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(oft ders in general, withoutgiving Offence to any particular Person, it would be difficult to find out so proper a Patron for it as Your Self, there being none whose Merit is more uni

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versally acknowledged by all Parties, and who has made himself more Friends and fewer Enemies. Your great Abilities, and unquestioned Integrity, in those high Employments which You have pass'd through, would not have been able to have raised Youthis general Approbation, had they not been accompanied with that Moderation in an high Fortune, and that Affability of Manners, which are so conspicuous through all Parts of Your Life. Your Aversion to any Ostentatious Arts of setting to Show those great Services which You have done the Publick, has not likewise a little contributed to that Universal Acknowledgment which is paid You by Your Country. The Consideration of this Part of Your Chara&er, is that which hinders me from enlarging on those Extraordinary Talents, which have given You - so

so great a Figure in the British Senate, as well as on that Elegance and Politeness which appear in your more retired Conversation. Ishould be unpardonable, if, after what I have said, I should longer detain You with an Address of this Nature: I cannot, however, conclude it without owning those great Obligations which You have laid upon,

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