twenty pounds.

“ Perhaps you are his laquais,” continued she said, “ do you know Lady Ongar ?'” the inexhaustible Sophie, and are obliged

“ I have not that honour myself." to come when he send you ?”.

“ Oh, you have not; and do you want to "I am no man's laquais, ma'am.". be introduced ? "

“ If so, I do not blame you; or, perhaps, “ Not exactly,

Dot at present; at some it is your way to make your love third or future day I shall hope to have the pleasure. fourth band down in Warwickshire ?”. But I am right in believing that she and you “ Damn Warwickshire 1” said Doodles, are very intimate ? Now what are you go- who was put beyond himself. ing to do for my friend Archie Clavering?” “ With all my heart. Damn Warwick• Oh-h-h!” exclaimed Sophie.

shire.” And the horrid woman grinned at “Yes. What are you going to do for my at him, as she repeated his words. * And the friend Archie Clavering ? Seventy pounds, leetle property, and the uncle, if you wish it; you know, ma'am, is a smart bit of money!” and the leetle nephew, - and the leetle ne

“A smart bit of money, is it? That is phew - and the seetle nephew!” She stood what you think on your leetle property over him as she repeated the last words with down in Warwickshire."

wondrous rapidity, and grinned at him, and “ It isn't my property, ma'am, at all. It grimaced and shook herself, till Doodles was belongs to my uncle."

altogether bewildered. If this was a Russian “Oh, it is your uncle that has the leetle spy he would avoid such in future, and keep property: And what had your uncle to do himself for the milder acerbities of Newmarwith Lady Ongar? What is your uncle to ket, and the easier chaff of his club. He lookyour friend Archie ? "


into her face at the present moment, “ Nothing at all, ma’am; nothing on striving to think of some words by which earth.”

he might assist himself. He had as yet per “ Then why do you tell me all this rigma- formed no part of his mission, but any such role about your uncle and his leetle property, performance was now entirely out of the and Warwickshire? What have I to do with question. The woman had defied him, and your uncle ? Sir, I do not understand you, had altogether thrown Clavering overboard. not at all

. Nor do I know why I have There was no further question of her serthe honour to see you here, Captain Bood- vices, and therefore he felt himself to be quite dle."

entitled to twit her with the payment she Even Dooilles, redoubtable as he was had taken. even he, with all his smartness, felt that he “ And how about my friend's severty was overcome, and that this woman was too pounds ?” said he. much for him. He was altogether perplexed, “ How about seventy pounds! a leetle as he could not perceive whether in all her man comes here and tells me he is a Booddle, tirade about the little property she had in Warwickshire, and says he has an uncle really misunderstood him, and had in truth with a very leetle property, and asks me thought that he had been talking about his how about seventy pounds! Suppose I uncle, or whether the whole thing was cun- ask you how about the policeman, what will ning on her part. The reader, perhaps, you say then?" will have a more correct idea of this lady “ You send for him and you shall hear than Captain Boodle bad been able to ob. what I say." tain. She had now risen from her sofa, and « No; not to take away such a leetle was standing as though she expected him to man as you. I send for a policeman when I go; but he had not as yet opened the bud- am afraid. Booddle in Warwickshire is not get of his business.

a terrible man. Suppose you go to your

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friend and tell him from me that he have pers. You have four months to get fat. chose a very bad Mercury in his affairs of Suppose you go away and get fat.” love ;- the worst Mercury I ever see. Per- Doodles understood nothing of her sarhaps the Warwickshire Mercuries are not casm, but began to perceive that he might very good. Can you tell me, Captain as well take his departure. The woman was Booddle, how they make love down in War- probably a lunatic, and his friend Archie wickshire ?"

had no doubt been grossly deceived when “ And that is all the satisfaction I am to he was sent to her for assistance. He had have ?”

gome faint idea that the seventy pounds “Who said you was to have satisfaction ? might be recovered from such a mad woVery little satisfaction I should think you man ; but in the recovery his friend ever have, when you come as a Mercury.” would be exposed, and he saw that the

“My friend means to know something money must be abandoned. At any rate, about that seventy pounds.”.

