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are loft - At Dublin a moft furious hurri. island of Gorce, after a trial at the Old cane blow from the North-Wett. I began Bailey, which occupied the time of the about 12 o'clock, and raged with increa- Court, from 9 in the morning till near it fing fury will next morning, attended by at night, was convicted of the wilful mura repeated bursts of thunder and lightning, der of Benjamin Armstrong, a ferjeant in and carrying such devastation as to appal an African corps, hy in f Eting 800 lashes, the firmeit miod. Nummherless chimneys of which he died, in the island of Goree, were blown down, an ! several oll houses. fo 10.5 ago As the year 1782. He was ore In the Literty particularly, where the lia- dered for execut on on the 22'), and afterbitations are composed of frail materials, terward his body to he diflucted and anathe wretched inmates were frighted from tomized. A refprie was sent on the evetheir bods, to take shelter in the watchi- ning of Jan. 21, accompanied by a notice houses and public buildings. There is to the following eff-et :-" You are to give scarcely an house in the city which has itie neceflary directions that the sentence not suffered more or less by injuries to che Thall be executed on Monday, as no further roof, walls, or chimneys. A young geo- respite will be granted."He was, howtleman, son of John Dwyder, Esq. a: Mer- ever, agaw respited till Thursday the 28111; rio -itreet, had a most providential deli- when he was executed pursuant to his fen. Verance; the whole ftack of chi meys


tence. The gallows-hunters behaved with in upon the bed in which he lay, but he great indecorum, hilling, groaning, and was rotected hy the rafters of the roof, thouting, even to his very last moments. which lay across him; and, after being Mr. Wall was fix feet four inches liglig buried for nearly two hours under the and of a genteel appearance. He berubbish, he was clug out, with a few Night haved with great feadiness ard comprure brosses. Ano!ler ftuck of chimneys in during his lo ig and p untul irind, which Meirion-ftreet fell through the whole of latted: 14 hours. He was 65 years of age, the house, and overwhelmed a servant but did not look so old. He was respectaleeping in the kitclien, who was exiri. bly connected wich several families of difCated without farther injury than a bruised tinction in Ireland. His brother, Covn.

A gentic?), riddenly awakened by sellor Wall, was a literary gentleman who the storm, ran from his bed to the window exciied much police in his day, and was to look out ; at the instant a whole pile of the author of several liter.iry productions ; chimneys feil upou the bed he had just left, but what was most remarkable was, thit and crushed it into the story beneath. In he was the first person who prefumed to the morning the streets were strewed with publish Parliamentary Reports with the ftones, Nares, tiles, and bioken laths, the real names of the speakers prefixed. Dr. fragments or roined roofs and walls; seve- Johoren (in our Magazine) dretled chem ral trees were torn up by the roots; and, in Rumin characters ; others gave them We fear, much damge has been suffered as Orators in the senate of Liliput. Mr. by the shipping in the Channel. In the Wall laid the foundation of a practice, Bay of Dublin four ships were run around, which, we truk, for the sake of Parliabut since got off, without damage. The ment, and of the nation, will never be point froin which the storm came was fa- abandoned. Voorable to our coast, but must have been

Thursday, Jan. 21. very destructive upon the Welsh iho e. A The storm of last night, and this day, parape! wall in Merrion-square presented which has been so general throug out the a lingular appearance; it was blown back United Dominions, was extremely alarmupon the roof of a house, where it lies un- ing in th: Metropolis. The copper-cobroken and regular as if it had been placed vering of a gentleman's house in Halconso ny art. The ravages of the iterm were gar.len, n-ar 60 cwr. was loo!, wd ny tha not confined to the city : the environs tufa logh gale of wind, completely rolled round, fcred equally; and many trees were torn and fell into tlie area with a most tremeaupon the road leading to

dons noite. A feeble erection in Turnunilla

Hieer, Clerkenwell.was mostlythrown down, DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES.

but no lives :ot. in Church-lave, WhiteMonday, Jan. 18.

chapel, the root of a house fell dow!), which This day, apponed for the celebration called s'e.ut alarm to all the inmates, but of the Queen's birth, was observed at Court no serious accident otherwise happened. with more thaq common splendour. Almoft Sever, I crafts and thips in the River itarted every branch of the Royal Family was pre

from their mooiings.

