Sir David Lyndesay's Works: The minor poems of Lyndesay. 1871

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Seite xii - WA8 at [Erceldoune :] With Tomas spak Y thare ; Ther herd Y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat and bare. Who was king with croun ; And who him forsterd yare ; And who was bold baroun, As thair elders ware, Bi yere : — Tomas telles in toun, This auentours as thai ware.
Seite lxvi - Series, yearly. The Society's Texts are also sold separately at the prices put after them in the Lists ; but Members can get back-Texts at one-third less than the List- prices by sending the cash for them in advance to the Hon.
Seite xxii - Quhow, as ane chapman beris his pak, I bure thy Grace upon my bak, And sumtymes, strydlingis on my nek, Dansand with mony bend and bek. The first sillabis that thow did mute Was PA, DA LYN, upon the lute Than playit I twenty spryngis, perqueir, Quhilk wes gret piete for to heir.
Seite xxi - Orisoun, Nocht understandyng quhat thay syng nor say. Bot lyke one Stirlyng or ane Papingay, Quhilk leirnit ar to speik be lang usage : Thame I compair to byrdis in ane cage.
Seite lxv - The publications of The Early English Text Society are divided into Four Classes. I. Arthur and other Romances. II. Works illustrating our Dialects and the History of our Language, including a Series of re-editions of our early Dictionaries. III. Biblical Translations and Religious Treatises. IV. Miscellaneous. The following are some of the works which in future years will be published in each of the...
Seite iv - Texts for 1864 and all but three for 1865 have been reprinted. Subscribers who desire the Texts of all or any of these years should send their names at once to the Hon. Secretary, as several hundred additional names are required before the Texts for 1866 can be sent to press. The Publications for 1864 (21s.) are : 1.
Seite lxv - A collection of Early English Treatises on Grammar. To be edited chiefly from MSS. for the first time by Henry B. Wheatley, Esq. [Copied. III. The Old and New Testament in Verse. To be edited from the Vernon MS. by R. Morris, Esq. [Copied. The History of Adam and Eve. To be edited from the Vernou MS., Harl. MS. 1704, &e., by S. Wayland Kershaw, Esq., MA [Copied.
Seite xx - Abide with her thou lovest best,' are marked by even more than his usual elegance ; as also the others, which open with the stanza, — ' Return thee, heart, homeward again, And bide where thou wast wont to be ; Thou art a fool to suffer pain For love of her that loves not thee. This poet is fond of addressing his heart, but he persuades us that it was incapable of receiving very deep impressions. His playful rondels skim over the surface of light emotions like the Carews and Sucklings of the next...
Seite lxvi - King Alfred's West-Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care, edited from 2 MSS., with an English translation, by Henry Sweet, Esq., Balliol College, Oxford.

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