he bad not been soft enough to dispose of Seventy pounds ! If you talk to me any any more treasure. more of seventy pounds, I will fly at your Good-morning ma'am,” he said, very face.” As she spoke this she jumped across curtly. at him as though she were really on the Good-morning to you, Captain Booddle. point of attacking him with her nails, and Are you coming again another day ?” he, in dismay, retreated to the door. “ Not that I know of, ma'am.” “ You, and your seventy pounds! Oh, you " You are very welcome to stay away. English! What mean mens you are! Oh! I like your friend the better. Tell him to a Frenchman would despise to do it. Yes; come and be bandy with his glove. As for or a Russian or a Pole. But you, you you, - suppose you go to the leetle propwant it all down in black and white, like a erty.” butcher's beel. You know nothing, and un- Then Captain Boodle vent, and, as soon derstand nothing, and can never speak, and as he had made his way out into the open can never hold your tongues. You have no street, stood still and looked around him, head, but the head of a bull. A bull can that by the aspect of things familiar to his break all the china in a shop, — dash, eyes he might be made certain that he was in smash, crash, -- all the pretty things gone a world with which he was conversant. While in a minute i So can an Englishm an. Your in that room with the spy he had ceased to seventy pounds ! You will come again to me remember that he was in London, — his for seventy pounds, I think.” In her energy own London, within a mile of his club, withshe had acted the bull, and had'exhibited her in a mile of Tattersall's. He had been, as idea of the dashing, the smashing, and the it were, removed to some strange world in crashing, by the motion of her head and the which the tact, and courage, and acuteness waving of her hands.

natural to him had not been of avail to him. “ And you decline to say anything about Madame Gordeloup had opened a new world the seventy pounds ?” said Doodles, resolv- to him, - a new world of which he desired ing that his courage should not desert to make no further experience. Gradually him.

he began to understand why he had been Whereupon the divine Sophie laughed. desired to prepare bimself for Michaelmas “Ha, ha, ha! I see you have not got on any eating. Gradually some idea about Archie's gloves, Captain Boodle.”

glove glimmered across his brain. A won“Gloves; no. I don't wear gloves." derful woman certainly was the Russian " Nor your

uncle with the leetle property spy, a phenomenon which in future years in Warwickshire ? Captain Clavering, be he might perhaps be glad to remember that wears a glove. He is a handy man.” Doodles he had seen in the Aesh. The first racestared at her, understanding, nothing of horse which he might ever own and name this. “ Perhaps it is in your waistcoat pock- himself he would certainly call the Russian et,” and she approached him fearlessly, as Spy. In the meantime, as he slowly walked though she were about to deprive him of across Berkeley Square he acknowledged his watch.

to himself that she was not mad, and ac“I don't know what you mean," said he, knowledged also that the less said about that retreating.

seventy pounds the better. From thence he “Ah, you are not a handy man, like my crossed Piccadilly, and sauntered down St. friend, the other captain, so you bad bet- James's Street, into Pall Mall, resolving in ter go away. Yes; you had better go to his mind how he would carry himself with Warwickshire. In Warwickshire, I suppose, Clavvy. He, at any rate, bad his ground they make ready for your Michaelmas din- for triumph. He had parted with no money,


and had ascertained by his own wit that no at the

table with Doodles any available assistance from that qnarter was more.” to be had in the matter which his friend had “It's all bosh,” repeated Doodles, coming in hand.

back to his seat. “She don't mean to do It was some hours after this when the anything, and never did. I've found her two friends met, and at that time Doodles. out.” was up to his eyes in chalk and the profit- “ Found out what?" able delights of pool. But Archie was “She's been laughing at you. She got too intent on his business to pay much re- your money out from under your glove, gard to his friend's proper avocation. didn't she ?", « Well, Doodles," he said, hardly waiting “Well, I did put it there.". till his ambassador had finished bis stroke “Of course you did. I knew that I and laid his ball close waxed 10 one of the should find out what was wbat if I once cushions. “ Well; have you seen her ? " went there. I got it all out of her. But,

Oh. yes; I've seen her,” said Doodles, by George, what a woman she is ! She seating himself on an exalted bench which swore at me to my very face.” ran round the room, while Archie, with “ Swore at you'l In French you mean?" anxious eyes, stood before him.

“ No; not in French at all, but damned “ Well ? said Archie.

me in downright English. By George, how “ She's a rum 'un. Thank’ee, Griggs; I did laugh!

-me and everybody belongyou always stand to me like a brick.” This ing to me. I'm blessed if she didn't." was said to a young lieutenant who bad " There was nothing like that about her failed to hit the captain's ball, and now when I saw her.” tendered him a shilling with a very bitter “ You didn't turn her inside out as I've look.

done ; but stop balf a moment.” Then he “She is queer,” said Archie, cer- descended, cbalked away at his cue hastily, tainly.”

pocketed a shilling or two, and returned. Queer! By George, I'll back her for * You didn't turn ber inside out as I've the queerest bit of horseflesh going any way done. I tell you, Clavvy, there's nothing about these diggings. I thought she was to be done there, and there never was. mad at first, but I believe she knows what if you'd kept on going yourself she'd have she's about.”

drained you as dry,- - as dry as that table. “ She knows what she's about well There's your thirty pounds back, and, upon enough. She's worth all the money if you my word, old fellow, you ought to thank can only get her to work.” “ Bosh, my dear fellow."