A Limehonie fent; and an immense concourse of the Reach no boats could live on the water. Nobility. Our beloved Sovereign, with The Cuffiells, Capt. Cotton, which was the truett joy we report, was in higlı health outward-bound for China dire&l, and on and excellent ípirits. The Laureai's Ode the point of leaving Gravciend, drove from ou the occafion we have given in p. 60. lier moorings, and fuft-ined so much 42Wednesday, Jan. 20.

mage, that the will be under the neceffiry This day Joseph Wall, Governor of the of going into dock at Black vall. GENT. Mac. January, 1802.

Vol, Voi. LXXI. p. 1210, l. 40. Mr. Payne 14. In Dean-ftreet, Soho, the lady of Sir is now 22 years of age, and when he ar- Edward Knatchbull, bart. a son and heir. rives at 25 will come ioto poffeffion of The wife of J. M. Raikes, esq. a daugh. 10,0col. per annum. He is the youngest 15. In Lower Seymour-street, the wife son of René Payne, esq. formerly an emi- of Thomas Parry Jones, esq. a son. nent banker, who, by his will, deviled, in 18. Io Grosvenor-place, the wife of Ria fingular manner, the chief part of his chard-Henry Cox, esq. a daughter. fortune to the youngest of three sons, and, In George-street, Hanover-square, the in default of issue, to bis eldest, and, lastly, wife of J. Calcraft, esq. a daughier. to his second fan.

In Welbeck-itreet, Cavendith-square, the P. 1216. Mr. Jewkes, formerly of Fish- wife of Keith Jopp, esq. a son. street-hill, ftalioner and pocket-book-ma- 19. Lady A. M. Cotron, daughter of the ker, was a character well koown in most Duchess of Newcastle, a son and heir. parts of England. In 1774 he married a 20. In Albemarle-street, the wife of Ja. piece of Mr. Wm. Calvert, coal-merchant, Scott Waring, efq. a ftill-born daughter. of White-friers-dock, who survives him. 21. The wife of William Bell, esq. of

Norfolk-street,' a daughter.

In Bedford-square, the wife of Peter Pole,

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llie wife of Jacub Barrington,esq. a lon. 22. At Ongar, Ellex, the wife of the At the houle of her father, Lieui -col. Rev. Charles Edridge, a daughter. Lloyd, at Limerick, the wife of Ju. Saun- 23. The wife of John Richards, tfq. of ders, cíq. of Killarney, a lon and hair. Red Lion-Square, a daughter.

Ai Ball, the wife of Dr. Gibbes, a son.
At Cottingham, co. York, the wife of

Nicholas Sykes, e'q. a .

1301. T , Boyer

19 Kilnwick-ferry, a son.

Thomas H. D.D. canon-residentiary of Chi. In Portland-place, the wife of Charles chetter, and canon of Windsor, to Miss Ca. White, eq. a Itill-born child.

tharine Thomas, dan. of the late Alderm. T. Jan. 1. Mrs. Pittman, of Howland-str. Dec. 16. Mr. Sawyer, veftry-clerk of Fitzroy-square, a son.

Enfield, to Miss Clayton. The wife of J. Bond, esq. of Grange, 1802. Jan... Ai Stock, in Essex, ThoDorset, a son.

mas White, esq. of Duke-street, Westmin2. The wife of the Rev. John Clutton, fter, to Miss Charlotte Richardson, of StockM. A. prebendary of Hereford, a son. house; and R. ). J. Lacy, efq. of the royal

At Haughley park, Suffolk, the wife of regiment of artillery, to Miss Louisa RichGeorge Jerningham, esq. a son and heir, ardson, of the same house.

Mrs. Nelson, of Somerset-place, a dau. Jan. I. At Bury, Lieut. Hands, of the

At Edinburgh, the wife of Thomas Ram- Leicesterthire militia, to the only daugh. of say, esq. a son.

