The Electrical Engineer

Biggs & Company, 1889

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Seite 312 - Association in 1843, in a paper on " The Calorific Effects of Magneto-Electricity, and on the Mechanical Value of Heat.
Seite 312 - I shall lose no time in repeating and extending these experiments, being satisfied that the grand agents of nature are, by the Creator's fiat, indestructible', and that wherever mechanical force is expended, an exact equivalent of heat is always obtained.
Seite 290 - Th' adventure of the bear and fiddle Is sung, but breaks off in the middle. When civil fury first grew high, And men fell out, they knew not why; When hard words, jealousies, and fears, Set folks together by the ears...
Seite 157 - Every high-pressure conductor laid after the date of these regulations shall be continuously covered with insulating material to a thickness of not less than one-tenth part of an inch, and in cases where the extreme difference of potential in the circuit exceeds...
Seite 156 - ... be continued and used only in accordance with such conditions and subject to such regulations for the protection of the public safety and of the electric lines and works...
Seite 319 - ... consequence of this action is that the inner regions of the earth must consist of substances the vapors of which have high specific densities and high molecular weights, — that is to say, composed of elements having high atomic weights, — and that the heavier elementary substances would collect near the centre, while the lighter ones would be found nearer the surface. Our knowledge of the earth's crust extends but to an insignificant distance ; yet, as far as we do know it, we find that the...
Seite 206 - This is in the elevation of the position and acquirements of those who have the care of them. As I have said on a previous occasion, " What a museum really depends upon for its success and usefulness is not its building, not its cases, not even its specimens, but its curator.
Seite 207 - A museum is like a living organism — it requires continual and tender care. It must grow, or it will perish; and the cost and labour required to maintain it in a state of vitality is not yet by any means fully realised or provided for, either in our great national establishments or in our smaller local institutions.
Seite 328 - The process of the formation of petroleum seems to be the following: It is generally admitted that the crust of the earth is very thin in comparison with the diameter of the latter, and that this crust encloses soft or 5 G.
Seite 258 - The properties of the compounds of the elements are a periodic function of the atomic weights of their constituent elements...

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