Archie did thank him, and Doodles was Why bosh? What's up now ? " not without his triumph. Of the frequent « Bosh! Bosh ! Bosh ! Me to play, is references to Warwickshire which he had it ?” Down he went, and not finding a been forced to endure, he said nothing, nor good open for a hazard, again waxed him- yet of the reference to Michaelmas dinners; self to the cushion, to the infinite disgust and, gradually, as he came to talk frequentof Griggs, who did indeed hit the ball this !y to Archie of the Russian spy, and pertime, but in such a way as to make the haps also to one or two others of his more loss of another life from Griggs' original intimate friends, he began to convince himthree a matter of certainty. “I don't think self that he really bad wormed the truth it's hardly fair,” whispered Griggs to a out of Madame Gordeloup, and got altogethfriend, “a man playing always for safety. er the better of that lady, in a very wonderIt's not the game I like, and I shan't play ful way.


A CURIOUS fact is mentioned in the New paper published in New Jersey not many years York Times, which says:—“A paper called the ago; and it thinks it recognises the style of one Sunbeam bas just been started by the convicts of these contributors in some verses in the Sun. in the State Prison at Trenton, N.J. The beam. The editor states that, with but a sinNewark Advertiser remarks that it is not gen- gle exception, his is the only paper ever issuer!

erally known that inmates of that prison fur- from a prison cell in any State of the Union." 'nished prose and poetry for a certain campaign

laim a

From the Fortnightly Review: sequently found to be a nobleman of very

high official position in his own country. RUSSIA AND AMERICA.

He has lately borne a prominent part in

the entertainment of the American envoys. The friendly interchanges between Rus- In the course of frequent conversations sia and America are naturally beginning to which we had concerning our respective

xcite attention by reason of the ingenuity countries, I found him disposed to with which occasions for them are discov- high degree of liberality for Russia, espeered, and of their elaborateness. Many at- cially on the ground of the emancipation of tempts on the lives of Emperors have been the serfs, a step which had been taken, as made, but never before has it occurred to he frequently urged, without pressure from the American Congress to express, in an any political party. He was proud of the emphatic resolution, its thankfulness at the undoubted influence which this act had had escape of one, much less to transmit the on the American mind. He had noted the same in an ironclad five thousand miles, at empbatic references which had been made an expense of two hundred thousand dol- in Congress to that act by Senator Sumner lars. There have been various interpreta- and other representatives of the Northern tions of this matter in Europe, as is very States, which had before been silent amid natural, because the phenomenon itself is the general friendliness toward Russia exthe result of a great variety of causes. As pressed in other sections of the Union. yet the interest of Europe in it may be There was now, he thought, nothing in the assumed to be purely philosophical, such an way of a cordial reciprocity of feeling beinterest being invited by demonstrative tween the two countries, which would probfamiliarities between the hardest of abso-ably mature into a very desirable alliance. lute monarchies and the most radical of The reception which had been accorded the republics. It would be particularly inter- officers of the Russian fleet visiting New esting to know what is the predominant York the year before had created a wild Russian idea, and what the American; and enthusiasm throughout his country; and whether the two have the same meaning there was a strong desire to reciprocate it. to any extent in this paradoxical friend, Europe bated Russia because Europe was ship. But here we are met with official morbid on the subject of nationalities. The reserve by both parties. On the American populace would carry the “nationality side there are only the egotistical utter- principle so far as to replace mild governances of one Fox, an obscure and incon- ments with cruel ones, provided the former siderable personage, who is exhibiting, as a were not, and the latter were exercised by sea-going triumph, an ironclad ship which persons immediately belonging to the sechad to be towed over the Atlantic until it tion of country governed. But America came in sight of the English coast. On was engaged in fusing nationalities, and the Russian, nothing better than the follow- had just been crushing, magnificently, an ing from Prince Gortchakof: “ This under attempt at her own subdivision into what standing does not rest on geographical must have become a set of warring and proximity. The abyss of seas separates us. jealous nationalities. She was thus the No more does it rest on parchment. I do only nation that could understand a great not find the trace of a single parchment in nation like Russia, and judge her by somethe archives of the ministry entrusted to thing better than the European standard, me. It is instructive; more, I dare to call which was that of national egotism. When it PROVIDENTIAL. I felicitate myself on I inquired whether he thought that an this understanding. I have faith in its dura- alliance between the two nations would tion. In my political situation all my cares secure any great practical advantage for will tend to consolidate it. I say cares and either or both, the reply was very general, not efforts, because no efforts are required and I almost concluded that he more than when there is a spontaneous and reciprocal anything else valued the prestige which his attraction.” One is tempted to label such“ much-denounced” country was getting a reference to providence as this with the from the public admiration of the Ameriremark of the French Encyclopædists, on can Republic. There was, however, a refusing an article on the word “God” vague intimation that in the case of another La question de Dieu manque