Tho. Moyle, esq. late of Harlettune, Norf. 3. In Upper Grosvenor-street, the lady 2. By special licence, at the house of her of the Hon. George Villiers, a daughter. grandfather, Thomas Myers, elq. of Park

5. At Silver-hill barracks, Suflex, the place, St. James's, to Lady Mary.Catharine wife of Major Cragie Halket, a daughter. Nevill, grand-daughter of John Robinson,

6. At Harewood-house, co. York, the elg. of Wyke-house, Sion. hill. Hon. Mrs. York, a son.

Mr. Walter Morrison, furgeon and apoIn Upper Guildford-Itreet, the wife of thecary, eldest son of Mr. M. late schools Thomas Plumer, efq. a daughier.

maiter, of Enfield, to the youngest daugha 7. In Sackville-Street, Dublin, the wife ter of thu late Mr. Wink field, turgeon and of Lieut. col. Vallill, of the 48th fr. a dau. apothecary, of Markel-ftreet, Heris.

11. Ac Winchmore-hill, the wife of Capt. 4. Mr. Bowle, of Mortimer.itree, C2Cruilen, a daughter.

vendish-Square, one of the members of ihe 12. The lady of the Hon. and Rev. Pierce koyal College of Surgeons, to Myfs Maite Meade (brother of the Earl of Clanwil- lans, of Bith. Jiam), youngest daughter of the Buhop of At Kirrouchtree, Lieut-col. John Shaw Dromore, a fon.

Maxwell, of the 2 3d light dragoons, fecond In Upper Berkeley-ftreet, the wife of fon of Sir Wm. M. bait. of Springkell, to James Tilson, esq. a daughter.

Miss Heron, only daughter of Patrick H. The Hon. Mrs. Barnton, jun. a son. esq. of Heron, M. P. for Kirkcudbright.

In Charles-freei, the wife of Robert 5. At Paris, Citizen Louis Bonaparte, Beacher, esq. a daughter.

brother of the Firit Consul of France, to 13. 1o Wimpole-ftreet, the Hon. Mrs. Mademoiselle Beauharnois, daughter of M.Douglas, a son.

dame Bonaparte. Achis father's house in Little Argyle-Atr. Mr, George Johnson, fen. of Ripley, Sur. the wife of the Rsv. W. J. Jolliffe, a fum. rey, to the widow of the late Mr. William

The wife of Capt. Pulip Covil, her Scone, of Grove-heath, near Ripley. seventh ton.

6. Thomas

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6. Thomas Gibson Brewer, eles, of the

DEATHS. Maklle Temple, to Miss Anne Hughes, le

1891 T St. Jago Savanna, in the By the Rev. Sherard Becher, the Rev. maica, aged 28, Mr. Dovald Bain, fusgeou, John-Thomas Becher, student of Christ's from Thurso, in Caithness. Church college, Oxford, to Miss Mary Be- 02. 13. On-board the Inflexible man cher, daughter of the Rev. William Becher, of war, in consequence of the wounds he prebendary of Southwell.

received before Alexandria, Lieut. Samuel 7. At Discoyd, co. Radnor, Paul Æm: Preadm, of the 54:1foot. lius Irving, ele. eldest fou of Col. I. and 14. Al Jama'ct, James Scott, esq. af nephew of Lieut.-gen. I. to Mifs Pritchard. Cumieitoun.

9. Bartholomew Forhes, ely, of Great 28. Aithe island of St. Martin's, of the Rullel-Areet, Bloomsbury, to Mfs Har- yellow fever, John Milier Garnier, ely. riet Stone, third daugh, of Richard S. efq. commander of his Majesty's frigate Southof Chillehurst, Kent.

ampton. He was one of those who made 10. William-Henry Rowlati, efq. of the the voyage of circumnavigation under the Middle Temple, to Miss Mary Emery, of direction and command of Capt. VancouGreat Charlotte-street.

ver, and was absent from his country dilo II. J. King, efq. of Loxwool, Sussex, ring the space of five years in this advento Miss Wood, daughter of Heony W. esq. Tulous service. He was promoted on his of Hepñeld.

return, and was employed as lieutenant 12. At Alford, George Lifter, efq. of on-board the Sans Fareil, under the unforGirlay, near Louth, to Miss Andrews ;. tunate Lord Huglı Seymour, and with that whole fatier, J. Andrews, esq. dicd lud. distinguished admiral failed to the West ladenly the next day.

dies in 1799. There promotion again of.. 13. Lieut.-gen. Pennington, to the win fered itsell, and he was appointed to the dow of Capt. Morison, or the 58th foot. Hawke (oop, which he kept for a time,

