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Page A peace made in Scotland

352 Parker's care of the northern sees

353 The popish bishops made great alienations

ib. Jewel's Apology published .

354 The French grew weary of carrying on the war in Scotland.

356 It was brought to a good end.

ib. A message to the queen of England.

357 Anno 1560. Signed by the three estates.

ib. The queen of England's answer to it

358 The death of Francis II...

ib. The queen of Scotland did not ratify the peace.. 359

Anno 1561. She is jealous of Lord James

360 The duke of Guise studied to divert the queen from assisting the prince of Conde

ib. Proceedings in convocation

361 Anno 1562. Some alterations made in the Articles of Religion ... 362 Great debates concerning some alterations in the Book of Common Prayer..

363 A practice common among papists of knocking on their breast, saying, cuipa mea, at the elevation..

364 But by one proxy it was carried, that none should be made

ib. A book of discipline offered by the lower house

365 Other things prepared for the convocation.

366 A further continuation of the History, beyond my former work..

367 A controversy about the use of things indifferent...

Anno 1564. Great diversity in practice...

368 The queen wrote to the archbishop of Canterbury to bring all to an uniformity

ib. Orders set out by the bishops.

ib. Horn, bishop of Winchester, writes to Zurick, upon these diversities in practice

370 Anno 1565. Answers from thence, justifying those who obeyed the Jaws...




Page Bullinger writes to those who would not obey them.... 372 That letter was printed in England

373 Bullinger's answer to Sampson.

375 They wrote to the earl of Bedford

376 Anno 1566. Grindal and Horn's letter, showing their uneasiness in many things

377 Jewel's sense of those matters

379 Reflections on this matter

380 Other letters written to Zurick by some bishops 381

Anno 1567. Of the affairs of Scotland

383 The queen of Scots marries the Lord Darnley She shows more zeal in her religion.

ib, The demands of the reformed.

384 The queen's answer to them

385 Their reply to it.

386 The queen of Scots' practices.

387 Another more pressing petition made to her

ib. Letters concerning the murder of Signior David 388 Letters concerning the murder of the Lord Darnley.. 389 A relation of that matter by the pope's nuncio.. 390 That queen left the crown of England to King Philip of Spain, by her last will...

393 An association of the Scottish nobility, to defend the right of their young king.....

394 In this, papists joined with protestants

395 The reasons that moved Queen Elizabeth to be jealous of the king of Scotland...

396 The effects that this had.

ib. The conclusion


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