d'actualités Crimea, or less happily settled Trent affair, More than a year ago on the Continent, the countries might possibly be of service to I was accidentally thrown into relations each other. · My Russian acquaintance has with a Russian, whom I soon discovered to had so many opportunities lately of exbe a man of unusual intelligence, and sub-pressing these views in public, without availing himself of them, that I must which pervaded Europe. “They rather reserve his name.

wished there should be two Unions instead This is the only serious expression of of one. They regard with the same eyes opinion on the part of any one near the the other new world - Russia.” This feelCzar, on the relations between the United ing was ascribed to jealousy. The speech States and Russia, tbat I have ever heard closed with a prophecy that the union befrom any source. It is, however, important tween Russia and America would ripen to know how the subject lies in the minds from an ideal to an actual one, and both of the wealthy middle class of Russia, and countries have a mighty future. The last herein, it would seem, Mr. Fox and noticeable speech was that of Mr. Schipoff, “ Veuve Clicquot ” have not been fruitless a leading merchant, who dwelt a little on of results. There were several speeches the fact that Russia and America had nevmade at the grand banquet given at Mos- er had any hostilities, compared their recow on the 25th of August, which are cent policies of emancipation, and then worthy of attention. Mr. Yakunchikof devoted the main body of his address to spoke as follows:-"Gentlemen, as a mer- showing how the two were agreed on the chant I rise with peculiar gratification to principle of protection. propose a toast having an intimate connec- It should be perhaps mentioned that one tid with the success of commerce, Gen- of the speakers said tha their bonoured tlemen, there is a power which is both guests had already discovered that the military and civilising. The development Russians, thanks to our gracious Emperor, of this power extends, without conquest, — who marks a new era in oar history, the boundaries of nations possessing it; may, canvass their ideas and reasons as in war serving as the most powerful bul- freely as people do in New York.” If the wark of national independence, and in guests had not discovered this at that time, peace as the most effectual means of com- they must have received light on the submercial development. This power is the ject from the denunciation put forth soon Navy. This power is recognised by the after by the commission of inquiry into the civilised world, which now must confess that Karaközof " conspiracy,” of an organisathe mightiest naval power of the earth is tion framed to “promote socialist teaching, the great American Republic. The arrival to destroy the principles of public morality, of our honoured guests has shown the to shake the faith of the masses in religion, depth of their sympathy for us, and solved and to subvert the established order of the a great naval problem. This wonder of State.” What would the Socialists, Paine naval architecture, this vessel unique in its Clubs, and heretical preachers' of New structure, this floating fortress. hitherto York say to a denunciation of that kind by considered as only fit for shore defence, the their council, ominously connected with an Miantonomah, afier sweeping through the execution ? vainly-opposing waves of the ocean, and Turning now to consider the American proudly showing its impregnable towers in feeling which has given rise to these interthe Thames and to the shores of France, changes, it may be confidently stated that has come to us and united our Russia and the Russian nobleman, referred to above, America by a bridge which no artillery was right in assuming that the idea of the can destroy. To our enemies this bridge sanctity of nationalities is much weaker in is inaccessible, for its foundations are hid in America than in Western Europe. It was the waves of the ocean.” An old Muscovite, this evident apathy, when Italy was falling, Mr. Pogodin, also made a remarkable that brought down on that country Mrs, speech. In addressing himself to the rea- Browning's “ Curse for a Nation;" and it sons for the sympathy between America is this that wrote and that reads Artemus and Russia, he touched on the resemblance Ward's sneers at the Fenians. The enbetween the institutions of the two.The thusiasm with which Kossuth was received United States is a republic, and Russia an in America fifteen years ago, when he came absolute power; but here, as on the map, with the purpose of effecting an Anglothe extremities meet. In the Russian abso- American alliance against despotism, may lute monarchy there is a democratic stream seem to disparage this statement. But that that flows uninterruptedly throughout its welcome, so far as it can be referred to any history. As regards the forms, all of them deep feeling at all

, must be attributed to the have lost much of their precedent mean- traditional antipathy to Austria, and paring.” After recalling the sympathy for the ticularly to the Hapsburgs, wbich is now Union felt by Russia during the late Ameri- a century old. After the peace of Hubcan war, he spoke of the different feeling ertsburg, Joseph II., the interested ally of

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