14. W. H. Burgeis, clą, of Bicinin-lane, till a vacancy occurred in a post-thir, when hanker, to Miss Eliza Burdell, yourget be was prescried by his amiable aod active daughter of Sir Charles B. bari,

friend, Sir John Duckworth, to the SouthJuleph Thompion, esq. of Welton, co. ampton frigate. But fuch is the treachery York, to Miss Mary Walker, second day. of that climate, that he had scarcely reapof Henry W. esq. of Woulby.

ed his well-e rued bonours, and diffused a John Luxford, erg. of Winchelsea, to general joy by his profeffional fuccelles, Mis Curteis, daughter of Jeremiah C, eiq. before le occasioned to iris very respectaof Rye, Sullex

ble famly, and to his numerous friends, 15. Wm, Whitton, efq. of Great James. the most heartfelt grief that ever am cted Nieet, to Miss Aldridge, of Reading. the breast of parent, friend, or brother-of

16. Sir Francis Vincent, b.1t. to Miss ficer. This amable young man, to the Jane Bouverie, fourth daughter of the knowledge of luis profetion added the acHon. Edward B.

compliments of a gentleman, which ren George Bridges, eíq. to Miss Delamain, dered him an object of esteem, regard, and dangh. of Henry D. eig. of Berners-itreet, affection. These uniteti qualities will loog

17. At Dartford, Kent, Edw. Bilkie, esq. imprint on the minus of the mountul thie of Christchurch, Surr, to Miss Middleton., Tad sensations of departed worth, and con

19. Jolin Phillipps Judd, esq. captain in tribute to inspire those with virtue who the W. Eflex militia, io Mais Frances Lloyd, trive to imitate the actions of a virtuous youngest daugiter of the Rev. William L. mind. The premature de.:tha of this proof the Charter-house,

mising young man is much aggravated by James Williams, esq. of Exeler, to Miss the melancholy misfortunes of his family, Hume, dang!.- ind-law of Dr. Merry,of Barh. who, durwg the continuance of the war,

19. Ai Upmaden, Sullex, Col. Crosbie, bave deplored the deaths of thee other of the 22d fous, to Miis Thomas, Jaugh. of fons, all of whom had, in their respective George White T, ely. M. P. for Chichefter stations, pur forth blolloms of future bo

20. By special licence, at her father's nouis, and bade fair to become ornaments house in Lincoln's-inu-fields, Samuel Hole to their family, and useful and faithful lollasid, of Great Portland-ftreet, M. D, and diers to their country. Lieut.-col, Garnier fellow of Worcefter college, Oxford, to died at St. Domingo in 1795; Lieut. Hency Miss Frances Erskine, eldest daughter of Garnier died at the same iDand, cf the same the Hun. Thomas E.

fever, and in the same year; Capt. Charles 21. Mr. W. W. Tait, merchant, of Li- Garnier was unfortunately crowned in goverpool, to Miss, Jade Danlon.

ing to his thip, the Aurora frigate, 1796. 23. At Exeter, Ejmund Pusey Lyon, esq. They were all sons of George Garnier, bariter at law, to Miss Duntze, filter of esq. of Wickham, Hants, a family well Sir John D. bart.

known from their relpectability, and their 26. Rev. James Wright, to Miss Harriet unparalleled misfortunes in the loss of four Manning, second daughter of the Rey. H. Ipch sons. In them their parents have loit C. M. of Norfolk.




amiable, attentive, exemplary children ; The lock of the drawer of a cloaths-press, their country, able, active, and enterprising where 35,000l. of ferip Jay, was forced officer's. The heart of a parent cannot but open ; and as that was, probably, where feel and sympathise with the survivors of he kept money or notes, it is likely whala this family ; nor the eyes of a soldier re. ever of such were there was carried away. fuse to shed a tear on the bier of his brave In searching, after the inqueit was (ver, but unfortunate comrades.

a canvas bag was found among his thirts in Nov. 10. Murilered, Thomas Barry, efq. a small trunk, containing 53 guineas in of North Fie.lerick-ftreet, Dublin. On gold, which fris murderer, it is imagined, the 13th, George Hegenttal, efq. coroner did not fofpect to be there; the deceaied and magiftrate of the county of Dublin, had an extraordinary habit of rusting his held an inquit on his body; when it ap- money in odd places. The coroner's inpeared that Mr. B. was murdered imme- quelt brought in a verdict of “Wilful diately after dinner; and it is supposed ibit Murder, by a blunder huss or other fire. the servant who removed the cloth gave arms, by a person urknown, and that Cathe opportunity, in opening the parlour. Warine Delany and Francis Revell were door, to the barharian who look away his acceflar es." Through the vigilance of the life. The deceased was fitting at the table watchi, Francis Revell was apprehended the in his parlour, with a decanter of wine, same niglie (13111), in Fisher's-lane. There none of which he had drank, and another found upon him 15 five-guinea of water before him, a pair of candles, notes, the outside of one of which had a and a news-paper which he was reading licide blood on it, and a crofs-barred filk with spectacles on, when the vilam itole banukerchief, supposed to belong to Mr. in upon him, and, with a lorge pistol, or, B. When brought to the watch-house, more likely, a blunderbuss, loaded with and questioned concerning the notes, he Nuge, thot away part of bis skull, and faid he could not tell how they came into dathed away more of it with the muzzle. his pocket. He sent for a tailor, of the It was so very heavily loaded, that the shot name of Vaughan, while he was in the which killed hini, be Gides tearing away watch house, whom he wanted to lay had part of the back of a chair Mr. B. sat on, given the notes to him; but this man: made a great indention in the wall; his would have no concern with the offender, brains were scattered about, and some of and told the constables the request Revell them were blown up to the cieling of the had made to him. The next day (14th)

It is supposed there were more he was brought before the fuperintendant than one man concerned in the horrid magistrale, and under went a long and very deed. The deceased was laid upon his Itrict examination, but, not having recoback, on the floor, after being murdered, vered from the intoxication of the preceand a loaded pistol of his own placed by ding day (a fate in which lie had conhis fide, with a view, it is supposed, lo ftantly kept himself lince he committed have it understood that he had thot him- the murder), he was hardened, and de. Yelf; but it being cliarged defeated that in- nied having any knowledge of the shocktention. The alarni of the murder was ing transaction. He was committed to firit given by the deceased's female fer, Neu gate, where, being properly confined Vint, Catharine Delany; he had had no in a cell by himself, where no one could other fervant for fume time, having dir- have any communication with bim, his charged Francis Revil, who was accused guilty conscience gained an ascendancy over of being an accomplice in the foul crime, him when he got into a Naie of con picte some time before ; but it asreared to feve. fobriety, and on the 15th he confessed the ral people who came to the house in con- fact to M. jor Swan, who went to see him, fequence, that the deceased must have been but, it is believed, had not cold the true killed anive two hours before, from the circumstances of the murder. If he bad body being in a cold Itale; and some re. not made any confeflion, the great altencollected to have heard a lot fired about tion and activity of Mr. Hepenital brought Such time. Mr. B. was fonetimes a litle to light luch circumstances as would inederanged in mind, and he put away Fran- vilably conviet him. Mr. H. discovered cis Revell, his fcrvant, at whom he fired a that the bank-notes found upon Revell piftol in lus yard, for having, as he faid, were received at the National Bank by itrove to poison bim in bread; but that Mr. Barry, on the 24th of April laft, for man was seen frequently afterwards going a dr.ft given him by Mr. Siunet, of Duh. into the house in a clandeftine manner. It lin, in discharge of an English bill. This is fupposed thai, from the time he was attention to bung such a defperado to jul. murdered until the alarm, the house was cice is highly praiseworthy in Mr. H. who being plundered; but, as Mr. B. led a re- used inde fatigable exertions to develope clure life, it is not known what property the murder, as well as devoted a great may have been loft. His watch was found length of time at the inquest, as coroner, in his pocket; but his purse was empty, for the same laudable purpose. Cathanne and none of bis place was taken away. Delany, the suppoled accomplice, was tried



on the 15th of December, and acquitted; diftinguished for hospitality to his countryRevell was found guilty, and executed on men, and was much regarded ; but, on his the 17th. On the morning of his execu- return to Ireland, changed his usual difpotion, baving particolaily requested the at- fition, chuling a recluse life, neither will tendance of Mr. Gamble, the Sacramenting to visit or be visited. He expressed an was administered to him by that gentle intention, a hort time before his death, of man, affitted by Mr. Stubbs, chaplain of returning to France. A will was found in the county prison; they were joined by his house by. Major Swan, who, at the iaMr. Archer, the inspector; and with there stance of his relatives, made a friet search persons he remained in conversation until for that purpose. The following are fome the theriff's arrival was aunounced. One of its contents: He bequeatlis to Anne expresion of his indeed was peculiarly Africana, born at Tunis, in Africa, 1778 forcihle: “ Had my master," said he, (supposed to be now in Leghorn), daughi. ibeen a religious man, I should not have of his late brother, David Barry, 30,000l. felt a tenth part of my present forrow; ftock, with an injunction to take care of but, wretched murderer that I am, I have her mother and lifter Caroline for life, fent him into the presence of God without who are now at Hythe, bear Southampton, a moment's preparation.” When called or to pay them an annuity of 200l. a year on to prepare for the final scene, he at- for their lives. To his nephew, Thomas tended with a degree of cora posure equally Barry, 2000l, with a paternal estate. To diftant from confidence and defpondency, his nieces, Catharine and Martha Barry, afcended to the place of execution, and, 2000l. each. After stating several other after a short exhortation from one of the legacies, he devises the residue of his forclergymen, and a few minutes passed in tune to be divided het ween Simplon's hofprayer, he atked permiffion to address the pical and the house of industry, Dublin ; people, and, advancing to the front of the and is is remarkable that he had also bea scaffold, spoke audibly and firmly to the queathed jol, each to the two servants following effect : "The only reparation I then living with him, one of whom has can make to the unfortuale woman who fince been his murderer. has fnffered so much by my crimes is, to 13. At Malta, Capt. Pearce, principal declare that she is entirely innocent of Mr. commissary for the foreign army late under Barry's murder; these hands spilled his the Prince of Condé. On his passage from blood; the guilt is entirely my own. I Egypt to Malta he was attacked by a fever, thall make one farther observation, and I which, in a few days after he landed, probeseech you, for God's sake, to attend to ved fatal. His loss is regretted by the it: let old and young refrain from drink. whole garrison, to whom his unsullied ing to excess, particularly in the forenoon, manners and virtuous mind had juftly eg. or else the lerrible curse of Alivighty God deared him. will undoubtedly be the consequence; it is 24. Ac New York, in a duel between to this practice I owe my destruction.” him and Mr. G. J. Eaker, in which he He then turned with a placid countenance; was shot through the body at the first fire, observed, chat he felt his heart unusually and languished till next day, P. Hamilton, light ; prayed fervently to God 10 shower esq.eldest son of Gen. Alex. H. The difbleffings on those perfons whose instruc- pute originated in a conversation at the cions had contributed to bring him to a playhouse respecting an oration delivered sense of his situation; and, after ultering by Mr. E. in July lait. the publican's ejaculation, submitted to the Dec.. Cape. N. Spens, late commalle fentence of the law, evincing the infiuence der of the East India Thip Neplunc, reof Chriftianity in so conspicuous a point of centy arrived from China. view as wonld have pui Infidely out of Ai Geneva, Andrew Vezian, esq. contenance, -The unfortunate and Ide 3. At his seat of Cattle-Hyde, co. Cork, mented Mr. Barry was of a respectable fa- in a very advanced age, Arthur Hyde, elg. mily in the county of Meath, and had been Dying intettate, he is succeeded in the fabrought up, it is said, a wine-cooper in mily-estates of mort than 12,000l. a year Dublin; his property, which is supposed to by his nephew, John Hyde, eiq only lon amount to upwards of 80,oool. was the ac- of his decealed brother, formerly knight qusement of his own industry. Previous of the thire for Cork; 10 whom also and to the late war, he was one of the firm of his litters (The youngest of whom is maran eminent house at Bourdeaux, viz. Bar- ried to Henry Lord Boyle, knight of the ton, Barry, and Johnson. Being a zealous thire for Cork, and only son of the Earl of byalist, he quilted the partnerthip at the Shannon) devolves the immense personal breaking out of the war, from some dif- property. It is stated that the woods on ference he had with his partner Mr. John- the Caitle-Hyde demesne would sell for boa, placed bis property in the Englilha 100,900l. Arthur Hyde, esq. of Cattlefunds, and came to Dublin; some very 16- Hyde, was the representative, in the male fpectable citizens of which city menţion line, of the ancient Hydes of Cheshire, thai Mr. Barry, whea in Bourdeaux, was from whom proceeded the Earls of Cla


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